How To Invest In Blockchain : Is It Worth Investing in Blockchain?

The blockchain is the new revolution of technology to safe and secure data transmission and if you are having any investment portfolio and expecting to invest in Blockchain than here in this guide I will help you on how to invest in Blockchain?

Yes, after 2009 with the introduction of Bitcoin which is blockchain based cryptocurrencies.

The blockchain is among the most popular technology on which the whole world future is aiming for.

If you are an active investor or looking to invest in profitable shares than Blockchain based industry could be your best choice.

How to Invest in BlockChain Technology?

Hence, where to invest, what are the possible platforms, what challenges you will have and is it worth to invest in Blockchain, will explain all in detail.

Have you thought before why this blockchain is that much secure and how the transactions happen in this network?

Hence, before to learn about investment opportunities, first will focus on why should we invest in Blockchain and what is Blockchain network?

What is Blockchain Technology?

In the year 2009 Satoshi Nakamoto an anonymous man has brought one technology to eliminate the third party to send secure payment from sender to receiver.

Yes, the aim was to overcome or remove complete interference or control of your payments by any third party.

Hence blockchain is not limited to payment transactions, it means the transaction of any data through that technology will ensure that it is secure and anonymous in the blockchain network.

To understand the Blockchain in simple, it is a chain of blocks where we can say that the block is a container which contains multiple transactions.

Such blocks initiated in a specific time period and the number of transactions it holds depend on blockSize.

As Bitcoin has Blocksize of 1 MB however Bitcoin cash has 8MB which means the block of Bitcoin cash will contain 8 times more transactions than Bitcoin.

Such a chain of Blocks added to blockchain registry after a certain period of time, hence it is known as BlockChain Network.

In the real world, we have a bank which controls all our transactions hence your every activity related to funding transfer will be logged in the bank ledger.

However in blockchain to clear or validate each transaction no central authority is defined, anyone like you and me can validate those transactions.

Those who are able to clear or validate those transactions is known as Miner, who are using high power computers to solve mathematical problems associated with those transactions.

Every successful validated transaction will be added to the blockchain registry which will be work as a blockchain ledger and transparent to everyone.

Here the name or personal information for a sender and recipient will be anonymous and only their wallet address will be available in the blockchain registry to validate.

Means only the sender and recipient know about the transactions. This is not limited to clear payments it can be used at various places.

  • Gambling
  • Supply chain processing
  • Managing secure data in Govt institutional.

Is BlockChain Technology vulnerable to hack?

To hack any system what you need is full control of their servers and Blockchain is a decentralized Network.

Where no central location for a specific server is defined and there is no single owner who is controlling this network.

In Blockchain network data transmitted in a block and each block let say if talk about Bitcoin which is around 10-minute block.

If anyone is able to take control of around 51% of all the network shared nodes at a time then only he will be able to hack a single block.

Which looks very difficult and close to impossible but if anyhow anyone able to hack it then only for a single block, not for whole Blockchain network.

After 10-minute new block will come which is free from previous hacking. Hence your network is well secure.

I hope you got an idea about what is blockchain and how this is going to be the future of technology.

This time is to learn what are the possible ways to invest in blockchain technology.

How to Invest in Blockchain Technology?

There are three possible ways to invest in Blockchain technology and choice will be yours as this is an emerging industry.

Before suggesting all this I would advise you to take decision wisely and try to divide your investment portfolios.

When it comes to the blockchain investment most of the big giant companies in the USA have started investing in it such as IBM.

Russia is planning to introduce cryptocurrency, China is trying to introduce blockchain based technology.

China is looking for their best choice of private blockchain based company OnChain and public blockchain based Neo.

Hence this looks that everyone is expecting to head over to decentralized blockchain technology and this is worth investing.

Invest to Buy Cryptocurrency

After all the origin of blockchain based technology was with Bitcoin, which was introduced to do payment transactions in between sender and recipient.

Currently around 2000+ cryptocurrency actively used and traded in the market which is fully based on the blockchain network.

If we track the history of the past 10 years, we observed that bitcoin has reached close to 20,000 USD per coin in the year 2017.

Parallel to this, we have been introduced with other Altcoin such as Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

People who have purchased cryptocurrency back in the year 2015-2016 got 10,000% profit in the year 2017.

But the cryptocurrency is in the bubble market as there is no central authority which controls the price hence price fluctuates too much.

Currently, Bitcoin is traded around 4500 USD/Coin which is even worth investing.

Blockchain-based cryptocurrency is not only introduced to take this as currency, but it is also made with a vision to solve privacy and security problems.

Currently, to do cross border transactions every one depends on a Belgium based company call SWIFT, which has all data with whatever transactions happening as cross border payments.

Ripple is a blockchain based cryptocurrency introduced to overcome this and many international banks have started implementing this technology.

Hence Investment in Ripple would be your best choice if you are planning to invest in Blockchain technology.

Here is what the list of Top 10 cryptocurrencies, we have identified based on past year price changes have a look to get a better idea on which cryptocurrency you should invest.

This is what a suggested way if you directly want to invest and buy them either on an exchange like Bittrex, Binance or Coinbase etc and here is the guide to help you buy process.

But there is another way to answer on how to invest in BlockChain technology is mining.

Invest in Mining of Cryptocurrency

Yes, if you want to mine cryptocurrency which can give you free coins for setting up a hardware or software configuration.

Then this choice could be one of better choice but how to do mining of cryptocurrency is explained here for altcoins like mine Ethereum and mine Bitcoin Cash etc.

The best part is you can get them using your ordinary CPU or GPU, hence here is the list of Best Cryptocurrencies to mine.

To earn more mining rewards you would have to invest in Hardware like GPU and ASICs which may cost around 500-2000$.

In addition to that, you may have to pay electricity consumption charges. But yes take your mining choice wisely and make the profit early.

Hence hope you got an idea how to invest in Blockchain technology by purchasing or mining Cryptocurrencies.

Invest in Stocks Market

When someone asks about investment than Stocks could be the first thing pop up in your mind.

Yes if you are interested in buying stocks then here are a few suggestions which have a list of companies which is already started and investing in Blockchain technology and yes you can buy their shares.

360 Blockchain Inc

360 Blockchain Inc is mainly focussed to empower blockchain technologies and one of the listed company in Canada Stock Exchange.

So if you are shareholders of them than ultimately you are investing in Blockchain technology.

Their idea is to invest in current and upcoming blockchain based technology and that is why your shares price will vary or fluctuate based on crypto news.

Obviously, you and I all know that nowhere cryptocurrency is accepted by any central authority as valid currency.

But still a large volume of people around the globe considering this as a valuable digital asset then this is worth investing.

Due to strong regulations of a few of the countries cause the crypto market is trending downward and stock price of 360 Blockchain Inc is also touching down.

But if your goal is to look forward to blockchain based investment than it is worth investing in 360 Blockchain Inc.

Check their official site to learn more about how to invest in Blockchain based company shares.

IBM Based BlockChain Technology

IBM is having its own blockchain technology on which they are planning to build future of technology and which they claim as most superior.

In the Year 2015, an open Blockchain based project started called HyperLedger by Linux Foundation.

Which is been supported by a big giant company like IBM, Intel, and SAP to implement blockchain based tools and distributed ledger.

In summary, if you are planning to invest in any IT firm or any manufacturing company then look for such which are doing revolutionary to their business.

IBM is quite interested in Blockchain based technology and they have already introduced a few trials version of blockchain for banks.

Hence it is worth investing to buy shares in a company like IBM, Intel etc.

Earlier this month kodak announced kodak coin, which allows photographers to store their photos to any blockchain network and license them automatically.

I hope you got a good idea on how to invest in blockchain technology before closing this let me suggest one more.

Invest in StartUps

While I was searching for investment opportunities, I came to know startups like BAT (Basic Attention Token).

BAT is a company introduced to eliminate any frauds happens between publisher, user, and advertisers.

Keep your eye on every new coming startup, which is focused on blockchain based technology.

If you are planning to invest in any startups than check one which has the vision to do with blockchain technology.

That can be the best deal for your investment.BAT is one of the examples I have shared here and there are numerous others.

Here is a list of 100+ startups or companies who are dealing with blockchain based technology.

You can look for trading companies like Binanace which has own digital asset Binance coin (BNC) and numerous other opportunities in the above-listed guide.

This is what all I would like to share how to invest in the Blockchain Guide.

My view on How to Invest in Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is the future of decentralized technology as the increasing potential threats to central servers this is the only possible solution for security problems.

Your data will be secure and quick and the best part is your transaction will be transparent in blockchain network but will be anonymous.

Where in pseudo code with an alphanumeric number for each successful transactions visible.

Chances of the hack are close to impossible and this is going to be the best choice for every new industry.

Try to find out companies which are working on Blockchain based technology and check their past history record with shares prices.

It is obvious that as people know about this new change they will definitely invest in it.

On another site, you can look for Cryptocurrency investment but the price for that fluctuates on a timely basis.

This is the end of my guide on how to invest in Blockchain and there are few more about to come in the future to know all this join our Facebook group and keep reading keep sharing.

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