8-Steps Process On Where Is The Microphone On iPhone 14: Make Your YouTube Video Easily!

If a voice-over artist wants to do a recording or a Youtuber wants to record his voice on iPhone 14, the only thing they can do is with the help of a microphone. But, do you know where is the microphone on iPhone 14?

According to the reports of Statista, the number of iPhone users will reach more than 118 million in 2022. However, most android users have switched to iPhones leading to a successful hit due to trust built by the customers.

iPhone is a brand which doesn’t need any kind of introduction. iPhone was first released in the year 2007 by Steven paul jobs. However, it has become popular, known for its better quality functions working on the iOS operating system.

However, the iPhone comes with great function and iconic design. From the use of Android or windows, the iPhone is considered the safest phone as no one can hack it. The hardware and software are mostly designed by Apple for the compatibility of users.

Many new customers using the iPhone often face some kind of problems regarding settings. One such problem is that they are unable to find the microphone. So, in this article, we have covered where is the microphone on iPhone 14? And its step-by-step process has been explained.

So, Let’s Get Started.

Factors To Be Considered For Better Sound Quality On Your iPhone

Many times when you record with your microphone. You experience good sound and sometimes you try several times recording. But, you can’t fix the voice due to undesirable conditions in your surroundings. However, you will come to know about improving sound quality on your iPhone or iPad.

1. Focus On Mic Setup

To improve your mic sound quality. However, you need to focus on your mic setup. To get a better record, make sure you’re positioning yourself neither too far nor too close to the microphone.

To find a better position, I recommend you to take a few different positions to see what works best for you. Also, if you want to have the best quality of sound. You need to limit background noise.

2. Change Voice Memo Quality

If you want to use your audio recording with better quality. Then, You have to improve the quality that it records on the iPhone. To do this, open the settings option. Now, scroll down and tap on voice memos.

Then select audio quality and choose losslessly. This would take up more space when you record but should improve the quality of the recording.

3. Use A Mic Windscreen

For this, you don’t need to buy an actual one. But you could use something like a sock or sponge to help deflect wind noise and this should improve the quality of the sound recording. This ensures the passage of audible sound and minimizes much of the noise.

4. Get A Recording App

For a better audio record, you can have an application which is trusted and mostly used by many. You should never install any application for third-party websites. So, Use Dolby which allows you to record high-quality audio.

Dolby is a popular and high-rated application used worldwide by many users. After recording, you can further customize the sound as well as edit it to remove the background noise and more.

Where Is The Microphone On iPhone 14: Step By Step Process!

If you were previously an android user and switched to an iPhone. Then it may be difficult to know much about the iPhone interface. However, we found that most of the users were not able to find the microphone. So, here we will show you the step-by-step process of where is the microphone on iPhone 14.

Step 1: To use the built-in microphone feature of iPhone 14, the first step that you have to follow is adding the microphone feature in the control center.

This will help to open it easier than going too deep to find it. If it’s available then Ok and if not available just follow the steps shown here.

Go to homescreen for the Microphone On iPhone 14

Step 2: Now, You have to Open the Main Settings for iPhone 14. From here you can greatly customize all things easily within a few seconds. To do this you need to find that option and make changes accordingly to what you want.

Go to the settings option for the Microphone on iPhone 14

Step 3: We need to find the Control Centre option from the settings. After scrolling down, you will find it. After Finding the Control Centre Option, just tap on it. Finally, you reached the place where you have to make changes.

Go to the control centre option for the Microphone on iPhone 14

Step 4: Just below the Included Controls section, you will find the Screen recording option in the More Control Section.

By adding the Screen recording option to the included control section. You have to tap on the + of screen recording option which is to the left of it.

click to screen recording option for the Microphone on iPhone 14

Step 5: Finally we successfully added the Screen recording feature in our home top bar menu of our iPhone 14. Now, we see the microphone icon and we need to activate it to use it.

Go to control centre and click to screen recording option for the Microphone on iPhone 14

Step 6: For Activating, you need to hold the screen recording for a few seconds. And then we’ll see here the microphone icon which will be opened where you can start recording.

Step 7: To Start Recording the audio from your iPhone 14. Now, we can see that the microphone is turned off. So, you need to turn it on.

For this, we need to click on the microphone once. When you press the microphone, the red colour displays. So, this means that you can now record.

click on screen recording option for the Microphone on iPhone 14

Step 8: When your recording is finished. Then, you need to turn off the microphone. However, we should again click on this microphone icon. Finally, this will end up in your recording.

microphone is on for microphone on iphone 14

Can I Use My iPhone 14 Microphone For Making YouTube Videos Or Install Software From Google Playstore?         

iPhone 14 is best for recording voice using the microphone. You don’t require any apps to be installed from the Google Playstore. The iPhone has its inbuilt microphone installed in the system through which you can work.

However, when you buy an iPhone 14, you need to set it by yourself as you will not find it in the Control Centre. To add it, you need to follow the necessary steps carefully which have been mentioned below as you scroll down. 

Wrap Up On Where To Find Microphone On iPhone 14

Finally, You reached here and have known where to find a microphone on your iPhone 14. You come to know about the steps which will help to minimise your time as you can directly open from your iPhone home top bar menu.    

Lastly, For Any Kind of Questions if you have Any Doubt regarding this problem. You can Comment below and we are sure to help you with the problem. 

We will be publishing more such articles. Till Then, you need to keep visiting our website for more useful content.

FAQ: Where Is The Microphone On iPhone 14

Most iPhone Users across Google mostly search for the problems they face and look for the answers. They drop many questions on google search engines. For this reason, we have collected most of the common questions and answered them in Our FAQ Section.

Q1. What is the use of a microphone on a device?

Ans: Simply, the microphone uses the sound produced to transfer as sound energy by Receiving it as electric energy from your device. However, this way it converts to a recording medium with the help of a microphone.

Q2. Is the iPhone microphone good for recording?

Ans: Yes, the iPhone microphone is good for recording as a beginner. Many YouTubers use iPhone for blogging and recordings across the world. For a good recording with the microphone, one must ensure no background sound is disturbing you.

Q3. Which iPhone is the best to buy in 2022?

Ans: The best iPhone to buy in 2022 is the iPhone 11 Pro, which is cheaper and best for a new user. You may get a smaller display but you’re getting a very similar experience to something like iPhone 13.

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