10 Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate: Make Your Future!

We all want to study and get ahead in society, but unfortunately, the gates of a college never open to us for free, with most of the reputed names demanding a heavy fee. 

And then, there is the time we have to set aside for classes and assignments that few can afford due to commitments in our relationship and family. However, as they say, nothing can stop someone bent on pursuing his dreams, so if you are one of them, this article is for you. 

Studies from Guru99 reveal that 83 percent of countries across the world today make use of free online certificate courses to get ahead in their careers and learn. So, why should anything stop you? Read on to find the 10 best app for online courses free certificate.

Online Course Apps With Certificates: What You Need To Know?

One of the biggest benefits such a course has to offer you is flexibility. 

Free online courses are slow-paced and especially designed to accommodate the busy schedule of a learner who has neither the money nor the time to pursue a Harvard University or other similar course that could help him get ahead in his career. 

10 Best App For Online Courses With Free Certificate

If you are reading this and nodding, go ahead and have a look at the ten best apps for online courses certificate-free.

SL No.Apps For Online CoursesVisit Website
1CourseraClick Here
2AlisonClick Here
3edXClick Here
4Khan AcademyClick Here
5UdacityClick Here
6UdemyClick Here
7LinkedIn LearningClick Here
8HubSpot AcademyClick Here
9Google Digital GarageClick Here
10DigitalDefyndClick Here

1. Coursera

Coursera is the best app for online courses with free certificate

Image Source: Coursera

Coursera is one of the most famous names for free online courses, and not without reason. The institute, after all, has connections with some of the leading institutes and companies worldwide, which means that they have the best to offer you. 

Moreover, here you can find just any subject you want to learn with over 2500 courses. 

Most courses here guarantee you a job, and why not when you have lessons taught by Google, Meta, and Hubspot? 

While a lot of courses on the platform are free, know that you can receive better study material if you choose to pay for a course. In other words, the paid courses here are more detailed and take longer to complete to aid in better learning. 

2. Alison

Alison app is the best app for online courses with free certificate

Image Source: Alison

You may ask what a girl’s name is on the list. So, for those of you who have never heard of Alison, this is another platform that gives you more than 4,000 classes, all available for free, and one of the best apps for online courses with a free certificate.

Here, the courses are mainly aimed at helping individuals build their careers with subjects like retail management and chemical safety. In the end, you get a certificate that makes a wonderful addition to your teaching profile. 

They are ISO certified, too, which means they will be an excellent addition to your job profile and CV.

However, you may have to pay for the certificate for completing a course, though the fee is reasonably priced. 

Overall, the app is simple, the material is straightforward, and the courses will greatly inspire a learner with a greater interest in his chosen subject. 

One can also opt for a diploma course here and this one for free. Here, the assessments do not come with strict restrictions, which means you won’t go through any exam tensions. 

Then, don’t forget to have a look at the career guide that the platform provides you with. This way, you can choose a course that matches your career path and your role in the industry.  

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3. edX

edX app is the best app for online courses with free certificate

Image Source: edX

After all, this university holds hands with some of the big names in the world of academics, like Harvard and Berkeley. Moreover, it also has hands with some of the big names in the industry, like Google, Microsoft, and IBM. 

So, what can you learn from edX Academy? You can learn engineering and perhaps get into Google if you’re lucky. You can know the law and help the country or even learn philosophy to prepare for your doctorate. 

You can go at your own pace using the free guidelines from experienced instructors. 

The course structure is simple, too, and you can enjoy the lessons through videos, just like you did in school. 

However, know that this is a for-profit organization, which means you get to enjoy some good perks and benefits if you pay for a course. Here, you can upgrade your course, learn from better course materials, and end up with more professional certificates. 

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy app is the best app for online courses with free certificate

Image Source: Khan Academy

Not many would have heard of Khan Academy, the free non-profit organization aimed at helping anyone striving for a good education. 

The organization promises a world-class education and includes some of the most popular subjects in colleges today.

Whether it is math, computer, or the humanities that you want to study, you don’t have to think twice before enrolling in this app for free online courses with a certificate.

What’s more, the academy includes a subject on life skills too, where students learn the necessary finance and career lessons. 

5. Udacity

Udacity app is the best app for online courses with free certificate

Image Source: Udacity

Udacity is one place you can come to if you are in search of an online platform that helps you improve your tech skills for free. 

Here, you can receive all the training you need from mentors and industry experts who will also provide you with the inspiration you need to scale up in your career and perform more confidently. 

In other words, it helps you work on your talents better to become more useful in your field. The platform is committed to excellence and quality with a curated curriculum to assist the learner in all his needs. 

Here, the teachers are seasoned experts who don’t just come with all the knowledge required but also impart it in the best possible way to suit your learning needs. 

6. Udemy

Udemy app is the best app for online courses with free certificate

Image Source: Udemy

This platform is crowd-sourced and aimed at helping anyone in need, with a broad selection of topics you can choose from. 

This can include anything from mental health to how to play the guitar. 

The app is neat and easy to navigate, with a clean video interface for a stress-free learning experience. What’s more, here, learning doesn’t just happen from teachers. 

Udemy is a platform that is open to anyone open to teaching, so you can be sure of a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the classroom, too. 

While many courses on this platform come with a fee, there are still some courses you can avail of for free.

Just go to the free course page, and you will find a variety of them available for you in the My Learning section, they also provide online courses with a free certificate.

In the end, no matter which course you choose, know that all the learning material that the platform provides you here is reliable and accurate. And the tutors to do the best that they can to help you. 

This is a platform that is known to be very helpful for those in the field of marketing and design, as it aims to teach you all the latest trends in the industry. 

7. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is the best app for online courses with free certificate

Image Source: LinkedIn Learning

You may have heard of LinkedIn, but how about LinkedIn learning? As someone serious about getting ahead in your job, LinkedIn has another platform for you. 

Here, you can find over 16,000 courses in different subjects, so you can choose the one that can help you perform better in your job and build your career. 

The videos are of high quality, and the courses range from those for beginners to those at an advanced level. 

What’s more, you can then put them in your LinkedIn resume to make your profile more visible to viewers who click on it and consider you. 

8. HubSpot Academy

HubSpot Academy is the best app for online courses with free certificate

Image Source: HubSpot Academy

If you are into digital marketing, you must get a good look at HubSpot Academy

This is one platform you can approach to polish those marketing skills with online courses with a free certificate, get a certificate, and then get ahead with your career in digital marketing.

The course aims to train you with many inbound marketing strategies, so in the end, you will be clicking on all the right places like an expert, all thanks to your enhanced digital marketing skills. 

Blogging, reporting, content, and SEO are just a few of the many things you will learn when you come here. 

9. Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is the best app for online courses with free certificate

Image Source: Google Digital Garage

Google Digital Garage is another non-profit program that aims to provide free digital skills to those interested and make it big in this field. 

Here, training mainly happens online and aims to make learning easy and exciting. 

However, let’s be honest here. While a certificate course from this platform will surely enhance your skills, it need not guarantee the job you seek. 

But be assured of a better performance with your more excellent digital marketing skills. 

10. DigitalDefynd

DigitalDefynd app is the best app for online courses with free certificate

Image Source: DigitalDefynd

DigitalDefynd this platform, too, though last in the list, comes with some of the most valuable courses, with easy tutorials to make learning easy online. 

Here, you can choose from over 45000 courses according to what you need to advance your career. 

The courses are free and come with certifications, too

How to Choose the Right App For Online Courses With Certificate?

With that, we come to the end of the list, and since we can sense a few confused faces, here is a small guide to help you with it. 

1. Type Of Courses You Are Interested In

Never decide to learn something you are not interested in. You remember the good old school days when you lost out in English and math because your teacher told you that you must put in all your effort in math. 

Learn the minimum that you require to get ahead and put all your heart into what you are interested in and the best apps for online courses with a free certificate will take care of the rest.

And that is how you get ahead and then return to us for more advice. 

2. Course Quality And Instructor Reputation

It’s like school, where the subjects suddenly become easy and exciting as soon as the teacher is good.

So, try to know who you will be learning from and get a word on how the courses are organized and what kind of learning material will come to you. 

3. The Reputation Of The App

Aha, now that is something that you need to dig into on your part. Ask around. Talk to people with the right experience and opinions to help you. Open up websites and read reviews. 

Best Apps for Online Courses With Free Certificate

Pic Credit- devinfo.in

In other words, research, research, and don’t stop with this little article and what you got from it. 

There’s Quora, social media, and the whole of Google for you to search. So, go ahead and get all the facts till the academy is perfect for you to get in. 

4. Usability Of The App

Now, an app may come with all the best courses and trainers, but it will only help if there are good reviews of learners getting frustrated as they try to find their way through it. 

While this may indeed look trivial, many times, it’s little things like this that lead a learner to give, so when you are looking up reviews, do make a note of this. 

5. Flexibility Of Course Timeline

This is especially true if you are a multitasker, hopping from one bus to another and returning to handle chores at home. 

In such a case, the best online course for you is one that is empathetic towards your schedule. 

Wrap Up On Best App For Online Courses With Free Certificate

You would have chosen by now as you skimmed through the ten options above. 

Now, you must do more research before registering for the course that you find helpful. Take a look at the course outline and reviews before making your decision. 

And then, it’s an hour every day of some diligent study till you finally get yet another certificate in your file of achievements, and this one for free.

This certificate will be a valuable addition to your resume and may help get you your dream job. Also, this certificate will showcase your dedication to learning.

FAQ: Best App For Online Courses With Free Certificate

Before you go, let’s have a look at a few answers to some questions a few readers must be asking right now.

Q1. What is the best for an online course with a certificate?

Ans: See, there is no one best. The following ten are the best in general. Now, what is left for you is to find out which is the best for you. Remember that what is best for one need not be the best for.

Q2. What application is used for online classes?

Ans: It depends. Different academies have different choices. And while the most popular among them is Zoom, right from the days of the pandemic, some platforms prefer Google Classroom or even WebEx.

Q3. Is an online certificate valid for jobs?

Ans: Anything is valid these days. And while you can’t compare with the weightage you get from a course done regularly, not everyone can afford these expensive courses. If that is true in your case, free online certificate courses like these will help.

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