10 Best New Movies On Amazon Prime (Watch Them Right Now!)

Amazon Prime is a video-playing service that offers a variety of movies, TV shows, and more for your entertainment. According to statista.com, Amazon introduced ads on Prime Video in some places in 2024.  

This means that you might see commercials while using the service. Therefore, the 10 best new movies on amazon prime are provided below for you in this article. 

What Is The Need Of Having Amazon Prime

There are various reasons that make it important why you need to choose Amazon Prime to watch movies. So, we have provided important points to let you know all about it below. 

  • Extensive Content: Amazon Prime offers a vast selection of TV shows, movies, and exclusive content, including award-winning Amazon Originals. 
  • Offline Viewing: You can watch shows and movies either when you’re online or watch later without needing the internet. This provides with more flexibility for the users.
  • Prime Membership Benefits: Being a Prime member means you get more than just Prime Video. You get extra benefits making it a complete package for entertainment.
  • Language Variety: Amazon Prime has shows and movies in 9 different languages. So, people who speak various languages can enjoy watching it.

10 Best New Movies On Amazon Prime: You Can Watch! 

It can be tough and challenging to find the best movies on Amazon prime. To sort out the problem of finding the best new movie for you all. Therefore, we have provided below the 10 best new movies on Amazon Prime. 

Sl. No.Best Movies On Amazon PrimeWatch Links
1.Beautiful Wedding Click Here 
2.Upgraded Click Here
3.Sleep CallClick Here
4.Sound Of FreedomClick Here
5.My FaultClick Here
6.This Is Me… NowClick Here
7.Trunk – Locked InClick Here
8.Hypnotic Click Here
9.Transformers: Rise Of The BeastsClick Here
10.CraterClick Here

1. Beautiful Wedding

Beautiful Wedding is the best new movies on amazon prime

“Beautiful Wedding” serves as the sequel to “Beautiful Disaster” which was released in 2023. It shows the love story of Abby and Travis. They met in a fight club where they fell in love and faced unexpected twists. Abby’s poker skills lead to her kidnapping by a gangster in Vegas. 

Travis rescues her and following a tumultuous night in Las Vegas find themselves waking up as a married couple. The couple and their friends decide to escape to Mexico. The story is filled with funny moments, conflicts, and moments of reflection. 

Abby and Travis have some problems causing them to have a temporary separation. But with the guidance of a church priest named Miguel then they decide to fix things in their relationship. The story includes a bachelor party, misunderstandings, and a meeting with gangster Benny. 

Abby and Travis face problems but eventually make up and decide to get married again. The movie ends with a joyful celebration marked by a unique wax ring given to Abby. “Beautiful Wedding” explores all about love, forgiveness, and the journey of Abby & Travis’s relationship.

2. Upgraded

Upgraded is the best new movies on amazon prime

“Upgraded” is a fresh romantic comedy film starring with Camila Mendes which is now streaming on Amazon Prime in 2024. It is directed by Carlson Young. The movie also includes Archie Renaux and Marisa Tomei. 

The story revolves around Anna Santos, played by Camila Mendes, who works at an art gallery called CLA. Dealing with money problems, Anna gets invited to a trip to London. Here, she meets William who is played by Archie Renaux. 

The movie got a mixed review as it was found to be a generic romcom with predictable plot elements. Even though the cinematography and acting were okay. The movie indicates that there are better romcom choices out there.

3. Sleep Call

Sleep Call is the best new movies on amazon prime

“Sleep Call” is a recent Indonesian movie directed by Fajar Nugros and produced by IDN Pictures. The story revolves around Dina, played by Laura Basuki, who faces challenges in her life after a successful career as a flight attendant. 

Instead of falling into online debt, she takes a job at an office which leads to complex relationships with her colleagues particularly Bayu, her team leader. The movie brings a new thriller vibe to Indonesian cinema, moving away from the usual dominance of horror. 

The cast featuring Laura Basuki, Della Dartyan, Juan Bio-One, and others gives outstanding performances. Laura Basuki’s portrayal of Dina conveys different emotions and psychological nuances. 

“Sleep Call” doesn’t depend on plot twists but offers a visual delight with skillfully crafted storytelling. Fajar Nugros’ directing style adds depth to the narrative, highlighting Dina’s vivid imagination during late-night slip calls.

“Sleep Call” promises entertainment for those who enjoy the thriller-drama genre. Laura Basuki’s outstanding performance ensures that Dina remains a memorable character even after you leave the cinema.

4. Sound Of Freedom

Sound Of Freedom is the best new movies on amazon prime

“Sound of Freedom” is a movie which is based on a real-life story. It shows Tim Ballard, played by Jim Caviezel, who works as an agent for Homeland Security. The film tells the story of how Ballard along with his team & support organizes a plan to catch traffickers and save children from trafficking.

The movie is intense especially in the first 45 minutes showing the harsh reality of child trafficking. Unlike action movies like “Taken” it explores the serious side of the world of child trafficking without being too graphic. 

Jim Caviezel’s acting is appreciated for portraying the emotional challenges that these agents face. Even with a budget of 14.5 million dollars, the movie efficiently uses its resources. Some details from the real story were changed for cinematic reasons but the film encourages viewers to explore into the actual facts.

People appreciate the musical score for being heartfelt and suiting the emotional scenes. The serious topic might make it a one-time watch for some as the movie is viewed as both educational and enjoyable. The Film highlights its emotional impact and the significance of the topic it addresses.

5. My Fault

My Fault is the best new movies on amazon prime

The movie “My Fault” available on Prime Video has a unique and engaging story. It includes mature themes and nudity which might not be suitable for some audiences. The story revolves around a girl and her feelings towards her stepbrother which draws comparisons to situations seen in Game of Thrones.

The movie doesn’t have strong characters or an interesting story but it has hearted scenes and musical sequences. The portrayal of the stepbrother-stepsister relationship might make an uncomfortable situation, especially in the Indian cultural norms. 

If you like simple and easy-to-watch content with mature themes like Fast and Furious. Then, you might find it enjoyable. But, if you’re looking for something unique or meaningful then it might not meet your expectations. 

6. This is me… Now

This is me... Now is the best new movies on amazon prime

“This Is Me… Now” is a film starring Jennifer Lopez, where she talks about her love life and personal journey. It’s not just a regular love story as it includes music videos from her album which is named “This Is Me.. Now” which you can watch on Prime Video. 

The movie explores into Jennifer Lopez’s past relationships and marriages. It is directed by Dave Meyers who is famous for making great music videos. Some think it’s a bit self-focused but others like its special and ambitious style. 

It has amazing visuals including a tribute to “Singin in the Rain” making the film a mix of personal sharing and careful control. Jennifer Lopez’s $20 million investment sparks questions about the movie’s aim. This makes the viewers wonder about her intentions beyond just providing entertainment.

7. Trunk-locked In

Trunk-locked In is the best new movies on amazon prime

“Trunk Locked In” is a suspenseful movie where Molina wakes up in a car trunk and discovers that she has lost more than her memory. With her mobile phone as her only connection to the outside world, she fights for survival. 

The movie shows that she tries to escape, with surprises along the way. The movie mostly taking place inside a car trunk, effectively creates tension through quick dialogue. However, the ending is a bit expected, missing a surprising twist. 

Sina Martens, the main actor does well and the cinematography stands out by using dark tones effectively. Even with a few plot conveniences, this movie on Amazon Prime is easy to watch. Although it’s not groundbreaking, it’s a recommended choice for those into contained thrillers. 

The film is well-shot and visually appealing, avoiding common issues like shaky camera work. The movie is in German with English subtitles but it’s highly recommended for its intense and gripping drama. Overall, “Trunk – Locked In” is a movie that you can watch with your friends.

8. Hypnotic

Hypnotic is the best new movies on amazon prime

“Hypnotic” is a new movie written and directed by Robert Rodriguez which features ben Affleck. While Rodriguez is known for his reputation for amazing content, this film is short due to a weak storyline and too many creative ideas.

The story centres on a detective investigating for his missing daughter, connected to a secret government program. Although the story starts interestingly and has creative visuals. The movie loses appeal with too many borrowed concepts and too much explanation. 

Critics have praised “Hypnotic” for its intriguing storyline and thrilling presentation which makes it an exciting and entertaining thriller. The actors including Affleck deliver strong performances and Rodriguez’s directing stands out. 

With unique visuals and an intense story, the “Hypnotic” movie has gained popularity among cinema lovers. It’s recommended as a thrilling experience that won’t disappoint and will like to watch with others.

9. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is the best new movies on amazon prime

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts is a 2023 film directed by Steven Caple Jr. which brings in new concepts with Optimus Primal leading the Maximals against a common threat. The story focuses on Noah Diaz and Dominique Fishback, presenting relatable characters and enjoyable funny moments. 

Taking place in the early ’90s, the soundtrack adds to the movie’s historical background. Even with some imperfections, the movie provides memorable moments which makes it one of the better live-action Transformers films. 

Optimus Prime’s depiction as a battle-hardened space deity adds depth and focusing on Optimus Primal proves to be a wise choice. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts leaves audiences interested in the future of the franchise.

10. Crater

Crater is the best new movies on amazon prime

The Crater Movie is about a group of people who go to the moon after Earth is destroyed in a war. They deal with problems like meteor storms and start mining on the moon. The main character as Caleb discovers his father’s wish to explore a crater on the moon. 

Caleb and his friends go on an adventure to make this dream come true, facing various challenges on their journey. They steal a space rover, face low oxygen, and discover an outpost. Addison, a newcomer on the moon assists them. 

They reach to the crater, discovering a place like Earth. It’s revealed that Caleb’s father sacrificed himself for Caleb to have a better life on Omega. The story covers 75 years, depicting the characters’ lives. 

Caleb wakes up on Omega, hears about his friend’s success, and experiences a mix of happiness and sadness. The movie concludes with Caleb sharing his experiences with Omega.

Why Is Amazon Prime Becoming So Popular

Amazon Prime is gaining popularity due to its diverse content. The platform offers a mix of engaging web series and other genres which makes it appealing to a wide audience. Therefore, Amazon Prime is popular because it brings great international shows. 

They promote and remake these shows which provide high-quality content for the viewers. Amazon Prime’s focus on creating relatable and entertaining content which adds to its growing appeal. 

What Do I Lose If I Cancel Amazon Prime

If you cancel Amazon Prime, you’ll lose free access to Prime Video, which is a significant streaming service. Amazon Prime, which is known for its quick shipping benefits includes Prime Video as part of its package. 

If you cancel Prime, you’ll also miss out on an ad-free experience in Prime Video unless you pay an extra amount to remove ads. Additionally, it’s important to note that the company hinted at a possible future increase in Prime Video fees for members.

Wrap Up On Best New Movies On Amazon Prime

Here, we discussed the important things that you need to know about Best New Movies on Amazon Prime. So, it is important that you must go through each section carefully in this article to know much about the topic.  

Amazon Prime is a popular platform that is committed to delivering a diverse range of shows. It along with the convenience of streaming contributes to its increasing popularity among viewers.

We hope this article helped you to know about the information about Amazon Prime movies. For more useful content, you should visit our website and comment below for any doubts related to the topic. 

FAQ: Best New Movies On Amazon Prime 

After reading the article, you might have questions regarding the best new movies on Amazon Prime in your mind. So, we have provided you with important questions along with their answers.

Q1. Can Alexa able to work without Prime?

Ans: Yes, Alexa can work without Prime. Prime is not required for basic Alexa functions. Therefore, you just need to have an Amazon account to use Alexa.

Q2. Is Netflix far better than Amazon Prime?

Ans: It’s not good to describe Netflix or Amazon Prime better. Therefore, Netflix and Amazon Prime have their own strengths and it depends on personal preferences.

Q3. Can you able to use Amazon without a Prime membership?

Ans: Yes, you can use Amazon without Prime membership. Amazon Prime is a service that offers a variety of movies, TV shows, and more. Therefore, Prime membership comes with extra benefits like free shipping and music.

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