5 Best WhatsApp Crack Version (Official Release!)

WhatsApp is a top free messaging application available on the Google Play Store used by users worldwide. According to cybernews.com, it was found that the attackers usually do the selling of current phone numbers of WhatsApp users. 

This information collected is often used by attackers for smishing and vishing attacks. This is why the users should be aware of such happenings. Therefore, the best free WhatsApp crack version is provided below in this article. 

Is It Legal To Use WhatsApp Crack Version 

There are various WhatsApp crack versions that are available to download and use. This cracked version is a clone version of the original WhatsApp. Therefore, it is illegal and unfair to use the WhatsApp crack version. 

This WhatsApp crack version is not available to download on Google Play Store. This means that the Google Play store doesn’t promote such kinds of unusual applications to be made available for users to download. 

Top 2023: 5 Best Free WhatsApp Crack Version 

It can be a little difficult to find the best WhatsApp alternative. But, you don’t have to worry as we have found the best for you which you can try. Therefore, we have provided below 5 best free WhatsApp crack versions below. 

S. No.WhatsApp AlternativesDownload Links 
1.GB Whatsapp Click Here
2.Blue Whatsapp PlusClick Here
3.Whatsapp AeroClick Here
4.Whatsapp PlusClick Here
5.OG WhatsappClick Here

1. GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is the best free whatsapp crack version

Image Source: gbwhatsapp.chat

GBWhatsApp Pro is a special version of WhatsApp that has more extra features than regular WhatsApp. Due to the extra features, many people like using GB WhatsApp more than normal WhatsApp.

The big difference is in the features as it has  Auto Reply, DND Mode, hide your status seen, anti revoke, replying automatically, sending bigger video files and many more things etc. Also, you can send messages to more people at once by using this application. 

People like GB WhatsApp as it looks almost the same as regular WhatsApp. Also, It’s not just about how it looks it’s about what it can do. There are many themes added in GB WhatsApp by which you can change the app layout. 

You can greatly do more privacy settings as more privacy options are available for user preferences. This app lets you download status without seeing the status which is incredibly unique to use. 

GB WhatsApp is safe to use as you just need to download it from a good website. Make sure to update it regularly to keep it working well and safe. It is user-friendly and easily accessible for Android user’s devices

GB WhatsApp Pro is great for people who want more from WhatsApp. Many people worldwide prefer it over regular WhatsApp. You can download GB WhatsApp safely by visiting the official GB WhatsApp page. 

2. Blue WhatsApp Plus

Blue WhatsApp Plus is the best free whatsapp crack version

Image Source: bluewaplus.com

Blue WhatsApp Plus is an upgraded version of WhatsApp offering additional features and customization options. Therefore, this application has more things that are not available in the official WhatsApp application. 

With this app, you have the better option to match your suitability to personalize themes and colors according to your preferences. So, you can select the one accordingly with your desired preference which is more suitable for you in using the application.

One notable feature of Blue WhatsApp Plus is its privacy control available for the users. The users can manage their privacy settings which allows you to a customized approach to each chat or overall preferences. 

This app allows uninterrupted internet use on your phone from using other applications by preventing WhatsApp messages from causing interruptions. So, you can enjoy a smooth experience when you are using other applications. 

In terms of messaging, Blue WhatsApp Plus offers unique capabilities. Users can modify chat colors and themes, see deleted chats, and receive notifications for deleted messages. Additionally, the app allows you to disable voice calls if you find them disturbing, offering a more peaceful communication experience.

Notably, Blue WhatsApp Plus is a free application that undergoes regular updates through a community-integrated process, fostering information sharing among users. It even provides a special software interface for project development using the Massejli WhatsApp API. This adds a creative dimension to its functionality.

3. WhatsApp Aero

WhatsApp Aero is the best free whatsapp crack version

Image Source: aerowaapps.com

WhatsApp Aero is a popular upgraded version with extra features compared to the regular WhatsApp. It offers cool stuff like special themes, privacy options, lots of stickers, and many more, etc. 

It looks nice, easy to use and it won’t weigh down your phone. There’s an Anti-Delete Messages feature that lets you see messages even if someone deletes them before you read them. You can also change how your Aero WhatsApp looks with over 3000 themes which makes it unique. 

There’s a cool privacy feature called Show Blue Ticks after Reply which keeps your actions private until you’re ready to respond. Also, sending pictures and videos is better if you can do it without losing their quality. It also has a dark mode for users preferences to select who want to use it. 

Unlike regular WhatsApp, WhatsApp Aero lets you share lots of pictures all at the same time. This application is lightweight which makes it very easy and simple to use. This application also provides security such as end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication. 

The WhatsApp Aero has a feature to hide view status which is the best feature for the users to use. With this feature, you can view other’s statuses without letting them know that you have watched the status. 

This application is a modified version of WhatsApp which may build many doubts on users for using it. But, you need to download the WhatsApp Aero apk from a trusted website which lets you be safe from any kind of risks.

WhatsApp Aero makes things more organized by helping you separate group chats from one-on-one chats. There’s also an Auto Reply feature which lets you reply to messages without typing. You can also chat with someone without saving their number. So, if you want to use up your WhatsApp experience with more features, you must try WhatsApp Aero. 

4. WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus is the best free whatsapp crack version

Image Source: waplus.me

WhatsApp Plus is a popular and top messaging application for Android that comes with special features. It’s different from regular WhatsApp as it has things like privacy settings, customization, and unique designs. 

This application is considered the best alternative of WhatsApp to use by the users. You won’t find it on the usual app store as you have to get it from a specific website. The exceptional features let you be satisfied by using the application. 

This app has cool features like hiding options such as hide view status, blue tick and always stay online, etc. You can also change the look with themes and also use different emojis. It even lets you send messages without others being able to delete them.

WhatsApp Plus is like a fancier version of WhatsApp which was made by someone named Rafalete, a senior member of XDA. Since it’s a modified version (MOD) which doesn’t make it available on the main app store you can trust it for security.

This application is also considered the improved version of GB WhatsApp Pro. When it comes to safety and security, WhatsApp Aero fulfills all the measures with its end-to-end encryption for communicating messages. Also, there are various font styles available that let you change the font style. 

You can do fun things with WhatsApp Plus like hiding your online status and not letting know others about your activity. You can send more images at once with full resolution without compromising the quality. 

It also has a dark mode for nighttime and you can hide different statuses from your contacts. It’s essential for security and it supports multiple languages. Overall, it’s a bit like WhatsApp but with extra features and a unique style. 

5. OG Whatsapp

5 Best WhatsApp Crack Version (Official Release!)

Image Source: ogwa.xyz

OG WhatsApp is a popular version of WhatsApp but with extra features. This version of WhatsApp is a more reliable and free option for users. It’s made by third-party developers who focus on security and privacy.

With OG WhatsApp, you get more control over your privacy. You can decide who sees your statuses, profile pictures, and chats. It’s handy because you can even delete messages you’ve already sent. Also, you can hide when you’re online in this application.

This app stands out because of its clean interference and user-friendly availability. It has features that regular WhatsApp doesn’t offer. Even though it’s not made by the official WhatsApp developers, it’s safe to use without worrying about your privacy.

With the Pre Built Message scheduler, you can schedule messages to be sent at specific times, ensuring you never forget to greet loved ones or initiate a chat with a friend. This way, you can effortlessly maintain connections with friends and family without disrupting your professional commitments.

OGWhatsapp APK is not only loaded with cool features like scheduling messages but it also has an Anti-Ban solution. The developers have fixed that issue in OG Whatsapp making it totally safe to use. So, you can enjoy all its features without any ban headaches. 

It’s a good idea to use OG WhatsApp as a secondary account for personal and casual chats. Overall, it’s a remarkable app with some cool features ensuring safety and security. This makes it a unique choice among WhatsApp alternatives.

What Are The Risks Users Might Face Using WhatsApp’s Cracked Version 

There are various risks that need to be discussed which might be faced by using the WhatsApp crack version. So, the users who are aware should think before downloading the cracked version as it is based upon your safety and security. 

This WhatsApp crack version leads to a violation of terms and services as it’s not authorized by WhatsApp’s official developers. Also, it may cause unexpected crashes which can also lead to problems in your device on running the cracked versions. 

This WhatsApp crack version may be harmful if you want privacy and security in your life. Your data may be leaked and used as material by third-party developers. Your device might slow down due to malware, spyware, and vulnerabilities. 

It also has various, malicious software which might harm your device. Your account might also be banned due to your usual logging into the unofficial WhatsApp application. So, It’s important that you need to be safe and secure by using official WhatsApp. 

Wrap Up On Best Free Whatsapp Crack Version 

Here, we discussed the important things that you need to know about the best free WhatsApp crack version. Therefore, you need to read each section of this article to be aware of all the information.  

If you are seeking alternatives to WhatsApp with extra features, then you select the top 2023 pick which we have told it offers unique functionalities. Many of the users widely use the WhatsApp crack version to surprise others by using extra features for some reason. 

But, it’s your responsibility to use the WhatsApp Crack version on your device. The WhatsApp official website also doesn’t promote such applications for use on your phone. So, if you really want to install then find the apk from the trusted website. 

We hope this article helped you to know about the information on the free WhatsApp crack version. Also, you must make sure to visit our website for such helpful articles and you can drop down the comments below related to the topic.

FAQ: Best Free Whatsapp Crack Version

After reading the article, you may have relevant questions regarding the best free WhatsApp crack version. This is the reason, many would try to search on Google for looking for the answers. In this FAQ Section, we have provided some important questions along with their answers.

Q1. Can I restore my WhatsApp data to the WhatsApp crack version?

Ans: Yes, you can able to restore WhatsApp data to the WhatsApp crack version. For this, you need to create a backup to save all your chats. Therefore, you can restore your files by installing any WhatsApp cracked version.

Q2. Can I update my WhatsApp crack version?

Ans: No, you can’t update the WhatsApp crack version as it’s not officially available on the Google Play store. The updates are only made available for official applications. Therefore, you will easily find the updates of the WhatsApp crack version from where you downloaded to update.

Q3. May I be banned by Whatsapp from using Whatsapp Crack Version?

Ans: Yes, you might be banned if you are found violating the terms and services. There are websites where developers make available the apk free from viruses and other hacks. Therefore, the WhatsApp official can detect you if you are using the WhatsApp crack version.

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