10 + Best Telegram Channel For Dream 11 Team That Boost Earning!

If you are a lover of fantasy sports; no matter whether it is cricket football hockey or baseball, then chances are high that you have already heard about Dream 11. It’s a fantasy sports platform where you can make your virtual team with real-life players playing in real-life matches, and earn money.

These fantasy sports platforms are getting popular day by day. As per the latest report published on Mint, India tops the fantasy sports market. Now, before you make your team with the given points, there are many things to consider.

There are the pitch conditions, the weather conditions, players’ fitness, past records on that particular pitch or ground which you need to know in detail and frankly speaking, these are very difficult to handle single-handedly. 

But fear not. There exists a handful of telegram channels to assist you in this regard. Today, throughout this article we are going to talk about such 10 plus best telegram channels for Dream 11 team, that will surely help you to improve your strategy.

So, let’s start.

Tips For Finding A Risk-Free And Reputable Telegram Channel

Before we get into details, we must know how to pick a risk-free and reputable channel as there are always some dishonest persons on every platform doing scams and looting people and telegram is not an exception.

Keeping this in mind, we have shared six key points to help you to find a reliable telegram channel. Here are they-

1. Large Subscriber Base And Active Community: Look for the channels that have a large subscriber base and where the community is active. An active community with lots of positive interactions and discussions indicates a green signal for us.

2. Admin Credentials: Find out who is operating the channel. Look if any contact line is available or not. Look if there is a working email ID or WhatsApp no. Check if there are social credentials.

3. Transparency In Information Sharing: Inspect if the needed transparency level is maintained or not. Look if the admin is trying to suppress anything. Don’t forget to check the channel’s description and the pinned messages.

4. Consistency And Regular updates: Check whether the contents are regularly published or updated or not. A dormant channel or a channel with no activity for a long time should be avoided.

5. Exaggerated Claims: Be careful if the channel makes exaggerated claims. Don’t fall for any trap. Check the quality of the analysis shared on the channel and back-test it. Don’t forget to check the consistency.

6. User Reviews And Ratings: The reviews are important. If the channel is full of positive feedback from users, it means the user is happy with the channel. Try to select a channel where most of the feedback is positive.

List Of 11 Best Telegram Channels For Dream 11 Team

Now we know how to find a risk-free telegram channel. And now it is time to share with you the list of the channels that we are going to review one by one.

But before we do so, to keep it simple, I’ve created a table with those channel names and their links to reach out. So, have a look at this.

Sl No.Channel NameChannel Link
1.Cric11ForecastClick to Visit
2.CricInformerClick to Visit
3.Dream 11 ipl winning team predictionClick to Visit
4.Fantasy Cricket Dream Teams 11Click to Visit
5.Nekraj Cricket PredictionClick to Visit
6.CricGram (Fantasy Cricket Prediction)Click to Visit
7.Crix11 Official [Expert] Fantasy Cricket | Football Prediction]Click to Visit
8.Dream11 Cricket Fantasy TeamClick to Visit
9.Fantasy ArenaClick to Visit
10.Fantasy Cricket GuruClick to Visit
11.Fantasy Expert NewsClick to Visit

1. Cric11Forecast

Cric11Forecast is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: Cric11Forecast

So, the channel that comes at second position on our list is Cric11Forecast, a channel that mainly talks about cricket. It was established in July 2018 with fewer subscribers at that time. Now it has a large subscriber base of 458 K. 

The admin, Piyush Arora predicts which team may win whenever there is an upcoming cricket match. He shares his deep analysis behind his prediction. He prefers to call himself ‘an analyst, not a team provider’. He motivates and inspires his subscribers through his insightful analysis.

He has an honest heart as he warns his subscribers to completely ignore those who are asking them for money. This channel has a Twitter handle and a YouTube channel handle.

2. CricInformer

CricInformer is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: CricInformer

CrickInformer comes second on our list with a large subscriber base of 422 K. This telegram channel is an ideal place for fantasy tips, cricket info, stats and analysis.

The admin doesn’t provide you with paid teams. Instead, he wants you to listen to his analysis carefully and understand things thoroughly so that you can make a great team with a high winning probability yourself.

This channel too has a Twitter handle and from their Twitter page, we came to know that there are mainly two persons running this channel and they are Shwet and Siddhant Tripathi. A link to a YouTube channel is available, where they regularly upload video analysis.

3. Dream 11 ipl winning team prediction

Dream 11 ipl winning team prediction is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: Dream 11 ipl winning team prediction

This is another telegram channel from the list with a 165 K subscriber base. The admin of this channel mainly shares tips related to cricket and Kabaddi matches. He believes that there are mainly three strong positive words behind his success- ‘believe’, ‘imagine’ and ‘achieve’.

The admin claims that he has won 70+GL in Kabaddi and has won 200+Mini GL and 75 + GL  in Cricket. However, we did not verify his claim. So, we don’t know whether he is speaking the truth or not.

Neither a Twitter handle nor a link to a YouTube channel is available. The identity of this admin is not very clear to us. However, there is a link to the WhatsApp number that has been shared on the channel.

4. Fantasy Cricket Dream Teams 11

Fantasy Cricket Dream Teams 11 is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: Fantasy Cricket Dream Teams 11

We have picked this channel based on our research and have placed it at no 4. This channel solely shares tricks and analyses related to cricket matches. 

If you land on this channel you will notice a link to another telegram channel named Fantasy Cricket Nerd. It is managed by Dhruv Sharma, the owner. He also manages a website of the same name.”

The tagline “Honest, Believer & Motivator” is there on their official telegram channel. We tried to hunt for the social handles but nothing came to our hand. But on the website,  they are promoting a fantasy app named Vision 11 which you may check.

5. Nekraj Cricket Prediction

Nekraj Cricket Prediction is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: Nekraj Cricket Prediction

From the name, it becomes crystal clear to us that the man behind this channel is Nekraj. This guy becomes successful in gaining 42 K subscribers for this telegram channel. He is a Fantasy Cricket Expert, Analyst & Cricket Tipster.

The WhatsApp no of this guy has been shared on the channel with his Insta handle. He is also the owner of his website Nekraj Cricket Prediction where you will get related stuff to watch out for.

He also manages a YouTube channel where he shares his detailed analysis for an upcoming match and thus assists you in making a solid team with a high winning probability. He is very pretty active on this YouTube channel.

6. CricGram (Fantasy Cricket Prediction)

CricGram (Fantasy Cricket Prediction) is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: CricGram (Fantasy Cricket Prediction)

We have placed CricGram at number six on our list. If you are searching for a telegram channel to get insightful updates for free, you should check this once. This channel provides Fantasy Cricket Tips,  Player Stats and Winning Strategies for free.

They have their official app available on Play Store with a rating of 4.1. It is a one-stop Fantasy Cricket Application where you will get every match updates, fantasy predictions and analysis from the best in the business in one place.

You can reach to the admin with the email mentioned as [email protected] or you can also visit their website for further information. You can see the live score by visiting this site if you want.

7. Crix11 Official [Expert] Fantasy Cricket | Football Prediction]

Crix11 Official [Expert] Fantasy Cricket | Football Prediction] is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: Crix11 Official

This channel with 18.9 K subscribers claims to be India’s No1 Fantasy Cricket Prediction Site. However, we don’t think this claim is as pure as snow. But we have picked it so that you can do your research and reach to solid conclusion.

No matter whether you are making your team on Dream 11 app or Playerzpot and no matter whether it is a football match or cricket match you will get predictions.

The admin claims that he is pretty expert in sharing strategies for a Grand League. No social handles of the channel owner have been mentioned and no WhatsApp number is also there. The site mentioned on the channel is not up to the mark.

8. Dream11 Cricket Fantasy Team

Dream11 Cricket Fantasy Team is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: Dream11 Cricket Fantasy Team

It’s a channel with 13.8k subscribers. The channel owner says very little about the strategies and analysis but most of the time he is much focused on sharing the results of his prime subscribers based on his predictions.

Yes, you heard me right. The channel owner has a prime community where he shares teams after you go through a subscription. Frankly speaking, we have not taken any subscription and so we can’t guarantee that the shared results are all true.

The WhatsApp number of this channel owner has been shared on the channel. You can contact and experience it yourself. But again, it will be your sole responsibility.

9. Fantasy Arena

Fantasy Arena is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: Fantasy Arena

This is another channel from our list with 12.9k subscribers. We think the main motif of this channel is to promote their YouTube channel, named Fantasy Lab where they share their detailed analysis for an upcoming match.

Now if you visit the YouTube channel, you will notice that a link to a telegram group has been shared. The channel owner claims that It is a free team provider channel where you will get all matches teams(SL+GL), provided by best predictors.

Now if ask me how much this channel is effective in providing winning teams. I will say I want to know it from you from your experience.

10. Fantasy Cricket Guru

Fantasy Cricket Guru is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: Fantasy Cricket Guru

It is a very trusted and reputed telegram channel with a large number of subscribers of 1.14M. The admin of this channel openly says that he does not play on the Dream 11 platform but prefers other platforms such as My Master 11 and My Fab11.

He might have calculated the winning chances on these above-mentioned two platforms are higher than Dream11. He shares detailed video analysis on his YouTube channel and even shares the logic behind picking up a player.

He is experienced and wise and knows his business very well. I urge you to check his YouTube channel once and make your decision at ease whether to move forward or not.

11. Fantasy Expert News

Fantasy Expert News is the best telegram channel for dream 11 team

Image Credit: Fantasy Expert News

This is another popular telegram channel from our list. This channel has 9.1k subscribers at present and here the channel owner shares insightful news related to fantasy sports and teams.

If you visit the channel once you will feel that the opinions shared here are genuine and the admin literally works hard on analysis before he shares it with his subscribers.

The admin of this channel also manages a blog where he shares key points in written format before an upcoming match. On the contact page of the blog, you can contact with the owner through the WhatsApp number provided there.

Wrap Up On 10 + Best Telegram Channels For Dream 11 Team

Efforts have been made to pick the best Telegram channels for you but we encourage you to do your own research before you make your final decision. We are here to guide you. But sole responsibility is yours.

Many of the channel-admins are doing promotions regularly and they are also earning affiliate marketing. Please take care of that. Spend time with them to understand what is going on.

No prime membership is a guarantee. Don’t fall for any trap out of greed. Listen to the sports news and keep practicing to improve your strategy as you know practice makes one perfect. If you like this article, please don’t forget to share.

FAQ: 10 + Best Telegram Channels For Dream 11 Team

Here are some frequently asked questions with their answers. Please go through them to get a better picture. It will help you to clear your doubts.

Q1: Do The Predictions Really Work In Real Life?

Ans: These are predictions and predictions can go wrong. You must prepare your mind for this. It will be a good idea to do your own research alongside the given predictions to boost your confidence.

Q2: What Is The Ideal Winning Percentage Of A Good Telegram Channel For Dream 11?

Ans: There is no pre-set winning percentage to tag a channel bad or good based on this. However, if the winning percentage of a channel is more than 60 percent, you can consider it as a trustworthy channel.

Q3: How Not To Become Bankrupt By Playing Fantasy Sports?

Ans: This question makes some sense. When you ask this, it means you have the capability to stay long in this game. Take care of your position sizing. Initially practice with a small amount. Learn from your mistakes and move forward.

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