Best Ripple Wallet : Top 5 Most Secure Desktop,Android and IOS Wallet

Considering the Cryptocurrency which is a digital asset require most secure space to stay out from the hackers and if you are looking for Best Ripple Wallet than here is all for you.

Well, Cryptocurrency is not limited to Bitcoin only there are others too, out of that Ripple which is also known as XRP was introduced prior to Bitcoin in the year 2004.

If you have invested in any Cryptocurrency than let me first alert you that Cryptocurrency does not come under any central regulations means if any point someone hacks your asset, you are the only responsible for that loss.

Best Ripple (XRP) Wallet

It is the primary concern that where to hold your Ripple (XRP) and what are the best Ripple Wallet.

If you are new to the Cryptocurrency world than I will explain all this in detail why Wallet is mandatory and what makes them more superior.

Importance of CryptoCurrency Wallet

In the traditional financial system the way everyone is having a bank account which holds your money and allows to deposit or withdraw any time.

In a similar way, the cryptocurrency world also having a wallet which allows to deposit or withdraw your digital asset anytime.

A CryptoCurrency wallet is of different types such as listed below

  • Web Wallet
  • Desktop Wallet
  • Paper Wallet
  • Hardware wallet

Out of them, the safest and the most secure wallet is a hardware wallet. Why because they hold your digital assets in cold storage which is away from the online world.

The other most secure wallet is Paper wallet but no Ripple Paper wallet is identified till date which is secure and is used by many people.

If you chose to hold your Ripple(XRP) with exchanges which would be the biggest mistake you are doing in this technical world.

Exchanges are only for the trading purpose, so only hold that much amount for which you are willing to trade at any point rest assure to be in the separate Cryptocurrency wallet.

Make sure to choose a wallet which has a private key and only you can access to that wallet. Anyways no wallet seems to be most secure unless you are aware of their weakness.

To learn more about Types of wallet and which type is most secure check our separate guide on Top 7 Best Wallet for Cryptocurrency.

Keep reading till the end, we will discuss every possible single aspect of the Best Ripple Wallet.

List of Top 5 Best Ripple Wallet

Below highlighted wallets are best of my knowledge and will also focus on their security parameters and what precautions you need while in use.

Ledger Nano S Wallet for Ripple

Ledger Nano S is one of the most recommendable hardware wallets and there won’t be any limit to store Ripple Coins.

It allows unlimited deposit and withdrawal of Ripple (XRP) and it will look like a pen drive which is easy to plug in with USB cable to your laptop.

Ledger Nano S, not only holds the cryptocurrency like Ripple (XRP) it has many more listed cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, etc.

While registering with Nano S a Seed keyword phrase will be generated, that must be stored somewhere safe as this will help you to recover wallet in case you lost your hardware Ledger Nano S.

You will have the facility to create a public or private key which allows the user to perform any action on the hardware wallet.

Ledger Nano S Best Ripple Hardware Wallet

While performing any action with Ripple, it will ask for approval on leger Nano S display screen and without approval, no transaction will get confirmed.

This wallet will be like an offline wallet and won’t have any connectivity with the internet means will work as cold storage and due to minimal access to the internet increase, it’s security.

In terms of risk, make sure your private key and seed keyword will remain safe with you. If you lost the private key you may lose access to your wallet.

If you lost the Ledger Nano S, in case you can recover your wallet and all its balance using the desktop web browser which asks you to provide Seed keyword.

Unless Seed keyword and Private key are safe this ensures that Ripple will be safe and if any moment it got compromised means you lost your asset.

In the crypto World, the ledger Nano S is one of the most secure hardware wallet and best Ripple Wallet recommended by security experts.

But Ledger Nano S is not a free wallet and will require you to invest few bucks, you can check its latest price from their Official page.

Atomic Wallet for Ripple

Atomic Ripple wallet is a desktop as well as mobile wallet available not only for Ripple but for 300 other cryptocurrencies.

It is available for Windows, Macs, Unbuntu like operating systems and also has a facility to provide a mobile wallet for both Android and IOS.

The atomic wallet also has a facility to swap currencies listed with wallet and this wallet also allow to buy Ripple using local currency like USD and EUR.

Just like you open your safe with the key in a similar way the opening of Atomic wallet will be with seed keyphrase.

Atomic Ripple Wallet

The atomic wallet uses a 12 words mnemonic seed, which kept in secure key store and will be fully encrypted and to access this user required the master password.

All your funds will be stored in the blockchain and your private key and public address will be defined with the seed mnemonics.

That is with mnemonics you can easily recover your all funds in case you lost your keys in future.

While you create an account at the same time a new file appears on your device which will contain the seed keyword hence make sure to keep this safe as this is the only way to recover your funds.

Make sure, the Private key which will allow you to access your public address funds. If you lost or compromised Private key then use seed mnemonics.

Pro Tips make your seed mnemonics, master password and private key safe to get the full security of the wallet.

Toast Wallet for Ripple

Toast wallet is a dedicated Best Ripple wallet, which is an open source wallet available to see its code in Github.

It will available for both mobile and desktop and will only allow storing Ripple cryptocurrency.

It is available in mobile for Android, IOS and in PC/Tablet for Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Same as another secure cryptocurrency wallet, it will allow having a seed keyword and a private key which ensure the safety of the ripple.

Toast Best Ripple wallet

The process to get access to the wallet is to install Toast first on your mobile or desktop and follow the process.

  1. First, install and confirm terms and condition.
  2. The window will pop up to provide a security code to access your wallet.
  3. Next window will ask you to provide a passphrase which will be only used while sending Ripple.
  4. A recovery phase will be display which will be like seed keyword used for the purpose of recovery of wallet.
  5. Next, a process to generate the account address and will ask you to hold a minimum of 20 XRP.
  6. Once finished with all, an address to deposit XRP will be generated

Make sure to save and secure your application passcode, generated address, keyphrase, and backup phrase.

Ripple Toast wallet is free to use and will be open to get access from their open source code download.

If you rate Toast than definitely is in in the top list of Best Ripple wallet as it dedicated to providing service for Ripple only.

CoinBase Wallet for Ripple

CoinBase is one of the most secure online wallet used by many cryptocurrency holders and one of the tops among the online wallet.

It is accessible via desktop web application as well as available in both Android and IOS mobile application.

The security of Coinbase is ensured with the application login password, email device configuration and 2FA random passcode generated in your mobile device.

Coinbase not only a wallet but also support buy or sell Ripple at any time, so your wallet will be up and running to trade with Ripple any moment.

Security of the Ripple wallet will be ensured with 3 level login where first you provide your master password for login.

CoinBase Best Ripple Wallet

Then it will ask for Google authentication password after that an email will be triggered to your registered email ID, after verifying that you will be allowed to log in.

There won’t be any charge to deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency from the wallet and other than Ripple many more cryptocurrencies are listed with CoinBase.

There won’t be any private key or seed keyphrase, so security will solemnly depend on the security code you set and Google 2FA of your mobile.

Coinbase holds only 2% of its customer funds online and rest all others will be in offline storage and your funds will be covered under Coinbase insurance.

Well, make sure this insurance coverage is only if there is a security breach or cybersecurity issues not if you own compromised your own account and lost your asset.

Use of Coinbase will be free and very easy as compared to other wallets, so you could start Coinbase signup from here for free in easy and simple steps.

EXODUS Wallet for Ripple 

EXODUS wallet is a well-known desktop wallet available to use for free of cost, you will have 24/7 control over your Ripple and can take any action you want.

This wallet won’t ask you to complete any registration process and the Private key will remain encrypted and all transactions will be under your eyes.

Other than  Ripple, it also supports more than 101 other cryptocurrencies. It also supports internal exchange where you can swipe one cryptocurrency with others.

It is available to download for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems as a desktop wallet.

Exodus Best Ripple Wallet

Recently they have also launched their mobile wallet in both Android and IOS which is easy to operate and one-touch access to the wallet.

Well, this is very well tested and used by many users for a very long time as a desktop application but despite lack of 2FA security feature, it rated as a most secure wallet.

Make sure your system should have strong antivirus installed and make your private key safe to ensure the safety of the EXODUS wallet.

Put EXODUS on low priority as in Best Ripple wallet, if you have access to all above-listed Top 5 Ripple wallet.

Above the top 5 Ripple wallet are purely wallet specially used to store the Ripple and another cryptocurrency in the wallet.

But in case, if you are a daily trader which require your ripple to be stored in a safe wallet to be available for the trade than find below suggestions.

Binance Exchange for Ripple

Binance is one of the most secure cryptocurrency exchange and it has a very large volume of around 2 Billion USD daily tradings.

Till date, only one security issue of loss around 7000BTC reported with Binance, latest in May 2019 but that did not from the Exchange but was with the hot wallet.

Then after Binance has scaled their security to the next level and all the lost funds have been filled by the SAFU funds of the Binance only which won the most trust of people.

Binance also offers to have Ripple Wallet, where you can deposit and withdraw Ripple any moment you want.

In terms of security, Binance has a master password set by you and 2FA security code to login in the exchange.

There won’t be any private key means there would be the possibility of a security breach if centralized server compromised.

Binance Dashboard

Already exchanges like Crypopia, Bitfinex have been hacked and I won’t recommend you to hold most of your Ripple with any of the exchange unless you want to trade them.

Binance access is like a web application as well as their mobile application available to download for both Android and IOS.

The process of registration will be simple and easy, simply click to Sign Up and provide email password and even you won’t need any KYC to start trading to learn more check Binance Review guide.

I would say Binance as the best Ripple wallet as well as Exchange if you are a daily trader and care about the safety of the funds

My view on Best Ripple Wallet

If privacy or the security of Ripple is your concern then I would recommend going for Hardware wallet like Ledger Nano S.

But this requires money to buy and may not everyone can afford this, so the other best options are either go for Atomic Ripple wallet which gives you private key and Seed keyword to secure or put your Ripple under your radar.

If willing to get a wallet which would allow you to access your wallet by web access or mobile then in my list Coinbase is most secure as it also offers to buy sell Ripple any time.

Never hold your Ripple with any cryptocurrency exchange as you are not holding private key means anyone can access that wallet with the security breach.

Well Ripple is not the only cryptocurrency which catches the eye of cryptocurrency investors there are others have a look for them in our Top Altcoins guide.

Let me know which wallet you would love to prefer this and what is your experience with every one of them.

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