10+ Best Animation Movies Of All Time List (Latest 2023)

The Animated Movies are great to watch and can show things beyond your imagination. According to movieweb.com, there’s a variety of styles and genres making it a golden age for the animation industry. 

From long-awaited sequels to innovative passion projects. It’s a golden age of creativity and a celebration of modern talents. Therefore, the best animation movies of all time list is provided below for you in this article. 

Top 2023: 10 Best Animation Movies Of All Time List: You Must Watch Right Now! 

There are many animated movies to watch. But, you don’t have to think much as we have found the best for you which you can watch. Therefore, we have provided below the best animation movies of all time list in 2023.

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1.The Magician’s Elephant Click Here 
2.The Monkey KingClick Here
3.Teenage Kraken Click Here
4.Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles: Mutant MayhemClick Here
5.The Boy And The HeronClick Here
6.The Super Mario BrosClick Here
7.LeoClick Here
8.WishClick Here
9.Elemental Click Here
10.NimonaClick Here

1. The Magician’s Elephant

The Magician's Elephant is the best animation movies of all time list

The Magician’s Elephant” is a Netflix animated movie” which is based on an award-winning book. The story is about a boy named Peter searching for his long-lost sister. He meets a fortune teller who says he must follow a magical elephant. 

This sets Peter on a journey to complete three challenging tasks that transform his town. The movie has familiar voices you might know like Dawn French and Benedict Wong. Some characters might connect more with adults but the film is mostly for kids. 

Unlike Pixar movies that are good for both adults and kids. Still, adults can enjoy the animation and the central theme of hope. The movie is about hope and stepping outside the comfort zone. The animation is quirky and unique with emotional characters. 

The boy’s interactions with the elephant are shown through dream sequences and creative animation. It’s a nice movie to watch once, especially for families. It’s not super funny, and some parts might be a bit forgettable. But it’s still a good movie with a positive message for kids. 

2. The Monkey King

The Monkey King is the best animation movies of all time list

The Monkey King movie is a funny movie that has funny characters that make the audience laugh. One of the funniest characters is the Dragon King, who is the main villain in the story.

He keeps trying to take the monkey king’s stick and it’s kind of like Wiley E. Coyote trying to catch the Road Runner. The dragon king’s funny and flashy personality adds to the movie’s humor.

As the story goes on, the movie finds a balance between being suitable for kids and a bit more grown-up. While it doesn’t get too scary, some moments might make you wonder about the tone.

There’s a bit of violence and some words that might not be for kids. But, don’t worry, these moments are rare and the movie stays focused on its main theme about finding what makes you happy. 

The monkey king in the story wants to live forever but his big ego and obsession with becoming immortal lead him to make some wrong choices. It teaches us to aim for good things and not just what we want.

The Monkey King also feels lonely and the story shows that having good friends is important. As the story unfolds and other characters help him, he learns important lessons about doing what’s right which really matters.

The Monkey King is a well-made animated movie with a good lesson. It’s entertaining for everyone, even though it has some parts that might be too much and has some issues with the story and characters.

Despite this, It’s still a fun movie with an important message. If you like animated movies with action and interesting stories, you might enjoy watching The Monkey King.

3. Teenage Kraken

Teenage Kraken is the best animation movies of all time list

“Teenage Kraken” is a family movie that might not be too exciting for people older than 12. The film features Lana Condor, Toni Collette & Jane Fonda and follows the story of a shy teenage girl named Ruby Gillman.

Ruby finds out she’s from a special royal family of sea Krakens and her destiny lies in the depths of the waters presenting challenges beyond her imagination. 

While “Teenage Kraken” does have some positive aspects such as nice animation and a solid voice cast, it lacks a compelling story. DreamWorks movies typically offer good animation and talented voice actors but this film fails to impress in terms of storytelling.

In the end “Teenage Kraken” is described as predictable and formulaic, possibly ending up as a forgettable animated film. The movie seems to miss the mark in providing a unique and engaging experience especially when compared to other animated films with more depth and originality.

4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem is the best animation movies of all time list

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” is a new movie in the TMNT series. The story revolves around the four turtle brothers on a mission to win the affection of New York City while facing a challenge from an army of mutants.

The movie has a unique and artistic style that is inspired by recent animated films like Spider-Verse. It stands out with its concept art appearance, featuring squiggly lines during explosions creating a distinct and impressive visual experience.

It has a great soundtrack with familiar songs. The music is by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross from Nine Inch Nails, makes it unexpectedly awesome for a TMNT movie. But if you’ve never seen a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie before, this one could be a fun watch, especially for families.

For those unfamiliar with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, this movie promises entertainment, especially for families.

For fans, the changes might seem small, but they’re done well. Overall, it’s a good time at the movies and you might enjoy it especially if you love pizza, just like the Turtles do. 

5. The Boy And The Heron

The Boy And The Heron is the best animation movies of all time list

The Boy and the Heron” is the latest animated movie by Hayao Miyazaki, who is a famous director. It’s a special film because people say it might be his last one.

The story is about a boy named Mahito who wants to find his mother. He goes on an adventure with a gray heron to uncover secrets in a world between the living and the dead.

The movie explores Mahito’s journey as he seeks the truth about himself and unravels the secrets of this mysterious world. The story is a bit complicated with its depth and complexity. The animation, which means how the pictures move is beautiful like in all of Miyazaki’s movies. 

The film talks about serious things like loss and challenges in a person’s life. While the narrative might be confusing and the movie may not cater to a younger audience.

It stands out as a mature and visually stunning piece of art. Miyazaki’s personal touch exploring themes of loss and career challenges adds layers to this thought-provoking masterpiece.

“The Boy and the Heron” is a beautiful and thoughtful animated movie. It talks about important things and looks amazing.

It promises to be a movie that sparks discussions and leaves a lasting impact on those who appreciate animation as an art form. It’s worth watching if you enjoy movies that make you think and show you something visually stunning.

6. The Super Mario Bros

The Super Mario Bros is the best animation movies of all time list

The Super Mario Bros movie is a fun story which is all about Mario and Luigi, who are two famous characters. They’re plumbers in a place called Brooklyn and they want more people to know about them. 

One day as they go into the sewers, they reach up in a new world through a magical green pipe that takes them to a whole new world. Luigi meets up in a dark place ruled by a turtle dragon named Bowser. While Mario meets Princess Peach in the Mushroom Kingdom. 

The story is all about Mario trying to rescue Luigi with Peach’s help and stop Bowser’s plans. This movie is made by a team called Illumination which has worked to make bright and colourful animation. It seems to follow a typical quest-like story, kind of like Dungeons and Dragons. 

The movie tries to be for everyone but it might not be super enjoyable for big fans of the game or people who are new to it. Even with its cool visuals, the super mario bros movie doesn’t seem to get a very exciting response.

7. LEO

LEO is the best animation movies of all time list

“Leo” is a new animated children’s film that’s also a musical. The story revolves around Leo, a lizard voiced by Adam Sandler, who believes he’s reaching the end of his life at the age of late 70s, typical for lizards.

Leo realizes he hasn’t experienced much and sets out on an adventure to the Everglades to live his lizard life to the fullest. 

Along the way, he ends up teaching kids some important lessons about life. Despite being a cute and enjoyable film with positive messages, the reviewer acknowledges that it may not appeal as much to adults unless they are fans of Adam Sandler’s style. The movie encourages feedback, especially from those in its target demographic kids.

Adam Sandler does the voice for Leo, and he’s really funny. His friend Squirtle, a tortoise voiced by Bill Burr, adds comedic depth to the film. Overall, it’s a cute movie with a good message. If you have kids, they might really enjoy it!

8. Wish

Wish is the best animation movies of all time list

“Wish” is a new Disney animated movie that has generated a mix of reactions. There’s a cool song in the movie sung by a character named King Magnifico, played by Chris Pine. People really enjoy the song and the awesome animation is described as incredible.

Even though Disney usually does well with animated films, this one has received mixed reviews surprising some people. The movie’s handling of complex themes and its lack of clarity in storytelling have raised concerns among viewers and critics alike. 

Overall, “Wish” has its good moments but it also has some things that could be better. People might like it more over time, just like some other Disney movies that became popular later on.

9. Elemental

Elemental is the best animation movies of all time list

“Elemental” is a Pixar movie that had an unusual reception before its release. Some viewers judged it negatively based on its trailer, expecting it to be generic.

The film revolves around two main storylines: a love story between fire and water characters and another about a family of fire people trying to find a new home in Elemental City. 

The movie faced criticism as some people didn’t like how the movie talked about racism using non-human characters like fire and water people. People had mixed feelings about the romantic part of the movie. 

The main characters were fine but their connection didn’t feel strong. The movie also tried to talk about real-world racism, but it got confusing. The way the different elemental characters like wind and earth people fit into the story didn’t make sense.

In the end, some parts of the movie didn’t work well. Some clichéd elements, like a sudden breakup and a quick resolution, left audiences unsatisfied. Still, some people liked the movie for its good intentions and enjoyable moments. 

10. Nimona

Nimona is the best animation movies of all time list

“Nimona” is a new cartoon movie that some people playfully call “Pneumonia” because of the way it sounds. The film tells the story of a knight in a futuristic medieval world who is blamed for a crime he didn’t do. 

To prove his innocence, he teams up with a mischievous teen who can change shape and is determined to defeat him. The movie is rated PG, which has some action, violence, themes, language, and funny parts making it feel like it could be rated PG-13. 

The film explores themes of acceptance, particularly focusing on the character Nimona, who can change shape and is seen as different.

It has strong voice acting, emotional themes, and beautiful animation, making it a nice surprise overall for a family watch.

Wrap Up On Best Animation Movies Of All Time List 

Here, we discussed the important things that you need to know about the best animation movies of all time list. So, you need to read each section carefully in this article to know much about the topic.  

There are various animation movies other than those told in this article. You can also watch other animated movies such as Trolls Band Together, Sausage Party, spies in Disguise, The Book of Life, and many more etc. 

We hope this article helps you to know about the best animation movies. Also, you can visit our website for helpful articles and comment on any doubts below related to the topic.

FAQ: Best Animation Movies Of All Time List

After reading the article, you may have relevant questions regarding the best animation movies of all time list. This is why we have provided you with important questions along with their answers.

Q1. Is it possible for AI to do animation?

Ans: Yes, AI can help you do animation with the help of various online tools available. Therefore, AI has made it possible to create animation based on the inputs or commands provided.

Q2. Is there a good future for animation for students?

Ans: Animation is a growing and demanding industry for students. Therefore, the students can pursue various animation-based courses which are available offline as well as online.

Q3. What is the most watched type of animation?

Ans: 3D Animation is the most watched type of animation nowadays. Therefore, other animations include such as motion capture, 2D animation, stop motion, motion graphics, and many more etc.

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