8+ Best Websites To Sell Gift Cards For Instant Payment Try Them now

Gift cards are a better option to buy something instead of hard cash. Because gift cards are a more convenient and safer option.

But sometimes, especially during the holiday season, many people get a bunch of gift cards. Or some websites are not accepting these cards. So what should you do?

According to the report of Megaplaza, around 59% of consumers use gift cards to shop online, especially during the holiday season. Huge Number!. 

This means more people like to shop with gift cards instead of cash. But if you have a problem with your gift card and want to pay with cash.

Then you need to read this complete article. Because in this article I have covered around 8+ best websites to sell gift cards for instant payment

Also, I have included some important things that you should notice before any further action. So this is going to be very interesting.

That’s why don’t skip any point otherwise you will lose your chance to sell your gift card online. 

Things Should Be Notice Before Selling Gift Card

The online world is an awesome place where you can do anything. But this is also the bandit’s house.

So you need to be very careful while doing this. Otherwise, you may lose your gift card.

  • Reviews: Legit reviews give a real picture of the website where you are going to sell your gift card. So make sure to check it first.
  • Payout Options: Some websites send payment to the bank account and through Paypal. That’s why you need to check the most preferable method for you to get paid.
  • Charges: Every business requires profit to survive. That’s why even gift car selling websites charge some money. You need to check how much. 
  • Security: According to the survey of Patchstack, hackers attack more than 69 percent of online applications in the year 2019. So much the website is safe you should check it.
  • Authority: Is the website fake? Some of these kinds of websites are fake. So you may lose your gift card. That’s why make sure they are legit, not fake.

7 Best Websites To Sell Gift Cards For Instant Payment

Now you have decided to sell gift cards for instant payment. Then where can you do that? That’s why you need to carefully read below. 

1. GiftCardBin

GiftCardBin is a USA-based company registered back in 2009. This is the most popular gift card exchange platform.

It has more than 400 partners in the US & Canada. So you have more freedom to either sell it online or visit their partner’s location. 

Somehow if you don’t want to go outside the house. Then you can simply first create an account on their website. After it, you need to share the information related to the gift card that you want to sell. 

Once the gift card is accepted they will release the payment through any online platform which is preferable for you.

How simple is that!?. However, you can sell your gift card on this website. But you can also exchange it for another. 

They have a variety of gift cards available in different categories such as arts, auto parts, beauty, entertainment, and so on. 

2. CardKangaroo

cardkangaroo for gift card sell

CardKangaroo is an amazing online platform by Sandtrade Group. This is a leading company in  

Customer retail, electronics, and online. That’s why they have built a Card Kangaroo. However, Card Kangaroo is a gift card exchanging platform. 

But the process is different from others. Because a user can only transact through email.

I mean first, you need to send them an email with the gift card details. Then you need to wait for some time to receive the reply. 

Once everything looks great then after they release the payment. As per the company rules, you will get 2 payment options to choose from check or Paypal.

I know many of you select Paypal because you will get instant payment. 

But sometimes it will not then they also provide checks. That may take a few days or even weeks to receive. 

3. ClipKard

Clip Kard is a new but growing gift card exchange platform which is designed to reduce consumers’ hassle.

Because the website is based on the straightforward method. So that they can toss their hat into this amazing competitive arena. 

Basically, they have a simple user-friendly system that requires minimal effort. So first create an account on their website like others.

Then added gift card details and once the verification is completed. You need to ship it to their headquarters. 

Because they provide three different types of gift cards to their customers: physical, online, and printable.

At the last, they release the payment and additional rewards also. These rewards will help you to buy any other gift card on their platform. 

Because a user can also buy gift cards as usual. That’s why they have hundreds of gift cards. If you want then you can also exchange them for another. 

4. QuickCashMI

QuickCashMI is a Michigan-based independently owned company launched back in 2011. The website looks amazing.

Because they literally have provided all the details which are necessary to know before executing any further action.

Especially other customers’ feedback and ratings on different websites such as eBay, feefo, and so on. This will satisfy any new consumers who are hesitating to sell their gift cards on this website. However, the method of selling gift cards is the same as other websites. 

But they have provided a step-by-step guide on how you can make it happen. So the user will not be confused about what to do next. However, they only provide payment through checks. 

That usually takes 7 to 10 days but you will receive the check within 3 to 4 days. Because they have the fastest shipping service. 

5. CardSell

CardSell is an online platform that you can use to sell your unused gift card. Before having the name of CardSell you may know it as CardSwapper. Recently this website changed its domain and also brand name. 

But the ratings and customer satisfaction are still above the competitors. However, people don’t know why they change their website name.

But I think the big reason behind it is a change for something better.

It also happens because the website has now become more user-friendly and straightforward.

Although right now they are only receiving selling requests. But not providing them to buy. So if you only want to sell your gift card then you can use this platform.

Because once everything verifies properly. They will release the payment instantly through Paypal. Surprisingly, this is also available for android and IOS mobile phones.

6. Pls247

PLS is a world-known multinational company that comes in consumer and business products.

This company launched back in 1997 and is available in 200 different locations in the US. They worked in multiple fields, especially in the online world. 

They provide electronic bill pay services, check cash, gift card selling, and so on.

But when it comes to gift card selling you will not face any problem. Because I am pretty sure you have a PLS store near you. 

Their store usually opens 24*7 for better customer satisfaction. So all you need is just to go to any of their stores near you.

Then sell your gift card for instant payment. Literally, within a couple of minutes, their verification process will be complete. 

At last, you will receive the appreciated value of your gift card. Also, they accept partially used gift cards to sell so don’t worry if you have. 

7. eBay

What the Hack!!? Can I sell my gift card on eBay? Yes, you heard the same. You can sell your unused gift card on eBay (The most trusted website).

As everyone knows, eBay is an online shopping platform like Amazon. 

But now eBay is expanding itself into some other criteria. Especially selling gift cards online so if you also want to sell your gift for instant payment.

Then you can do that but the method for doing this is a little bit different. 

Also, you need to look at some important things such as the price of similar cards sold in the auction.

Then check other gift card listing prices. Usually, these prices are lower by about 60 to 80% of face value. 

Other Options To Utilize Your Gift Cards

Selling gift cards can be a better option but doing some to help others is the best. That’s why you can try some other ways to utilize your gift cards for good.

1. Donate It For Better Use

Have you donated anything in the past? If yes, then how do you feel after it?

According to the Census Bureau’s report in 2019, more than 34 million people of about 10.5% of the total country population of the US are below the poverty line. 

That means if you don’t want anything then there may be some people who really need it. That’s why you don’t want to sell your gift card.

Then you can give it to another person who can use it. Or if you want then there are some fundraising companies out there. 

Those working for the betterment of mankind and nature as well. You can give your unused gift card to them.

So that they can use it in a better way. But one thing you need to check is whether they are registered or not. 

2. Exchange It 

Do you want any other products or services? How many gift cards do you have? Many things happen when you want a Starbucks gift card and you get Walmart.

Then you don’t have any choice, only you can just keep it and pray for good. 

But the other thing you can do is exchange the one you want for another if it is available.

So in your relation, friend, and online platform who have Starbucks gift card. Then all you need is just to ask to exchange it with a Walmart gift card. 

If the deal is done then you can enjoy your Starbucks gift card.

However, finding the person who is interested in this deal is quite difficult. But some websites are dealing in this business.

Wrap Up On Best Places To Sell Gift Cards Online

Selling gift cards online for instant payment may not work. Because there are some websites available that are completely fake.

So when you send them details they will never pay you. That’s why you need to be very careful while doing this process. 

But most of them are legit and will help you after successful verification.

That’s why I have shared 7 legit and top websites that are dealing in this business. You can check them out and try to sell your gift card.

But the verification period doesn’t share information with other websites. Maybe those websites are fake and leak the information.

That’s why you should read the important things which I have shared with you. 

People Also Ask For : Sell Gift Cards For Instant Payments

Finding the best website to sell gift cards for instant payment is quite difficult.

That’s why many people just like you face lots of problems. That can be solved easily.

That’s why I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers. 

How much value do gift cards exchange websites provide?

Every business requires money to survive. That’s why these gift cards to exchange websites only provide 60% to 80% of the face value.

Can I use a gift card in an ATM machine to cash out?

No, this is a silly question. You can’t use a gift card in an ATM machine to cash out.

Because these cards don’t have a metal chip that stores bank details. These chips can only be found on Debit or Credit cards.

Should I need to ship my gift card to get paid?

Yes, if the gift card is physical then you need to ship to the required address. Then the company will pay you when they verify the details.

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