When iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Launch: The Countdown Begins!

The iPhone 15 Pro Max looks all set to be the Apple’s next flagship phone. It can set a new standard for smartphones to follow. It will be the most fully-featured model of the iPhone lineup, however, we are not expecting massive differences from the iPhone 14 Pro Max. 

There are some rumored upgrades for iPhone 15 Pro Max, which could make it a stunning phone to buy. That is why plenty of people want to know when iPhone 15 Pro Max will launch. In this article, we have discussed when iPhone 15 Pro Max will launch and the price of this model. 

Also, we have covered some rumored features of the iPhone 15 Pro Max which will make this phone amazing. 

Some Latest News About iPhone 15 Pro Max

There have been some latest news and rumors about iPhone 15 Pro Max, such as Apple might offer a new Dynamic Island on the iPhone 15 models. According to some experts, all iPhone 15 models will get the Dynamic Island and it will also be an updated version from the one the iPhone 14 Pro uses. 

Also, some rumors suggest that Apple is planning to restrict top charging speeds to only those USB-C accessories that get certified by the company. It means that Apple will limit charging speed for those iPhone 15 users who are not using Apple-certified chargers and cables.

When iPhone 15 Pro Max Is Going To Be Released: Potential Release Date

As always, we can expect that Apple will launch the iPhone 15 range most likely in the month of September. And some current rumors are suggesting that the iPhone 15 Pro Max launch date is Friday, September 22, 2023. Also, this iPhone rumor comes from some reliable sources.  

Apple generally announces its iPhone series during a September Apple Event. And all models could release simultaneously or take a staggered approach depending on availability and supply chain constraints. 

However, there was some confusion to clear up, because the source originally mentioned September 23. But, Apple generally releases its iPhones on a Friday in the second half of September. So, September 22, 2023, seems most likely to be the release date of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

And all of these dates perfectly align with Apple’s normal iPhone release date timeline – it will probably announce the iPhone 15 series (including the iPhone 15 Pro Max) in September 2023, with pre-order availability following some days later and phones starting to ship the next week. And it has been the pattern for the last several releases, with very few exceptions.  

iPhone 15 Pro Max Price: Is It Worth The Upgrade

So far, we don’t know much about the pricing for the iPhone 15 series, because no substantial rumors have been found for the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s price. However, a lot of experts think that it will track with that of the iPhone 14 Pro series. 
It means that a starting price of $1,099 for a base 128GB model with reaching $1,599 for a 1TB version is possible.

When iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Launch: The Countdown Begins!

And a lot of people are expecting that Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max and iPhone 15 Pro will either maintain the same price or see a slight increase if those rumors about a switch to titanium are true because titanium is a relatively more expensive material than stainless steel. And according to some rumors, iPhone 15 Pro can get a $100 price hike. 

Also, some experts are predicting an iPhone 15 Pro price hike, because of the rumored improvements that Apple is going to make to both the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max models. 

No matter, what the price is, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will not be cheap, also you can’t expect the price to be cheap for an Apple flagship phone. 

5 Rumored Features Of The iPhone 15 Pro Max: It Will Blow Your Mind

According to some rumors, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will get some external design updates and also a lot of feature updates as well. Here we are going to discuss some rumored features of the iPhone 15 Pro Max which could make it one of the best phones to buy. 

1. Design And Display: Titanium And Curved Edges

Apple generally finds a design it likes and continues with it for several years. So, there is very less chance that Apple will drastically change the overall design of the iPhone 15 Pro Max, or the Pro series in general, however, there would be some minor changes. You might see a few slight changes, improved functionality, and third-party app support.

When iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Launch: The Countdown Begins!

And the Dynamic Island will almost certainly remain, most probably as it will feature on all iPhone 15 models. Also, one significant change can be found on the edges of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Because some rumors are actually talking about a move away from the flat edges that were brought in by the iPhone 12 and a return to curved edges. 

The purpose here is to make the large iPhone more comfortable to hold and it will give a more uniform and smooth design. Also, the iPhone 15 Pro Max’s chassis can be made of titanium, which will give you a stronger and lighter model. 

And it will be an impressive upgrade and shift away from the stainless steel edges that can sometimes get damaged easily.  

2. New iPhone USB-C Ports 

Apple moving to USB-C has been rumored for years. However, finally, now some experts are saying that Apple might move the iPhone 15 Pro Max and others to USB-C. That is why rumors of USB-C connectivity replacing the Lightning port are very likely going to happen on the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

Although it has been predicted for years that Apple might move to USB-C, for the iPhone 15 series, it might not only be a choice. 

Because the European Union (EU) has demanded that all smartphone makers or manufacturers need to adopt USB-C as the common charging standard by December 2024. And it makes the iPhone 15’s USB-C switch more probable now than ever.

Because Apple is very likely to get ahead of that time limit with the iPhone 15 series. Also, adopting USB-C connectivity would definitely help with charging and also ease of connectivity. 

However, switching to a USB-C port doesn’t guarantee faster speeds, but some rumors are suggesting that the port will mainly offer convenience.

3. Periscope Camera

Rumors have predicted that Apple would be switching to a periscope lens for its iPhone Pro models for years. However, according to some experts, it is finally coming in 2023. We are expecting that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will stick with the same trio of rear cameras as the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

When iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Launch: The Countdown Begins!

And it will be more than fine as the iPhone 14 Pro Max is one of the top picks for many people for the best camera phones. 

But, you can expect improvements to be made on the sensor and software side. And the one big upgrade can be a periscope telephoto lens for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

It would use an array of optical lenses to boost the zoom range of the camera without requiring to depend on cropping or digital zooming. A periscope lens would add impressive zooming abilities or much better optical zoom to the iPhone 15 Pro Max. 

4. Faster A17 Bionic Chip 

The iPhone 15 Pro Max also looks all set to bring in a new A-series chip, like most other iPhone Pro Models before it, most probably in the form of the A17 Bionic chipset. Apple might move to a 3-nanometer process for this rumored A17 chipset in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. 

And this new chipset will most probably offer some performance boost, more power, and also greater efficiency, particularly if it is built on the newer 3nm process. 

So, you can expect more CPU and GPU power and also an improvement in machine learning and neural processing to better power those smart features, from computational photography to Siri.

5.  iPhone 15 Pro Max’s Battery Life 

There have been no significant rumors about the battery life of the iPhone 15 Pro Max. However, with a new 3nm chip, you can expect it to be more energy efficient. The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s battery life is decent enough. 

It is actually one of the best in the phone’s battery life list. So, you can expect around that or better for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Also, there is no rumor on fast charging. 

However, we can hope that Apple will find a way for its next iPhones to charge up a little faster with USB-C connectivity. 

Wrap Up On When iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Launch

If we trust these rumors, then the iPhone 15 Pro Max is going to be an amazing smartphone. It might not be a huge step up from the iPhone 14 Pro Max, however, it will have a lot of minor changes. 

And these small changes could all add up to make it the best iPhone you can buy in 2023. Also, you should expect that the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be available in a premium price range because of its new design and several improved technologies.

We hope that our comprehensive guide has helped you to get the answer to your question about when iPhone 15 Pro Max will launch. If you still have some doubts in your mind regarding this topic, then please let us know in the comments below. 

FAQ: When iPhone 15 Pro Max Will Launch

As a lot of people are waiting for the iPhone 15 Pro Max release, they have several questions in their minds before buying the model. Here we have tried to answer some of them to clear their doubts.

Q1. Is Apple Cheaper In the USA?

Ans: The iPhone 14 price in the United States is the cheapest if you compare the price to the rest of the world. However, it doesn’t mean that we are suggesting you to buy iPhone 14 from the US. Simple because the iPhone 14 series phones in the US come without a SIM tray and they only support eSIM.

Q2. How Long Do iPhones Last?

Ans: When it comes to iPhones, you can generally expect them to last between three to five years or maybe more with proper care and maintenance.

Q3. What Kills Battery Health On iPhones?

Ans:  It is really important to avoid exposing your iPhone to ambient temperatures higher than 95° F or 35° C. Because it can permanently damage the battery capacity, which means that your battery will not power your device for a long time on a given charge. Also, charging your device in high ambient temperatures can damage it more.

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