EOS Is Now Listed on CoinBase : Will Price Serge to 100%

Well on 29/05/2019 from the official source of Coinbase tweeter handle they have reported listing of EOS on Coinbase.com and CoinBase Android and IOS app.

Many currencies were pending to list on Coinbase and were in the queue to be listed with Coinbase but suddenly EOS is listed with Coinbase.

While predicting the price of EOS it is certain that it may increase due to more volume coming in. While referring the official coinbase announcement.

EOS listing on CoinBase

It is currently not available for the resident of the United Kingdom and New York and additional jurisdiction will be added.

To get the availability of EOS in your Coinbase, user needs to update their wallet and do verify EOS wallet in coinbase account.

Well EOS is a digital cryptocurrency project started back in the year 2017 and one of the longest ICO they run for around 350 days.

EOS is providing a decentralized platform and people are claiming EOS as the Ethereum killer due to zero transactions fee and it works on network owning mechanism.

EOS is like a decentralized operating system. Where simply by stacking your EOS tokens you can get the RAM, CPU, and bandwidth to use the network means there will be no fee to send or receive the EOS tokens on the network.

After Ethereum EOS is the only platform which has maximum DApps been developed on it and it is having transaction speed of around 4000TPS.

It got wide popularity in past 1 year and currently trading around 7$/EOS.EOS  is owned by a company called Block one and founder or creator of EOS is Dan Larimer the same person who created Bitshare and Steem.

Well in ICO itself company has made around 4 Billion dollar worth of Ethereum and company has reserved around 1 billion dollars only for the marketing strategy of the EOS.

To learn more about What is EOS and how it Works check our detailed Guide.

EOS listing on Coinbase ahead of their B1 June announcement is also one of the great news for EOS community.

Well, what do you think what price will EOS hit in next couple of Days?



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