EOS vs TRON : Which One is Winning Race and Why?

This time crypto is heading towards a big change, there is a great competitor like EOS and Tron which are planning to hit the strong floor of Crypto. So this guide is to rate between EOS vs TRON.

It was the year 2009 when the first-time cryptocurrency Bitcoin was evolved as the best use case of blockchain technology.

But later introduced Ethereum based cryptocurrency changed the world of blockchain technology.

Ethereum was the first platform which provided the smart contract to build DApps on the blockchain technology.

EOS VS TRON Differences

But, it was struggling with the scalability issues and solution of Ethereum problems are long after provided by TRON and EOS.

Both are the great competitor of the market and competing with each other to acquire the most decentralized market.

Hence this guide is to differentiate between TRON vs EOS. We will also focus on the future of both EOS and TRON.

Let’s give a brief overview of EOS and TRON.

What is EOS and What is TRON?

Before differentiating the advantages and disadvantages of EOS and TRON we will first discuss the brief overview of Ethereum.

Ethereum is a blockchain based decentralized platform, which has its own cryptocurrency called Ether(ETH).

To use Ethereum blockchain based platform, you would need to pay Ether as transaction fees mean it is a platform which requires money to rent resources.

Here the money for renting will be the Ether coin, which is the native asset of Ethereum, the other part which needs to focus on is the transaction speed.

Ethereum has the ability to clear 15 transactions per second which is somewhat good while it was first introduced but now everyone is looking for scalability.

Banks, institutes and new innovations focussing on scalability. Means, how much transactions that blockchain could clear in a second.

This point is where Ethereum is struggling and the other part is its mining which is Proof of Work.

To solve both of these problems and to create advanced blockchain platform EOS and TRON are working on.

But which one will win the race that’s what we will differentiate in this guide, to learn more about Ethereum check out the guide on what is Ethereum.

What is TRON?

TRON is also a blockchain based decentralized platform, which was launched in the year 2017 in ICO and within a few weeks, it increased its price 1000 times.

The founder of Tron is Justin Sun the young entrepreneur of China and was a former representative of bitcoin settlement platform Ripple in China.

He was awarded as 30 under 30 in Asia by Forbes and has already developed voice mapping app Peiwo.

Tron is own by nonprofit organization Tron foundation and open source to use by anyone anywhere.

Tron is allowing decentralized blockchain network to build DApps and providing its own blockchain based cryptocurrency Tronix(TRX).

To learn more about Tron check our detail guide What is TRON?

What is EOS?

EOS is also an open source blockchain based decentralized platform and was also introduced in the year 2017 in ICO and its ICO was long last till 2018 for almost 350 Days.

The most successful ICO to date has acquired more than 4 Billion dollar worth of Ethereum.

EOS developed by Block.one and the founder of EOS is Dan Larrimer a well-known identity in the blockchain world.

Dan Larrimer has also developed other blockchain networks such as Steem and Bit Shares.

EOS is also providing smart contract solutions to build DApps on top of their blockchain network and the native currency working on their network is EOS coin/Token.

To learn more about EOS in detail check our detail guide on What is EOS and how this is Ethereum killer?

Now you got a bit idea about TRON and EOS, so this time is to point the differences between EOS vs TRON.

The difference in between EOS vs TRON?

Well EOS and Tron is the biggest dilemma for new investors, so I will try to help you by showcasing the differences between both platforms.

Let’s start.

Origin of both EOS and TRON

If you are unaware than let me tell you that both are started back on Ethereum blockchain as ERC-20 tokens.

But after some time both have created their own Mainnet and shifted all of their tokens to own blockchain network.

During this migration phase, TRON has moved all their tokens and migration smoothly, however, EOS has faced some glitch and minor issues with Mainnet, which they have later fixed.

In reality, Tron founder Justin Sun has learned the problems with EOS network and put a million dollar team behind the security of the network and proved it.

Validation of transactions

Both EOS and TRON working on delegate Proof of stack mechanism, which is different than Proof of stacks.

If you unaware about the POW and POS than check our guide on what is POW vs POS?

Delegate Prood of stack (DPOS) mechanism is where the selection of block producers will be done by voting.

While talking about the EOS, then it will have a total of 21 block producers, out of which 20 will be chosen by top 20 received votes and 1 will be chosen randomly.

If talk about TRON than they have total 27 block producers which are known as super representatives chosen based on Votes they will be getting through voting systems.

Every EOS and TRON holders are eligible to Vote for their Block producers or Super representatives respectively.

That means both have proved the leading advantages of removing the drawbacks of Etehreum based Proof of stack mechanism.

Transactions per second

Scalability is the prime need of any network to get success in this speedy nature of technology.

We have seen Ripple which is able to clear 1500 transactions per seconds, which is close to VISA transactions.

But TRON based network has the capacity to clear 2000 Transaction per second while referring to the TRON network block explorer TronScan ,we can see it is currently close to 750 TPS.

EOS vs TRON : Which One is Winning Race and Why?

However, the official site claiming that it is able to clear 2000TPS and even more scalable.

TRON transactions speed

While referring the EOS which usually people call as Ethereum killer, it has more scalability where EOSIO is claiming this as able to clear millions of transactions per seconds.

Referring to their current block explorer EOS monitoring network, we found that it is quite good as other network and five times more than TRON.

EOS Transactions Per Secons

EOS is currently processing around 4000 Transactions per second.which has the capacity to process millions in the future.

In terms of TPS, it looks very clear that EOS is winning the race.

Working mechanism

The success of any blockchain based network depends on its working mechanism, we have already discussed that both TRON and EOS using Delegate Proof of Stack mechanism.

But how about to use that network, if you want to build any use case on their network.

EOS is offering you services by owning the network, where if you stack your coins than the specified amount of CPU, RAM and bandwidth to use network will be allocated to you.

You won’t have to pay any GAS or network fee while processing transactions on the network which new kind of platform means all you have to do is own your OS by stacking the coins.

However, Tron is following the stacking mechanism to get the power of the network but will ask you to pay Tronix coin (TRX) to pay as transaction fees in the network.

Which somewhere for future use could create problems as the price of Tronix coin will rise.

However, it will be easy to set up your future plan by owning the network in EOS as you won’t have to care about transaction fees.

This proves EOS has more capacity to grab more attention for newbies and DApps developers.

DApps Development Race

This time the only two use cases every blockchain network has developed where one is the cryptocurrency and other is the development of Decentralized Apps.

In this race after Ethereum, only two platforms are running in the race and probably can overtake the Ethereum in the near future.

While referring to the DApp Radar, we have found that both TRON and EOS have started their journey at the same time.

Till date, April 2019 on EOS network almost  368 DApps have been developed, however, the count with TRON is 229.

Dapps Radar EOS-TRON

Which significantly explains EOS is heading ahead of TRON.However, most leading is the earlier built network Ethereum which has 1448 current DApps.

Reward and Offer in voting

As we discussed earlier the selection of the block producers in both EOS and TRON is through the voting system.

Voters are like you and me who are holding or stacking your coins to their respective accounts.

TRON offers you a reward for each vote you place in the voting system to maintain or chose block producers, which is a free income.

However, EOS won’t give you anything by stacking your coins and voting to chose block producers.

EOS has another alternative is to buy EOS blockchain based gambling DApps token and stack them on their portal in reward they will offer you free EOS, but it is risky.

If we specifically, talk about Reward for voting than obviously in EOS vs TRON.

TRON is leading than EOS, which gives the reason for the voter to vote and chose super representatives in exchange for free coins.

Marketing strategy

Well EOS has collected around 4 Billion Dollar in ICO itself, which is one of the largest ICO we have ever seen in the crypto world.

From their official portal, they said that about 1 Billion Dollar they have reserved for the marketing strategy only.

Block.one EOS

But till date, we haven’t heard any great partnership of EOS. Which may explode somewhere in the future.

While Talking about TRON, Mr. Justin Sun is doing a tremendous job and partnering with big giant companies.

They have acquired Peer to Peer file transferring company BitTorrent in 2018 and about to launch BitTorrent Live on TRON blockchain network.

Tron has acquired first decentralized DApps play store and games software providing company call CoinPlay.

Releasing million dollar rewards for the TRON community also impressing all investors to look forward TRON.

Justin Sun is quite active on his Twitter profile to share every possible news of TRON.

Hence in marketing, currently TRON is hitting the floor and EOS may start any point. Which seems like EOS vs TRON, Tron is heading over EOS.

Circulation Supply and Future Price

While discussing the future price prediction it always matters how much currently supply market has for a specific coin.

To brief, none of their coins are available to mine as all the tokens have been already generated and available to use in the market.

TRON has a total circulation supply of 100 Billion coins out of which 66 Billions of Tokens are in current circulation supply.

Rest 33 Billion tokens are freeze to release in the year 2021 and rest 1 billion is to TRX burnt wallet to reduce supply in the market and increase the price.

EOS has a total supply of 100 Billion tokens and out of which 90 billion is in current circulation supply and 10 billion is in control of Block.one to control the project and market demand.

EOS has mandatory to stack coins if you want to use their network which in result almost 50% of total current supply is already stacked.

EOS Stacked coins

In future staking will increase may result in less supply and the high price of per coin looks optimistic.

TRON require to pay Tronix coin as transaction fees unless you want to earn the free token and stack them.

Hence no need to stack which still maintain circulation supply and what if 21 billion more will release in the market.

The decision is up to you but in terms of future price, it seems like in EOS vs TRON again EOS is leading.

But EOS is expensive than TRON, the smart move of TRON can pump and jump the price and you can get more short term profit by acquiring more coins for the lower price.

We have also highlighted differences in between EOS vs Ethereum in the seperate guide to understanding which one is better.

My Opinion On EOS vs TRON

Well, both are growing platform and providing the same type of blockchain network.

TRON has started marketing strategy by acquiring others and providing rewards to users which increasing its user base and daily transactions.

EOS has reserved funds for marketing and can explode at any moment.

Both are working on delegate Proof of stacks mechanism and block producers will be chosen by voting but voting in TRON will give you reward while EOS not.

TRON is offering its blockchain network services by renting the services or paying transaction fees however EOS is offering ownership model by simply stacking your coins.

The current price of TRON is close to 0.03$, however, EOS is 5$+ which means you should grab both tokens for safe investment.

There are few another competitor in the market like Cardano which is in developing stage but could beat EOS and TRON any time in the future.

I found in EOS vs TRON close competitive race, EOS is better than TRON as it is one of its kind network which offering services based on ownership instead of Ethereum based rental service.

Let me know your opinion what do you think about EOS vs TRON in the comment box.

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