5 Ways How To Fix Firestick Remote Not Working: Enjoy Your Favorite Movie!

The Amazon Firestick is a device that can quickly turn any TV into a smart TV, allowing you to enjoy the streaming platforms of your choice and control everything with just the remote.

According to fiercevideo.com, the number of active Amazon Firestick users is currently over 50 million per month. It continues to grow even after the company has been in business for 8 years.

But with its increasing number of users, Firestick has some problems, especially it’s remote. If you are a Firestick user, and you are also worried about “How to fix Firestick remote not working” then this article is for you.

There are times when the new remote you purchased isn’t pairing or the remote isn’t working right away so you can diagnose possible causes of remote failure.

Also, I will discuss 5 ways to fix the Firestick remote; If you know how you can quickly repair this remote then stay tuned to our blog.

So, Let’s Get Started.

What Causes a Fire Stick Remote to Stop Working

There are numerous causes for the remote’s failure. The most significant difficulties will be discussed further below.

  • Battery Problem: A common problem with firesticks is that the battery is placed incorrectly or sometimes the battery suddenly runs out of charge, causing the remote to stop working.
  • Pairing: If you have bought a new remote or changed the remote, then you need to re-pair the remote to the Fire Stick.
  • Distance & Obstructions: The Firestick remote uses a Bluetooth connection, although Line of Sight isn’t an issue here, the remote stops working if the distance is more than 30 feet or if there’s an object blocking the signal.
  • Interference: If your TV has a device with a radio signal, the remote signal may not work properly.
  • Compatibility: If the remote is a replacement for some reason, it’s worth checking first to see if the Fire Stick works with the new remote.

5 Ways How To Fix Firestick Remote Not Working

There are numerous reasons for remote failure. Among them, dead batteries or not pairing are very common, but we’ll address some of the most significant problems here, which will be discussed further below.

1. Check the Firestick remote battery first

Check the Firestick remote battery to fix Firestick remote

Often we put the batteries in the remote with negative-positive reverse or the remote battery runs out of charge or shuts down due to low power.

It is unimaginable to many that a remote that worked a while ago suddenly stops working, but it does happen. Children at home often take the remote and make the battery open or replaceable. 

So keep it away from them or store it in a high place when not in use. And you need to change the battery yourself and install the battery according to the instructions given in the battery chamber of the remote.

If you are using a rechargeable battery, recharge it, or if the battery is old enough that the cell’s charge capacity is depleted, repeated charging does not do any good.

In this case, you should install a new battery or replace it with a new alkaline battery.

2. Pairing Firestick remote to TV with CEC-enabled setup properly

Pairing Firestick remote to TV with CEC-enabled setup properly to fix Firestick remote

To use Amazon FireStick you need to have a TV with a CEC-HDMI port and a wi-fi system at home when you turn on the TV by plugging the FireStick into the CEC-HDMI port.

To pair, first turn on the TV, then go to TV Settings, External Devices tab, and enable the CEC-enabled setting, so that only the Fire Stick remote can turn the TV on and off.

After that If the TV won’t turn on or off with the Firestick remote, unpair the remote from the Firestick. To unpair, hold the remote’s Home Button and Back Button together for 10 seconds. 

After that pair again the remote, just press the home button on the remote for 10 seconds. If you find any Firestick remote not working after this then you need to reset, Amazon Firestick visit this page.

3. Check the distance between your remote and the installed Fire TV Stick

The Firestick 2nd generation remote has Bluetooth instead of IR (infrared radiation) so the distance from the remote to the firestick is up to 30 feet, although this is a theoretical distance in reality it is less.

But this is not really possible if you are sitting in a big dining room so it may not work. If you need to get closer to the TV and use the remote to work properly, you’ll have to use the Wi-Fi Direct feature on the remote.

I’ve noticed many times that the remote doesn’t work because the remote is obstructed and sometimes the firestick is behind the TV most of the time, requiring the use of a firestick extension dongle that allows the firestick to be used forward.

4. Firestick incompatibility Overcome

Many times when an old or broken Firestick remote has to be changed, especially this compatibility problem occurs. When you are buying a remote separately, always get the original Amazon Fire Stick remote, 

This is the main problem with the remote that is technically not compatible with the firestick for some reason, then we have to replace it with a new remote.

But until this new remote is available, you can still use your mobile phone as a remote. For that, you use Android Fire TV App or iPhone Fire TV App.

First, install the Fire TV app. Then, log in to the Amazon Fire TV App account by pressing the TV and Power buttons. After that select Fire TV and input the code shown on the TV screen.

Third-party remotes are available that are very cheap, but in most cases they are useless.

5. Clear Other Bluetooth Devices and Remote Buttons Not Work

Firestick uses Bluetooth instead of remote infrared, so there is no problem such as Distance or Line of Sight.

But the Bluetooth signal is often blocked by other electronic devices such as Fire Stick devices if there is a microwave, wireless speaker, or wireless phone nearby.

All of these devices that are wirelessly active have a bit of a problem with the Bluetooth feature remote. The best way to solve this problem is to turn off or unplug each device and see if the remote works.

If you notice that any device is off after that remote is working, take the necessary action. It is observed that many times the remote buttons are not working, in which case the Firestick remote is not paired.

Then pair first, if pairing doesn’t solve it, reset the remote.

Wrap Up 5 Ways How To Fix Firestick Remote Not Working:

If you have read this article carefully then you must have known the above 5 easy ways to fix FireStick Remote.

Also, when there is an update on the fire stick remote, sometimes the remote does not work, at that moment you can reset the remote, and the problem will be solved.

But most of the time battery problems and remote pairing problems are very common as you will understand from this blog.

If you have any questions related to this post or which of these above methods you have tried before. Feel free to tell us by commenting in the Comment Box.

FAQ:5 Ways How To Fix Firestick Remote Not Working

There are many questions related to Amazon Firestick, and it is not possible to say all of them here but among them, the most urgent questions are discussed right now.

Q1. I Dropped my remote control into the water. Will it still work?

Ans: If for some reason water gets into the remote control, remove the batteries from the remote and wipe it with a cotton cloth to prevent water from getting inside the buttons of the remote. Also, place the remote with a hair dryer or filament bulb so that any water inside the remote control is dried by heat.

Q2. Why Amazon Fire TV stick remote battery drain so fast?

Ans: If you use a bad-quality battery and keep pressing buttons on the remote unnecessarily, the battery drains quickly. Another reason is that if you use Alexa and keep the remote in permanent mode, your remote is constantly listening even if you don’t say anything to Alexa.

Q3. Can a universal remote be used with the Amazon Firestick?

Ans: Yes, the Firestick can be used as a universal remote, but it requires some additional adapters. If you’re using a set-top box or Fire TV box, the receiver box needs to be connected via a USB port on the back and should have a place where the remote can signal hands-free.

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