Can Someone Hack My iPhone? All You Must Know!

iPhone market shares are increasing day by day and a lot of professionals, content creators, and businessmen prefer to use iPhone as their primary mobile phone. The only reason for this is the security provided by iPhone to its users which people think will protect them from getting their phones hacked.

As per the reports of Statista, Apple has a market share of 17.2 percent in the third quarter of 2022 which is an increase in share from the previous quarter. All iPhone users use iPhone mainly for its security than design. So, the only question that arises from all iPhone users is can someone hack my iPhone?

Many think that if a mobile is hacked it is not at all useable by the user. But it is not, hackers hack your phone and continue taking all the confidential information from your phone and it even does not let the user know about it.

So, in this article, I have cleared all the doubts and issues related to the hacking of your iPhone. Not only this I have also given different ways for your iPhone to get hacked with precautions to it.

So, let’s get started.

3 Ways That Can Be Used To Hack Your iPhone

The answer to the question, can someone hack my iPhone? Is yes. However, Apple claims that an iPhone can never be hacked but due to your carelessness your iPhone can be easily hacked in different ways.

It is necessary for you to know these ways so that you can start safeguarding your iPhone and prevent hackers from attacking your iPhone. So kindly make sure to go through the below ways that can be used to hack your iPhone:-

  • Suspicious Wifi Connections: A few public and private areas provide people with a public wifi network that is accessible to all. But these wifi networks are not always safe. So, it is highly recommended to stop using public wifi networks. Mainly suspicious public wifi networks are found in Airports, hotels, cafes, and many more.
  • Phishing URLs: It is always said that you must never click on a link that is untrusted or has originated from untrusted sources. These kinds of URLs are sent to you through Email, text messages, SMS, web ads, social media, and software.
  • Sketchy Softwares And Applications: All like to download different apps and software on their iPhone to add some functionality or to carry on with their work. But downloading these apps from untrusted sources may put you in danger and result in the hacking of your iPhone.

What Can Hackers Do With My iPhone After Hacking

Hackers hack your phone to get all the information about you and misuse it. Sometimes hackers even blackmail people after they hack someone’s phone. There are different things that hackers do with your iPhone after hacking it.

The first thing that a hacker does is access all your social media accounts and get their passwords. After your account is hacked you may see some suspicious activity with your social media account like unknown sign-in, fraud posts on social media accounts, and many more suspicious things.

Hackers not only steal your confidential information but also send other person fraud messages who are in contact with you. Hackers keep monitoring your phone and keep an eye on all the activity you do on your phone.

The hacker can even install different apps and show you suspicious ads by which your phone may be slowed. These apps access your phone’s details by going to all of your accounts on the phone.

How To Know If My iPhone Is Hacked

Hackers steal all the information and do suspicious activity very quietly by keeping the user unknown. So, it becomes quite difficult to understand if your iPhone has been hacked. However, there is no perfect way to understand if your iPhone has been hacked

But still, there are different ways that you can test out and know if your iPhone has been hacked:-

  • Your iPhone’ battery may drain very faster even if you are not severely using the phone.
  • There may be an increase in followers, following, and posts on your social media accounts.
  • Fraud messages continuously sending to a person.
  • Random ad pop-ups which you don’t recognize may interrupt your phone usage.
  • Phone can become hot and all the processes will be delayed.
  • Unknown apps and contacts.

All the above apps are just an idea of getting your phone hacked, none of the above can really prove that your phone is hacked. The phone even gets and battery drain due to heavy processes on the CPU of the phone.

Necessary Things To Do After An iPhone Is Hacked

Knowing if your iPhone is hacked is not enough after you get to know that iPhone is hacked there are a few very important things to do. These things will safeguard your phone and stop suspicious activities.

The first thing you have to do is turn off wireless services, wireless services mainly mean the internet and Bluetooth. 

Turning off the internet mainly matters when you are using public wifi, but in the case, your iPhone is hacked you have to turn off both the internet and wifi.

So, that no information is shared with other devices or the web. If you are quite confused about turning off different wireless services on your iPhone then simply turn on the Airplane mode.

The second thing you can do is delete unrecognized or suspicious apps. After your iPhone has been hacked you may see different apps automatically installed on your phone. So, delete all of the apps which you have not installed and think them suspicious.

The last and ultimate fix you can try is, resetting all your settings and erasing your phone data. Resetting all settings will just reset the different settings you did on your phone but will not erase the data.

The ultimate fix is erasing the data, by resetting your whole phone the phone becomes like a new one in terms of data. This process is a bit risky as all your data gets erased but really an ultimate fix.

How To Remove The Hacker From My iPhone

Doing all the necessary things after your iPhone has been hacked may remove the hacker from your iPhone. The ultimate fix which is erasing the data from your phone will surely remove the hacker from your iPhone.

You can even remove all your social media accounts as the hacker may stay in your accounts in one or the other way and always keep an eye on the device. The other way to remove hackers is to glance at the file manager and delete unnecessary files.

Be wise while deleting the files, as there may be different apps that may create files on your which you may unknown. Only delete those files that you think are suspicious. Make sure that you do not use any VPN (Virtual private network).

Because some of these networks may be dangerous and send your all data to hackers so that they can misuse it. At last disconnect, your device from all the other sources like laptop, television, watch, and all other wired and wireless connections.

5 Simple Ways To Protect Your iPhone From Being Hacked

If you have once experienced hacking and fixed it or else may be scared of all the disadvantages and loss of data after hacking then you must try out a few ways to protect your iPhone from gettings hacked.

1. Keep Your Data Personal

The mistake that every user does is they do not keep their data private. If you share all your personal information on the device with different and unrecognized apps and websites then you may be in danger. So, always be careful before sharing your personal information.

2. Turn On Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is an apple product that allows you to find and control a device in case you have lost it. To enable it, Go to the “Settings App” > Tap on your name > Find My > Find My iPhone > Switch It on.

Turn On Find My iPhone to can someone hack my iPhone

3. Prefer Using VPN When Connected To A Public Wifi Network

As you know, public wifi networks are not safe but still if you want to use the network then prefer to use a VPN. This is because it will connect you to a private network which will keep you safe and not show your personal information to hackers.

Prefer Using VPN When Connected To A Public Wifi Network for can someone hack my iPhone

4. Regularly Install Updates

Apple frequently sends its users iPhone updates. Most of the time you miss important security updates which leads your phone into danger. If you are not notified of the update then make sure to check it once in the settings.

5. Using Antivirus Applications

If you think you may be in danger then prefer using an antivirus app that will safeguard your phone from all the current threats. The antivirus applications review your phone and recommend all the necessary settings.

Wrap Up On Can Someone Hack My iPhone

This post was quite advisable. This is because this post gives you complete information about hacking in iPhones.

However, iPhone is very secure compared to the Android. And there are not even many hacking cases found on iPhones but in very rare situations your iPhone can be hacked.

I hope you found this post informative as well as helpful and if you have any issues or queries related to whether can someone hack my iPhone then kindly do not forget to write a comment through the comment box and will try to reply to you back very soon.

FAQ: Can Someone Hack My iPhone

While researching this topic on the internet, to give you the best possible information so that your iPhone is safe from hacking, I found many questions by people and found that many of them were not answered. So, I have tried to answer a few of the below:-

Q1. Can an iPhone be hacked through a website?

Ans: Yes, any phone can be hacked through a website. This is because hackers and trackers try to hack your phone by accessing your personal information through different means.

Q2. Can someone control what a user does and see on iPhone?

Ans: Accessing the data and controlling the user’s iPhone is a way of hacking. A hacker after hacking your phone gets access to every part of your phone and can control what you do and see.

Q3. Can iPhone be easily hacked when compared to Android?

Ans: In terms of security iPhone is always ahead of Android. Apple focuses mainly on user security so this is the reason why Apple is very limited to its users.

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