How To Install, Play, & Win Horizon Forbidden West (Complete Review)

Horizon Zero Dawn sure made an impact on players on its release in 2017. And so, five years later, game fans have something new to look forward to. 

They are introducing Horizon Forbidden West, another gripping sequel with many more challenges and puzzles. 

Are you excited to know what’s in store for you? Then, read on; this article has all the correct information to help you. 

According to recent gaming statistics from True list, the Asia Pacific region is predicted to hold the largest gaming market share between 2020 and 2027, indicating a growing audience for AAA titles like Horizon Forbidden.

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Horizon Forbidden West: Quick Overview!

Horizon Forbidden West: Quick Overview

Developed by Guerilla Games, this is one action-packed game with a lot of role-play. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment published the game, and it has, since then, sold more than 8.4 million units to date. 

Released on 18th February 2022, the game is now more than a year old, with more and more users trying to install, play and master the game.

You are one of them, aren’t you? If yes, this article is for you. 

System Requirements And Compatibility

You can enjoy the game on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. The choice is up to you. 

However, here’s the good news if you play on the PlayStation 5. You also get to enjoy Burning Shores, an expansion of the game. 

The expansion will be ready in October 2023, so you will play Horizon West: Complete Edition. 

Now, that made you smile, didn’t it? 

How To Install Horizon Forbidden West

Okay, so now that you are excited about getting yourself the game, here are the steps to install it before you begin playing the game.

  1. Purchase the game physically or digitally through the PlayStation Store.
  2. For physical copies, insert the Horizon Forbidden West disc into your PS5/PS4 and follow the on-screen prompts.
  3. For digital copies, find Horizon Forbidden West on your PS5/PS4 home screen and select ‘Download’.
  4. The game requires around 100GB of storage space on PS5 and 77GB on PS4. Ensure you have enough storage available.
  5. Connect your console online to download any required day-one patches or updates after installation.
  6. Load up Horizon Forbidden West once the installation is complete. The game should automatically update to the latest version.
  7. If transferring PS4 save data, upload your saved files to PlayStation Network Storage or a USB drive from your PS4.
  8. On your PS5, download the saved data from your storage and load it up in Horizon Forbidden West.
  9. Configure any settings like difficulty, subtitles, etc, and start playing Horizon Forbidden West!

You have now completed the installation process and can begin playing the game.

How To Play Horizon Forbidden West

How To Play Horizon Forbidden West

Now that you have the game installed, you want to play well, so don’t be discouraged if you are a first-timer. Here are a few tips that you can use. 

1. Control Scheme

This is one game that is going to involve a lot of button clicks, so make sure that you are alert at all times, lest you lose out by a few clicks. 

And then, before you start the game, there are a few things you would want to do. First, remove the unnecessary subtitles, as they can tend to distract you. 

Make sure that you have as little appearing on your screen, which will help you focus more easily. 

The graphics are rich, and the game is best when you enjoy it in the performance mode. This way, the frame rate will be more stable, even though you may have to do away with a bit of the imagery. 

In the end, we all want to win, don’t we? 

2. Characters And Skills

So, this game goes from the third-person perspective, where your role is to control a hunter named Aloy, who is on a dangerous mission to find the source of a plague that seems to be killing everyone in his region. 

She is out to face massive storms and a lot of deadly machines in her faithful mission to unite the world. 

Now, would you like to help her? This is going to require some skill. There are mountains that you will have to climb, beaten paths you need to jump off, and so much more that you are sure to learn in the game. 

You may not be able to do all this the first time, and Aloy may not be too happy, but give it a few rounds, and you will soon get the hang of it. 

3. Exploring The World

As a player, you are in the post-apocalyptic times of the Western United States that is recovering from the disasters caused by a rogue, Robot Swarm. 

In other words, you are playing against an open world on a quest amidst a melee of hostile machine creatures. 

There is a lot of climbing that you will do, new things to discover underwater, and some ruined cities to pass through. 

You will also come across many lush valleys, snowy mountains, and some sandy beaches too. 

So, you see, the game is as beautiful as it is mysterious and scary. 

4. Mission And Quest Mastery

One of the biggest secrets here is to mainline the campaign. On the other hand, perfectionist players who set out to explore every nook and corner tend to lose out in the game. 

Amidst this, remember the importance of slowing down. This is another secret that skilled players will tell you about the game. 

This way, you get to build the stamina you need and learn some crafty techniques, too, for the significant boss fights you will encounter later in the game. 

Winning Strategies And Tips

Playing well is different from winning, and yet, every player wants to win. You, too, want to win, don’t you? Then, read on, for here are some more tips we thought could be of help to you. 

1. Combat Tactics

Focus is the number one rule of the game, which can be challenging considering the many distractions you will come across in the course of the game.

Winning Strategies And Tips For Horizon Forbidden West Game

Make sure that you are constantly scanning the place, for you never know when you will come across a secret that can lead you to win the game

Identify all the elements around you and notice what are the things that your enemy is weak too. 

And these are just a few combat tactics that you can start with. You are sure to find more in the course of the game. 

2. Maximizing Character Abilities

See, your primary role in the game is helping the main character, Aloy, and you need to have a good knowledge of all her abilities. 

Know the areas that she can climb quickly and the places where she faces some amount of difficulty. 

Make good use of gliders you will come across in your quest for all the assistance you need through free-roaming. 

And yet, at the same time, continue to follow every secondary quest, for you can afford to leave some of them. 

3. Resource And Inventory Management

So, one rule of the game here is to leave nothing behind. You see, as a player, you will come across a lot of loot, and while they look like rubbish at first, you never know when they can later prove helpful. 

It could be anything from plants and animals you are tempted to ignore and walk past to large machine parts that can even look like rubbish. 

In a world like this, almost anything can be helpful. And a lot of them will come from the robotic beast’s belongings. So, keep an eye out when you are around him too. 

Don’t be so busy slaying to notice the many things around you that will be useful later. 

While some are easy to spot, some are hidden, and finding them can be tricky. 

4. Strategies For Major Boss Fights

And then, you see, there are some side activities that you may want to ignore. Remember that only some things are for you to chase in the game. While you may not recognize these initially, you can differentiate what is essential from what is not after a few trials. 

And so, you will make more efficient journeys to villages and campsites very soon. 

So, be patient the first few times and forgive all your mistakes. In time, you can fill out the map and build efficient boss-fighting strategies. 

Ensure you learn all your enemy’s weak points and pay close attention to everything you see around you. This way, you can choose the right weapons for Aloy and find tools that suit her needs. 

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Wrap Up On How To Install, Play, & Win Horizon Forbidden West

The game has received some of the most favorable reviews, and you will likely enjoy it, too. 

After all, this is a sci-fi game, where you are in a large open world, with a lot to explore and lots of fun that you can have in the process.

There will be those moments of chaos and confusion where you will have Aloy murmuring and discouraging you, but that is all part and parcel of the fun involved in the game. 

So, now that we have given you a brief guide, we hope you are satisfied. Avoid going through too many directions, as this can also lead to some spoilers, which won’t be pleasant. 

FAQ: How To Install, Play, And Win Horizon Forbidden West

Okay, so now, before you install, play, and win the game, here are some answers you may want to look at based on questions some critics have. Read on for answers to the same.

Q1. Does Horizon Forbidden West good?

Ans: Yes, this is one masterpiece of a game with much more improvement from Horizon Zero Dawn, the game’s predecessor. The graphics are amazing, the characters much more charismatic, and the plot more intriguing to give you excellent gameplay.

Q2. How many Forbidden West sold?

Ans: Let’s put it this way. The game saw more than eight million units selling away within a month from its release date. So, you can only imagine what the sale will be like to this day.

Q3. Is Forbidden West bigger than Zero Dawn?

Ans: Yes, for here, you get to enjoy a much denser game than you wanted in the previous round. This game will constantly propel you onward as you go on a mission to save Aloy, so much so that you will not have a dull moment in the entire game.

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