How To Unblock On Cash App In 5 Minutes Or Less: Simple Guide In Just 4 Steps!

Cash app is one of the most popular online cash transaction apps in the US, as millions of people conduct transactions in this app monthly. Also, it has a feature that allows you to block someone to prevent them from requesting or sending money to keep yourself safe from fraud.   

So, you can intentionally block someone, if you suspect they are a scammer. And if you have blocked a person willingly or mistakenly, you might also need to know how to unblock them.

In this guide, we have covered 4 easy steps on how to unblock on Cash App. Also, we have discussed why you should block someone on this app.  

Why You Need To Block Other People On Cash App

Cash App mainly introduced the blocking feature to allow users to send and receive money with peace of mind. And the most probable reason you might want to block someone on the Cash App is to just stop them from sending or requesting payments on this app.

Because in this app, you might face some security issues from scammers, just like other financial platforms. And if you know that a person is involved in any scams, then the best thing to do is to block them. 

Also, scammers generally use many different techniques to manipulate people to send them money, which is the primary reason people want to block others on Cash App. Here are some common reasons why you might want to block someone. 

  • User Security: As we have already discussed, user security is the main reason Cash App has introduced this blocking feature. It allows you to block inappropriate transactions or messages from unknown suspicious users.
  • Protection From Scammers: The Cash App is an attractive place for scammers, as this app has more than 50 million users. And these scammers can try different methods to manipulate you to send them money. So, you can block any suspicious users and stay protected using a PIN.
  • Optimizing Transactions: You can easily optimize your transactions list by blocking the unnecessary, suspicious, or annoying people from your Cash App account to make your transaction history more organized and well-complied.  

Here, first, we will discuss how you can block somebody on the Cash app. 

How You Can Block A Person On Cash App

According to EarthWeb, Cash App has around 44 million monthly active users. And the easiest way to keep your funds and account safe is to block all suspicious users. 

So, before you know how to unblock a person on Cash App, the first question that can come to your mind is how to block a person on this app. Here is how you can block someone on Cash App to prevent them from sending or requesting money from you. 

  • Open Cash App on your device. 
  • Tap on the “Activity” tab on the bottom right corner of the home page.   
  • After that, just tap on the name of the person or the person’s profile you want to block in the activity feed. 
  • Then, you need to scroll down to the bottom of their profile till you see the “Block” button and just tap on it to complete the process.  

Is It Possible To Unblock Someone On Cash App

Yes, you can still unblock someone on the Cash App after blocking them. After blocking someone for the reasons that we have mentioned earlier, you might later find out that you need these contacts and might want to remove them from the blocked list.

Is It Possible To Unblock On Cash App

That is why the settings of this application are designed in such a way that you can adjust the settings to unblock them. Here we have discussed how to unblock somebody on the Cash app in some easy steps. 

The Fastest Way To Unblock Someone On Cash App: 4 Easy Steps

If you have blocked someone on Cash App for any of the above-mentioned reasons or accidentally, however now you need to send cash requests or make any transactions with them, then it is essential to unblock them first. 

And if you want to unblock someone on Cash App, then you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open Cash App

To start with, you need to open the Cash App on your device. And if you haven’t downloaded the app, then you can install it from the Apple App Store on your iOS device and Google Play Store on your Android device. Then, you are required to log in to your Cash App account.

Open Cash App To Unblock On Cash App

Step 2: Tap On The Activity Tab

The next step is to click on the “Activity” tab on the bottom right corner of the home screen. Here, you can access all the past transactions and all the users that you have interacted with in the past. 

Step 3: Find The Individual You Want To Unblock

Now, just find the blocked individual’s profile that you need to unblock in the activity feed and click on it to see their transaction history.

Find The Individual You Want To Unblock On Cash App

Step 4: Choose The Unblock Option

In the blocked user’s profile, scroll down to the bottom of their profile to find the “Unblock” button. Finally, tap on it to unblock that person on Cash App. Now, you can begin sending and receiving funds from them again. 

If this method doesn’t work for you, then you can consider contacting Cash App Support to discuss the issue. 

What Happens When You Block Somebody On Cash App: Clearing Up The Confusion

Blocking someone on Cash App can help you keep your account safe from scammers and unwanted persons. If you block a person on Cash App, then a few things would happen. That is why you must think about the consequences of this feature before using it. 

Here is what can happen when you block someone on Cash App: 

  • The person would no longer be able to transfer money, send you messages, or request funds from you on the Cash App. 
  • You wouldn’t be able to pay the blocked user or receive any notifications from the person. 
  • Also, the blocked user would not be able to view your transaction history.
  • You will not also appear on the blocked person’s contact list. 

If you block a person, and if they are wise, they can even sense that you have blocked them, because they would no longer see you on their contacts list or send money to you on the Cash App. 

And when you block a person, it will redirect you to a new page, where it will show you your updated transactions history. Each transaction or request from the blocked person will be gone. 

Does Cash App Send Notification To The Blocked User

You might think that whether the person you want to block will know or not. The answer is no, the person you have blocked would not get a notification that you have done it. Because Cash App doesn’t notify its users that someone has blocked them.

Does Cash App Send Notification To The Blocked User To Unblock On Cash App

However, it is not very difficult for them to know whether you have blocked them or not. Because you would no longer appear in their contacts list and they would not be able to send you any messages or requests.  

Also, you must know that blocking a person would not delete their account from Cash App. The person can still use the app for other transactions, but they can’t transfer money only to you.  

Several Reasons Why You Can’t Unblock Other People On Cash App: What You Need to Know

Blocking and unblocking someone on the Cash App is extremely easy, however, you might find it difficult for several reasons. Because, sometimes even after following the required steps to unblock someone, you might still be unable to unblock that person. Here are the reasons for that- 

  • Server Problems: Sometimes, online servers might face technical issues. And as Cash App depends on one of these servers, you might also experience several problems while unblocking a person. So, you can try it after some time and check how it goes.
  • Account Issues: If your Cash App account is banned, then you might not be able to unblock other users on this App. So, you need to wait till your account is restored and then you can try again. 
  • Old Version: Also, if your app is not updated to the latest version, then you might not be able to unblock someone on Cash App. 

However, if you are not facing any of these issues and still can’t block or unblock somebody on Cash App, then you might need to contact Cash App’s customer support. 

Wrap Up On How To Unblock On Cash App

You can easily block or unblock a person on Cash App to properly manage your transactions on the app. Sometimes it is really important to block someone for security reasons. Because blocking and unblocking users also allows you to stay protected from scammers.  

It will allow you only to receive messages and payments from those people you trust and use the app without worrying about privacy. But, you should also understand the changes that Cash App makes when you block or unblock a person. 

We hope that our in-depth guide has helped you to understand how to unblock on Cash App. If you still have any questions on this topic, please feel free to comment below. 

FAQ: How To Unblock On Cash App

As a lot of people don’t know how to unblock on Cash App, they have several questions on their minds. Here we have tried to provide appropriate answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q1. Is Cash App Safe?

Ans: Cash App uses highly-advanced encryption and fraud detection technology to ensure that your data and money are completely safe and secure. And any information that you submit is encrypted and sent to its servers securely, no matter whether you are using a public or private Wi-Fi connection.

Q2. Why Is Cash App Blocking Payments?

Ans: If a potentially fraudulent payment happens, then the Cash App cancels it to prevent you from being charged. And when this occurs, your funds will be returned to your Cash App balance or your linked bank account immediately.

Q3. Does Cash App Have A Fee?

Ans: Cash App charges a fee for instant money transfers, however, you can also select a standard no-fee transfer, which usually takes one to three business days to complete.

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