How To Blur Background On Zoom In 3 Simple Steps

Online video conferencing is a great way to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as coworkers. But if you’re not careful, your background can be a little too revealing. That’s why it becomes necessary to blur the background on zoom.

As per the report by Bloomberg in March 2020 says that the average American spends 5.4 hours on video calls each week. And with the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to keep us indoors and away from others, that number is likely to increase. 

Because zoom offers HD video and audio, it has quickly become the go-to platform for many people.

That’s why you must read this blog post completely. We’ve explained how to Blur background on zoom in this article. If you are a first-time user of this software or have never used this type of feature before, then I will guide you step by step so that there’s no confusion.

So, Let’s Get Started.

Why Is It Important To Blur The Background On Zoom

It’s important to blur the background on Zoom because it helps to reduce distractions and makes it easier for others to focus on the person who is speaking. 

A blurred background also makes it look like the person is in a professional setting, which can be important for business meetings or presentations. 

But most importantly, it’s just a good way to make sure everyone can see and hear each other clearly. 

However, if you have an interesting or visually appealing background, feel free to show it off!

How To Blur Background On Zoom: Simple Steps

If you want to look your best on a Zoom call, you might want to consider blurring your background. It’s a simple process that can make a big difference. So here’s how to blur background on Zoom.

1. Start A New Meeting Or Join A Meeting

To blur the background on the Zoom application, first, you have to update the Zoom application present on your device. If your Zoom application is already in the latest version, then you can open it. 

After it is opened, you log in to your Zoom ID, if you are already logged in, then you will come to the dashboard of the Zoom Application. Here you will see many options like (Search Bar), (New Meeting), (Join), (Schedule), (Share Screen), etc. at the top. 

At the bottom of this, you get options like (Meet & Chat), (Meetings), (Contacts) and (More), etc. Here you can start a meeting by clicking on the option of New Meeting or if you want, you can also join a meeting by clicking on Join Option.

But here I would like to advise you that you should not join any meeting and click on New Meeting only. So that you can first check how Blur Background is working on your device.

2. Select Background & Effects Option

When you start a new meeting, you get to see many options on the screen when the meeting starts. Like on the top left side you get the option to flip the camera and end the meeting on the right side. 

Here at the bottom you also get to see the option of (Join Audio), with (Stop Video) so that you can pause your video. You can share (Photo), (Web URL), (Screen), (Whiteboard), etc. by clicking on the option of (Share) here. With this, you also get to see the option of participants. 

Click on the more option to blur background on Zoom

With the help of this you can find out who has joined your meeting and from here you can also invite people to join your meeting. In this, you get to see the option of (More) at the bottom right side. Click on this. Because to do Blur background, you will get the option of Blur in this itself. 

Select the background & effects option to blur background on Zoom

As soon as you click on More, some options will come in front of you. Like (Security), (Chat), (Show Captions), (Meeting Settings), (Background & Effects) etc. Here you click on the (Background & Effects) Option.

3. Test Blur Effect

When you click on the (Background & Effects) option, then you get to see some options at the bottom. Like (Virtual Background), (Video Filters) and (Avatars), etc. In the option of Avatars, you get to see some animal faces which we can put in our place in the video. 

In Video Filters you will get to see some Effects and Stickers. And Virtual Background In this you can change your background and here you will get to see the option of (Blur). Click on it and blur your background. 

Click to blur option to blur background on Zoom

Here you check whether Blur Effect is working well on your device or not by applying Blur Effect. If you are not facing any problems by applying Blur Effect, then you can use it by joining the meeting.

Trick: Blur Background In Zoom (Without Blur Option)

If even after following these steps, the blur option is not coming in your Zoom application or your device is not according to the requirements. So here I am going to tell you a trick to blur the background without the blur option.

For this, you have to do exactly the same process as I have mentioned above. You have to join the meeting or start a new meeting and then go to the option of More on the bottom right side, here you have to click on the option of Background & Effects. 

On clicking, the option of Virtual Backgrounds will come in front of you. Here you have to select and use a blurred image from your phone by clicking on the Add button. 

You can download blur images from the browser or by taking a picture of your room and blur it with any application. In this way, you can blur the background without the blur option in your Zoom application.

Wrap Up On How To Blur Background On Zoom

If you’ve followed along with our tutorial on how to blur the background of your images in Zoom, you should now have a much more polished and professional look for your online meetings. 

With just a few simple steps, you can take an ordinary image and make it look like it was taken in a studio setting.

Now that you know how to blur background on zoom, go out and take some great portraits! And if you have any questions or want more tips, be sure to leave a comment below.

FAQ: How To Blur Background On Zoom

There are many questions from people related to blurring the background on Zoom. Here I am answering some important questions.

Q1. Is there a way to blur the background on zoom without having to digitally edit the photo?

Ans: There is no way to blur the background on zoom without having to digitally edit the photo. You can, however, use the “blur” tool in most photo editing software to achieve a similar effect.

Q2. Can you give some tips for minimizing distractions in the background of your zoom videos?

Ans: It’s important to be aware of your surroundings when you’re on a video call. If you’re in a public place, try to find a quiet spot where you’ll be less likely to be interrupted. If you’re at home, make sure your background is clean and clutter-free.

Q3. How can I keep the focus on the speaker during a zoom video?

Ans: The best way to keep the focus on the speaker during a Zoom video is to use the “Pin Video” feature. This will ensure that the person you are focused on will be the only one visible in the video feed. If there are multiple people in the meeting, you can also use the “Spotlight” feature to highlight the active speaker.

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