10 Best Free AI Image Generator Websites

AI is the way to go, with almost every field and sector silently using it. While some say that it doesn’t derive output, and others argue that artificial intelligence cannot beat the creativity that comes from humans, this new child of technology is growing steadily by the day. 

In fact, the market for AI is said to increase by about 40 percent within the next decade, and that is how big AI is today. In fact, statistics also say that AI will contribute an overall trillion dollars to the world’s economy. 

One area that AI almost entirely takes over is design. Today, you have nearly every work in this field done with the use of AI image generators, without which your work may not be up to the mark. Isn’t that why we are here reading this article right now? So read on to check some of the best free AI image generator websites in 2023 that you can get. 

How Does A Free AI Image Generator Work?

AI image generators differ from AI image sourcing tools that professionals use to search and download existing images. On the other hand, image generators help you come up with whole new images with the help of the textual prompts they receive from you. 

With trained artificial networks, these generators can even help you create an entire image from scratch. You can have the weirdest ideas in your mind put down before you on the screen, where all you have to do is give the prompt. 

While this system has been around for quite some time (decades, actually), it has only recently been gaining in popularity with the advancement in technology, and with that, some of the best platforms that let you work with the most excellent tools. 

10 Best Free AI Image Generator Websites

While not all good AI image generator websites let you access their content for free and not all free AI generator websites give you good quality, here is a list of some reliable websites that simultaneously do not demand any money. 

Sr No.AI Image GeneratorsVisit Now
1SoulGenClick Here
2CraiyonClick Here
3Bing Image CreatorClick Here
4FotorClick Here
5NightCafe AIClick Here
6StarryAIClick Here
7DreamStudioClick Here
8DeepAIClick Here
9ArtbreederClick Here
10Deep Dream GeneratorClick Here

1. SoulGen

SoulGen is the Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Image source: SoulGen

When it comes to AI image generator websites, SoulGen stands out from the rest, hence why it gets the first place on this list. What’s best about this tool is its user-friendly interface coupled with the high-quality images that it gives you. 

In other words, using SoulGen is a breeze, and so is finding the right images for you. The website gives you anime-style images that can be customized with a variety of features that you can use. 

In other words, you can change the clothing and even the characters’ expressions in the images you see. 

There is a basic plan and even a premium plan that you can choose if you think SoulGen is the AI image generator website for you. 

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • A variety of customization features
  • Great for making animes

2. Craiyon

Craiyon is the Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Image source: Craiyon

This is a recent one by Boris Dayma. Yet, it took only a year for Craiyon to find a place in the list of best AI image generators today, with its unique images in the form of both photos and drawings. Previously known as Dall e Mini, this is one platform gaining popularity among professionals in marketing and design today. 

All you have to do is type the kind of content you want using the section for prompts to see a neat collection in a three-into-three grid presented before you. You can even use negative words to rule out visual content that is not favorable to you. 

The website is trained on the Google PU Research Cloud and does not require a special sign-up or password from you. You can use an Unlimited Image Generation offer if you find that Craiyon is the AI image generator that works for you. 

On the downside, you may have to put up with ads that pop up, but if you have the patience, this is quite a decent platform you can depend on. 

Key Features

  • Neat and presentable user interface
  • Easy to access
  • Advanced AI Models

3. Bing Image Creator

Bing Image Creator is the Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Image source: Bing Image Creator

The brainchild of Microsoft, the Binge Image Creator, was born recently in the March of 2023. But it took a few months for this AI generator website to find its way into this list of the best AI generators today.  

How did it do that? Well, the website provides its users with the advanced version of the Dall E Technology to give them text prompts and images of high quality. 

The images you create here are highly satisfying, with a realistic feel that makes them ideal for presentations, websites, and newsletters. To get the tool, all you need to do is sign in with your Microsoft account. You can then type in the prompts and begin your search, sharing, saving, and downloading pictures. 

Key Features

  • Realistic images
  • Lets you share the images you create
  • Search and chatbot integration with Bing

4. Fotor

Fotor is the Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Image source: Fotor

This is one of the most comprehensive image editing tools on the list. It is user-friendly and gives you pictures of excellent quality with templates and various options to customize the images you want to create. 

The website can be used easily on your phone, too, which means you can create images from anywhere on the go. 

The images created here come with a professional look, and this makes the website ideal for those in the field of social media and digital marketing. 

Brightness, contrast, and color saturation are some of the adjustments you can easily make using an image generator app like this. 

Key Features

  • User-friendly interface
  • Professional looking images
  • Easy to use on a phone 
  • Variety of editing options 

5. NightCafe AI

NightCafe AI is the Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Image source: NightCafe AI

Angel Russel founded the website, which is now almost a decade old. The platform follows an iterative process to tweak the images you want to regenerate 

till you are satisfied with what you create on it. 

What’s unique about this AI website is the Neutral Style Transfer Method. It incorporates style in your images and creates a variety that you would find interesting. 

Added to that are the VOGAN + CLlP models that you can use to perfect your images and make them precise. For this reason, the website is favored by 3D and gaming designers who can experiment with various art styles, from abstract to realistic, thanks to the rich library that the platform includes. 

Just visit the website and hit the prompt section to find all the AI images you want. However, there is a credit system that you will enjoy only by signing up with the website. 

In other words, not all images that you get here are free. Nevertheless, the site is still reliable and trustworthy. 

Key Features

  • Has options for styling and accuracy
  • Comes with a rich library
  • Apt for 3D and gaming designers 

6. StarryAI

StarryAI is the Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Image source: StarryAI

You can expect art in perfect response to your prompt when you come to Starry AI. Developed by Mo Kahn, this Ai image generator is also available as an app, which means you can use it on your smartphone to create images as you go. 

This is one granular tool that comes with a variety of options for customization, be it something abstract or realistic that you are looking to create. 

However, to access the app, you must ensure you have an account with Apple or Google. The app is easy to use and gives you a variety of styles and themes to choose from. 

Yet, on the downside, there is the fact you only sometimes get images here for free and must be willing to pay. 

Key Features

  • Easy to access
  • Easy to navigate
  • Has many options for customization

7. DreamStudio

DreamStudio is the Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Image source: DreamStudio

Created by Stability AI, this one is gaining in popularity by the day because it lets you come up with some of the most interactive scenes with enhancements you can create. 

In other words, the platform gives you a visual impact that is highly immersive, which is why it is often used by illustrators and gaming designers who work with complex layers in their creations. 

Moreover, the website even accepts instructions from you and has tools to convert your texts to images. 

This makes it one of the best choices for bloggers and other written content creators. You even have an option for negative prompts where you can state what you don’t want to see in your visual content so the website keeps those things away from the deliverables sent to you. 

All you have to do is download it. You can then find your way thereon as the website is easy to understand and use. 

Key Features

  • Makes images interactive
  • Accepts instructions
  • Has options for negative prompts

8. DeepAI

DeepAI is the Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Image source: DeepAI

If you are looking for more realistic pictures, Deep is the AI generator website. 

This platform is a web-based one that you can use on your computer or personal laptop. 

What’s nice about Deep is the variety of features a user can enjoy. Here, you can even recreate images from other existing ideas. Just upload the image you want to edit and begin experimenting with all the tools Deep offers you. 

You will be surprised with what you come up with. The stunning images produced here make this one of the best websites for those in art and design. What’s more, you can even chat with the characters here to have more fun as you design content using this website.  

Yet, this AI image generator site is so easy to navigate that it suits an amateur, too. The text prompts option suits bloggers looking to improve their websites with images. 

Key Features

  • Comes with a variety of tools 
  • Gives you realistic and stunning images
  • Lets you chat with characters
  • Easy to navigate

9. Artbreeder

Artbreeder is the Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Image source: Artbreeder

If you are looking for an app that helps you club multiple images to put them into one picture, then Artbreeder is the AI image generator for you. 

Formerly known as Ganbreeder, this app has unique features like StyleGan and BigGan that help you bring people and places together until you create one beautiful picture. 

The website will ask you for your email address, before which you are a part of the family. While the pictures are not free, the website is quite generous with its credits that you can use to create images beautifully. 

There’s also a community here so you can proudly share the designs you create and get inspired by those of the others. Vote for each other as you go, and if you win, there are exciting prizes that you can get. 

Key Features

  • Lets you work with multiple images
  • Comes with unique features
  • Has a fun community to engage with

10. Deep Dream Generator

Deep Dream Generator is the Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Image source: Deep Dream Generator

Finally, we end with yet another AI image generator app that gives you some of the most excellent features to experiment with. 

Styles, techniques, and colors are here for you to make the most of and experiment with. In addition, the image generator uses advanced neural networks to help you come up with textual images. 

To begin here, you must register by creating an account. While the website is free, it also comes with a paid plan if you want images of an even higher quality. 

Key Features

  • Has many features to experiment with
  • Offers different modes for image generation
  • Active community of users
  • Ability to easily save and share creations

Can AI Image Generators Generate Quality Images?

Well, not all of them, but the good news is that today, you have a lot of them that don’t just give you decent resolutions but also let you get as creative as you can till you come up with quality images. 

Of these, some of the best you can rely on are the ten mentioned in the above list. 

Which Is the Best Free AI Image Generator?

Again, as always, there is no one best. The answer depends on what is convenient for you by way of price, features, and ease of use. 

So, consider your needs and preferences based on why you need an AI image generator tool and how much you are willing to pay. This is how you arrive at the best AI image generator tool. 

Wrap-Up On Best Free AI Image Generator Website

You can only do this with an AI image generator tool today, be it as a professional or someone simply creating a greeting card for a dear one. 

You see, gone are days of crayons, pencils, and papers cut out from a scrapbook. Today, if you want to create an impression, you will need an AI tool, lest your rivals get ahead by creating images that are far better than you do. 

So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re an artist, a designer, or a simple blogger. With image generator tools available for everyone today, you can only come up with the best.

And with this list of the 10 best free AI image generator websites, you have no excuse today. 

FAQ: Best Free AI Image Generator Website

Okay, don’t go just yet. Before starting with your designs, why end by looking at a few FAQs?

Q1. Can I use AI-generated images commercially with free plans?

Ans: Yes, you can. AI images are generally not copyrighted, which means they 
are there for you to use, be it for your business or some fun content you want to share on social media.

Q2. What resolution are images on free plans?

Ans: Free plans usually give you a resolution of 2400 by 2400 pixels. While this may not be the exact measurement you will find on all websites, the number remains more or less the same, with a few variations between websites.

Q3. How can I use AI image generators to create custom images?

Ans: Almost every AI image generator website has different tools that help you customize. All you have to do is find your way across and learn to navigate through these sites.

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