7+ Best AI Music Generator From Lyrics For Free In 2023

Artificial intelligence has made it possible to create music without being a professional musician. According to musicgateway.com, they use algorithms to create new music, remix songs and help in music production tasks. 

This is making music extend possibilities for musicians, enabling them to create, analyse and enhance their musical endeavors. If you’re an artist exploring the possibilities of music generation. Therefore, the best ai music generator from lyrics is provided below for you in this article. 

Is It Legal To Use AI Generated Music For Your Song? 

AI generated music is the music that is made with the help of AI. So, you may need to be aware of the use of ai generated music. Therefore, It is important to address any concerns about the legality of using AI-generated music. 

The rules about using AI-generated music are a bit unclear. Although many platforms agree that you can usually copyright AI-created music, it gets a bit confusing when it comes to knowing who owns it and the rights involved. 

Also, for the music platform you use, you need to check for the copyright policy of the platform to be safe from any issues. For artists, it’s super important to get legal advice when adding AI-made music to their creations. 

Top 2023: 7+ Best AI Music Generator From Lyrics For Free In 2023 

It can be a bit difficult to find the best ai music generator. But, you don’t have to think much as we have found the best for you which you can try. Therefore, we have provided below the 7 best AI Music Generator From Lyrics For Free In 2023. 

S. No. AI Music GeneratorWebsites
1.SunoaiClick Here
2.Waveformer Click Here
3.Media ioClick Here
4.Veed ioClick Here
5.RiffusionClick Here
6.Beatbot fmClick Here
7.MubertClick Here

1. Sunoai

Sunoai is the best ai music generator from lyrics

Image Source: Sunoai

Sunoai is the best ai music generator that you can use to generate your music. Its interface is easy and simple to use for the users. Therefore, this platform generates your music easily within a minute.

Not only it generates music but you can provide lyrics or generate lyrics along with the music. This makes it best for generating a good song with the help of this website. Also, there are limitations as it will show credits left to generate the song.

When you get the limitations using the platform, you can upgrade to the pro plan, premier plan and enterprise plan. So, you can select which is best suitable for you. The subscription plans have various advantages for the users. 

To use Sunoai, you need to visit the sunoai website and sign in with your Google account. From Create (custom), you need to enter your lyrics and write your style of lyrics. Lastly, you need to click on generate and you can play the generated song. 

Sunoai is a company using advanced technology to change how people enjoy music. It makes it easy for anyone whether you’re new to music or an experienced musician to create beautiful songs. 

2. Waveformer

Waveformer is the best ai music generator from lyrics

Image Source: Waveformer

Waveformer is an AI-based music generator website that helps to generate good music. Therefore, this platform is very easy to use making it easier for the users to generate music within a minute. 

You don’t require any account to sign up or sign in to visit the waveformer website. You can easily visit the website and generate free music. This makes the platform easy and simple for the users. 

To use Waveformer, you need to visit waveformer official website. Now, you need to enter the prompt means all about the music that you want and the seconds you want to generate the music from the platform. Lastly, click on make music option to generate your music. 

Your music will be created and ready for your use. Now, you can download the generated music or regenerate the music from the start if you are not satisfied as the platform doesn’t have limitations for use. 

3. Media io

Media io is the best ai music generator from lyrics

Image Source: Media.io

Media io is a great platform that provides users with various tools. These tools can be used to make your work easier online. Therefore, you can use this platform to generate music with the help of AI-based technology. 

You can do a lot more things easily with this website related to video, audio, and images. Also, this is an all-in-one platform helpful especially for content creators. There are many things related to music which you check on the website. 

To use media io, you need to visit the media.io official website and sign in with your Google account. Now, go to the audio section by clicking on it and click on ai music generator. So, click on generate music now to open the main ai music studio. 

Now, click on Create Music and choose the length, select the mood, and select the theme. So, click on create music option which only takes a short while to generate the music. But, you have limitations for free use and you will need to upgrade to use the platform. 

4. Veed io

Veed io is the best ai music generator from lyrics

Image Source: Veed.io

VEED.IO is a platform where you can make videos easily using their mobile app. They have a special tool called AI Music Generator that creates unique soundtracks for your videos. You can choose different vibes like Chill, Hip-hop, Electronic, Rock or Dance and even enter a specific prompt if you want.

This tool turns your text into melodies and rhythms for your videos, making them more interesting. It’s like magic you can generate a 20-second music loop for your videos, presentations, or podcasts. 

To use veed io, you need to search veed.io on Google and click on tools from the options provided by its official websites. From here, click on ai music generator. Now, select a vibe, enter the prompt, and click on the create track option to generate the music. 

After making your music, you can download it and use it in your videos. It’s a quick and easy way to add fantastic sound to your videos without spending lots of time or money. This makes it easy to add a personal touch to your videos without the hassle of expensive music production. 

With VEED.IO, you can save time and resources by creating original music without needing to pay for licenses or hire musicians. The AI Music Generator lets you be creative by turning your words into unique soundtracks. This helps your videos stand out and impress your audience.

5. Riffusion

Riffusion is the best ai music generator from lyrics

Image Source: Riffusion

Riffusion is a music-generating platform by which you can easily generate music within seconds. Also, you can generate music along with the lyrics. Therefore, the platform has some limitations upon the text. 

But, you can try using this Ai tool which works well to produce music within some seconds. This music generator platform has a friendly interface which makes it easy to use by the users. 

Riffusion turns your text prompts into pictures called spectrograms, which represent sound visually. Then, it transforms these visuals into audio that you can listen to and customize as you prefer.

To use Riffusion, you need to visit riffusion official website. So, you need to add lyrics to generate a song and then click on the riff to create the song. Lastly, there are also many songs that you can listen to from the homepage of the website. 

6. Beatbot.fm

Beatbot.fm is the best ai music generator from lyrics

Image Source: Beatbot.fm

Beatbot is a music creation tool that utilizes a special kind of computer program known as Generative AI. Therefore, this program called Splash Gen-2, assists in creating high-quality music. 

You can enhance your songs created with Gen-1 or Gen-2 by using the Text-to-Vocals AI feature to add your own singing or rapping. This platform has three plans such as free, starter, max, and enterprise. 

Beatbot.fm also understands when you write words and connects them to the kind of music you want. It has a big library with lots of music pieces created by their team. You can find different sounds like drums, bass, and more.

To use beatbot.fm, you need to visit beatbot.fm official website. Now, you need to enter a text prompt to create your song and click on the generate option. This way, you can play to listen to the song. 

With all these cool features, anyone, whether you’re new to making music or an expert. You can create your own songs with Beatbot.fm. It’s made to be easy and fun for everyone who loves making music.

7. Mubert

Mubert is the best ai music generator from lyrics

Image Source: mubert.com

Mubert is an innovative tool that harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to create music tailored for various purposes. Therefore, For content creators, it offers a user-friendly platform to craft custom soundtracks that perfectly match the mood, duration, and tempo of their videos, podcasts, or apps. 

It provides a quick and efficient way to enhance content with the ideal musical accompaniment. Also, It provides a quick and efficient way to enhance content with the ideal musical accompaniment. Artists can leverage Mubert Studio to not only express their creativity but also earn money. 

Mubert combines human creativity with AI to make instant music. It uses millions of samples from different artists to create music perfectly suited for its purpose. This teamwork of humans and technology ensures a perfect sound every time.

To use mubert, you need to visit mubert official website. Now, you need to click on Generate a track now option to enter the main interface. So, enter the prompt, genres, moods, activities, set type, set duration. Lastly, click on the generate track to generate the music within some seconds. 

Can AI Become Beneficially Helpful For Artists?

Yes, AI can become beneficial and helpful for artists. It can become a helping tool for you to utilize particularly in the field of music production. Therefore, the artists need to know about how to use AI Prompts to generate for your helpful side. 

It can give step-by-step instructions on tasks like setting up a music project in a software program, crafting a drum rhythm or coming up with chord sequences. This way, artists have a handy tool to assist them in the learning process. 

Even though the current AI capabilities for generating musical ideas might be a bit basic but they can still serve as a useful starting point for artists looking to experiment. AI could help artists play around with different musical elements, sparking new ideas with a bit of personal touch which can turn into something unique and exciting.

The essence of human creativity, connection, and innovation remains a crucial aspect that AI may not fully replicate. While AI can be a valuable tool for certain aspects of the creative process, artists are likely to retain a central role in expressing unique perspectives and emotions through their work.

Wrap Up On Best AI Music Generator From Lyrics 

Here, we discussed the important things that you need to know about the best ai music generator from lyrics. Therefore, it is recommended that you go through each section of this article to know more about the topic.  

Music generators are not so great at creating interesting music like drum beats, chords, and basslines. It has some limitations when it comes to making creative and exciting musical parts. 

AI acts as a quick information resource, delivering instant answers to questions about music production. This helps artists stay updated on the latest industry trends, technological advancements, and various production techniques.

We hope this article helped you to know all about the information on free applications for music. Also, you can visit our website regularly for such helpful articles and you can comment for any doubts below related to the topic.

FAQ: Best Ai Music Generator From Lyrics 

After reading the article, you may have relevant questions regarding the best Ai Music Generator. This is why we have provided you with important questions along with their answers.

Q1. Can you use chat GPT to make music?

Ans: No, you cannot use chat GPT to make music as it may not be as effective as expected. It can help with technical info about making music. Therefore, the output generated by ChatGPT is described as boring and lacking the depth of human creativity.

Q2. Can AI write good lyrics for my song?

Ans: Yes, AI can help write good lyrics for your song. It is good at creating lyrics that can be as good as ones written by people. Therefore, you need to remember to add your style and make some changes to the AI lyrics to match your vision for the song.

Q3. Do musicians use AI to generate music?

Ans: Yes, some musicians use AI to boost their creativity. It was been found that the artists according to the surveys that ai were used by various music companies. Therefore, AI is a tool to enhance artistic expression but it can’t replace human creativity.

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