2 Ways On How To Rotate An Image In Google Docs: Step By Step

Many of us use Google Docs web-based software, that can be accessed anywhere on the internet. But obviously, it has limitations when you try to access it in offline mode.

For that probably you need to go with the licensed Microsoft Office suite, which offers Microsoft Office, Excel, PowerPoint, etc to make your office presentation more helpful.

Almost all kinds of similar functionality can be achieved using Google Docs but if you plan to rotate an image in a Spreadsheet that won’t be possible but it is an easy job to do with Google Docs.

To rotate an image in Google Docs, simply insert the image in Google Doc and click on the image, on the top side of the image a blue color option is available, simply click that using a mouse pointer and tilt it on the left or right side to rotate an image.

Well, this seems a quick summary of how to rotate an image in Google Docs but it can be achieved using two different ways, so read through the detailed guide.

Well, we also have an alternate approach to rotating an image, first open the image in Paint and rotate there itself then save the image in the local system and then directly import it into Google Docs.

But if want to rotate the image within Google Docs itself then we have two different approaches but before that, we need to insert an image first. So follow the below steps.

How To Insert An Image In Google Docs?

Follow the below steps on how to insert an image in Google Docs in order to rotate that image later.

  1. Open Google Docs and click on the position in the middle of the content, where you want to insert an image.Google Doc Insert an Image
  2. To insert an image, we can go with two different insertion mechanisms first click on an image icon and choose the image from the import location.
  3. In the second approach, go to the Insert Option > Then select Image > Choose from where you want to import an image.
How to insert an image in Google Doc

I am sure now you got an idea of how to insert an image, so let me go through how to rotate the inserted image in Google Doc.

How To Rotate An Image In Google Docs Using An Image Window Option

Well, this is the easiest option to rotate an image in Google Doc from 0-360 degrees in any range. Just follow the below steps.

  1. First Insert an image to the defined location in the middle of the content as explained earlier.
  2. Now click on the Image and an outer window to change the size of the image appear.
  3. Now click the blue color button on top of the image, so the arrow pointer will change into a “+” Sign.How to rotate an image in google docs
  4. Now simply hold the mouse at the same point and move it left or right-hand side, you will find the image started rotating.How to rotate an image in Google Docs with rotate option
  5. With the help of rotation, you can see that you can set a new angle for the image between 0-360 degrees.Rotate image by 90 Degree in google doc

Finally, the image rotated successfully and now you are smart enough to set your image angle as you want.

But this is a manual method to try and check the angle, let me share another quick tip that you can use from the size and rotate option.

How To Rotate An Image In Google Docs Using Size & Rotate Option

This is another easy option, where you can set a specific angle and the image will auto set to that angle, so follow the below-given steps.

  1. Simply insert an image using the steps explained before.
  2. Now click on the image and just below image three option along with three-dot appear to align the image.
  3. Now click on the three dots icon and then the “Size & Rotation” option appears, so select the same option.How to rotate image in Google doc using the size and rotate option
  4. An Image option on the Right-hand side appears, there check the Options under Rotate and you will have two options to rotate.
  5. If need the rotation for 90 degrees each then the best way is to click the “90 degrees” and it will rotate for each click.
  6. If need any manual rotation for a specific mid-range angle then manually enter the value from 0-360 degree in the Angle edit box.How to rotate an image using the Sze and rotation option
  7. Finally, you can validate the image has been rotated or not.

This method could be a perfect solution if you need a specific angle rotation but if need to try and see the changes then probably that image rotate option using the image button would be a perfect solution.

Note: If you found that while rotating your image suddenly disappeared then not to worry it might have shifted down to the next page so simply reduce the size of the image or undo.

Above shared methods are for rotating the image but if you want to flip the image or create a mirror of the image then follow the guide.

How To Flip An Image In Google Docs?

Flipping an image in Google Doc is different than the rotation of the image, here flip means creating a mirror image of the existing image.

The image can be flipped horizontally or vertically using the drawing option in Google Docs.

  1. Click the Insert option of the Google Doc > Click to Drawing option > Click on +New IconHow to flip the image in Google Doc
  2. A new drawing window will open, there click the Image icon and import the image to the Drawing window.How to flip image in Google Drive
  3. Click on the Action option > Click to Rotation > Then click horizontally or Vertically to flip the image>Click to Save and Close.How to flip images in Google Doc
  4. Well, I selected Horizontally and here you go the image inserted in Google Docs is now the mirror or the flip image of the actual inserted image.How to mirror image in Google Docs

Well, these 4 simple steps can flip any image in Google Docs. But the first will be a drawing window there need to rotate and then will be inserted into the actual content.

Wrap Up On How To Rotate Or Flip Images In Google Docs?

Well if you are struggling with internet connectivity and still need to rotate an image to insert later on your content.

Then the best quick solution is to open the image in Paint and there an option to rotate available, so simply rotate the image and save it, and later when you get connectivity for Google Doc simply insert it.

But want everything from the Google Docs only then we discussed two methods, one is using the image window itself and other is using the Size and Rotation option available under the image options.

But use the flip image option of Google Docs only, if you want to create a mirror image, not the rotation.

I hope this guide has solved your query, if found useful must share it with others.

FAQ: How To Rotate An Image In Google Docs

Get your queries about Google Docs resolved below. We have put together the most commonly asked questions from users regarding Google Docs. We hope this list will help you to better understand the features and capabilities of Google Docs.

Q1. Can you rotate a Google doc sideways?

Ans: Yes, all you have to do is right-click on the image that you want to rotate. Once done, you will see an option that either says ‘change page to portrait’ or ‘change page to landscape’. Now, do likewise, and you are done.

Q2. How do you change the size of a Google doc?

Ans: All you have to do is go to the toolbar and click file. Now, you will find an option that says ‘page setup’. Click here and you will now see all the remaining options that you can use to give your Google doc the size that you want.

Q3. How do I make Google docs fit my screen?

Ans: For this, you need to go to the toolbar, and then click on 100 percent. You can now adjust the screen to the size that you want.

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