6 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites: Improve Your Skills!

We are living in the 21st century, and if you still use television to watch sports, somehow you are missing some freedom, relaxation, and the joy of watching a live stream with live commentary.

According to a United Kingdom report, more than 90% of sports streaming sites are fraudulent, malicious, and risky. And more than 40% of sports streaming sites had no security certificate.

That’s why you need to be very careful before choosing any sports streaming platform. Maybe you may choose some illegal or malicious sites and the result is your phone got hacked.

Choosing the wrong sports streaming sites harms you in many ways like the platforms take all your bank account details, send viruses to your mobile, and they misuse your phone in any way.

Today, we will talk about the six best free sports streaming sites where you can watch all your favourite sports, like tennis, football, cricket, soccer, baseball, etc.

Why Do You Need The Best Free Sports Streaming Sites?

As we discussed above, we are living in the 21st century, and if you are not using sports streaming sites, you may be far away from future and present technology.

But, not using sports streaming sites to watch sports doesn’t mean you are a fool or dumb. It is needed only to save you time and to provide you the freedom to watch sports anytime.

Suppose you go to the office, college, and work area. And there is a match between your favourite team or maybe a final, and you didn’t carry your television to your college or workspace.

And that time, you miss the freedom of using sports streaming sites and watching your favourite sports anytime, anywhere. You can watch highlights anytime during your office, college lunch, and tea break.

We will discuss the total six best free sports streaming sites that you can watch free of cost, which gives you the freedom to watch sports no matter where you are in your office and workspace.

So let’s jump straight to the article.

6 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

We will discuss the total six best free sports streaming sites here. We will also try our best to pick all your questions regarding this. And we will answer your queries one by one.

1. CrackStreams

CrackStreams is among the most popular websites that broadcast live sports videos in America and Canada. It is the best sports streaming platform because it provides 4K quality.

Visit Crackstream Website for Free Sports Streaming

You don't need to purchase any membership to watch sports streams on CrackStreams; it is a free platform. You can use CrackStreams on mobile, tablet, and computer/pc.

CrackStreams is a fully protected and safe platform to watch sports. You can watch NBA, NFL, NHL, MLB, Soccer, MMA, UFC, NCAAF, and Boxing streams here.

2. Fox Sports Go

Fox Sports Go is another sports streaming site, but it is among the best sports streaming sites because it provides you with additional features, like saving highlights, stories, etc.

Visit Fox Sports Go Website for Free Sports Streaming

It is also a free platform; you can watch live streams, save highlights, and read player biography free of cost. It can run on all devices, like mobile, smart TV, and PC.

You can watch all the world cup videos, replays, Nascar videos, MLB highlights, College football videos, NFL videos, Trending videos, and live cartoon shows on Fox Sports Go.


ESPN is among the most famous sports streaming sites on the internet. Many of you have probably heard of ESPN. It allows you to watch highlights of all the sports.

Go to the ESPN Website for Free Sports Streaming

The bad thing about ESPN is that you can not watch live sports here; you need to pay bucks for that. But you can watch all the major sports highlights of the world free of cost.

You can read articles, watch player rankings, enjoy video commentaries, etc. You will get all the significant sports highlighted here, like football, cricket, the Olympics, the F1 race, etc.

4. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is an excellent platform for you to watch any sports live. On this platform, you don't have to pay a single penny to watch sports online, like cricket, football, tennis, etc.

Visit Stream2Watch Website for Free Sports Streaming Site

The best part of Stream2Watch is that you don’t need to sign up on this platform. Go to the website, click on the sports you want to see, and start watching without issues.

You can watch international sports, Soccer, Basketball, Combat Sports, Hockey, Baseball, Golf, Cricket, NFL, Boxing, etc. You can also take backup of any sports event you like.

5. SportSurge

SportSurge is another free sports streaming site like others. It is also a free platform to watch sports online. There is also a schedule that tells you upcoming and current sports details.

Go to Sportsurge Website for Free Sports Streaming Site

SportsSurge is mainly famous for sports like Boxing, Football, Soccer, and Basketball. You can watch all the sports events in Full HD quality without paying a single penny.

You can watch multiple sports events in HD quality. And if you want, you can also save the match highlights to watch later. Go to the SportsSurge and start watching sports now.

6. Cricfree

Many people do not know Cricfree, but it is among the best free sports streaming sites worldwide. It allows you to read sports news and watch up to 10+ sports events live.

Visit Cricfree Website for Free Sports Streaming Site

Like Cricket, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, American Football, Baseball, Boxing, Hockey, and Moto Grand Prix. All the sports events are organised category-wise for better user experience.

Cricfree is a free platform; you need to see some ads to watch live sports events. But it’s ok, the ad you see won’t be longer than 15 to 30 seconds.

Wrap Up On The 6 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

Lovely, now you know the best free sports streaming sites in the market. In any situation, you plan to watch your favourite sports without hesitation and between your work.

But there are not only advantages of sports streaming sites, but some disadvantages also come with this; maybe you are addicted to the screen, you may not give time to your family, and it affects your health.

The only problem with free sports streaming sites is that you will not get full access to all the platform options, and sometimes you will get bored by seeing the ads. But that’s ok because it’s free.

If you love the efforts we put into this article, leave a warm comment; as I said, it gives us the energy to creating more helpful and informative content for you.

FAQ: 6 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

We cover almost everything in this article, but many people still have doubts and questions left in their minds. Some important questions we can discuss are below.

Q1. Is There Any Issue To Use Free Sports Streaming Websites?

Ans: If you watch live sports on the platforms that we have told you there is no issue. But if you use any other platforms except these there are chances that you face illegal issues.

Q2. Where Can I Watch Soccer/Football Games Online For Free?

Ans: There are several platforms where you can watch many sports games, like cricket, hockey, football, etc. But the best platform to watch Soccer/Football games is ESPN.

Q3. Which is The Best Free Sports Streaming Site in the UK?

Ans: You can watch any sports stream on websites like ESPN, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, SonyLiv, Hotstar, etc. But the best sports streaming site in the UK is Fox Sports.

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