Is It Worth Switching From Android To iPhone? Here You Should know all!

Switching from Android to iPhone varies from person to person according to their requirements. Both of them have their own characteristics and features to perform their specific tasks but it becomes quite confusing to select any one from both. 

According to the reports of timesofindia, in quarter 2 of the year 2022, apple has marked a hike of 5% in iPhone revenue. The company reported that the iPhone revenue reported an uptrend from $47.88 billion in the same quarter one year before to $50.57 billion.

Nowadays, Mobile phones are used by everyone ranging from rags to riches depending upon their earnings. Android and iPhone are the two main rivals in the global market of smartphones competing with one. However, you can easily know is it worth switching from android to iPhone

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are the two main operating systems used most commonly. Whether to prefer iPhone over android is a very heated debate that is trending globally. In this post, I will try my best to guide you to make a wise decision regarding switching from android to iPhone.

So, let’s get started…

Pros And Cons Of Android And iPhone

Everything has its pros and cons and so it becomes very important to be aware of these. Knowing the Pros and cons provide a great difference in specifying both devices in their ways. Therefore, Some of the important ones are listed below:-

Pros of iPhone device:- 

  • The iPhone is very safe and secure to use.
  • The Camera clicks are natural and very realistic pictures.
  • Switching between apps on an iPhone is too smooth which makes it easy to handle it.
  • Games run absolutely smoothly which gives a better experience. 
  • Almost invulnerable to being infected with viruses and malware attacks.

Cons of iPhone device:- 

  • No charger and headphones are available in the box, thus it costs extra to buy separately.
  • Accessories are of high cost in iPhones.
  • Separate slot is not available to insert a memory card/SD card to expand storage in iPhones.
  • Lack of customization and non-availability of a back button.
  • Expensive against android handsets, most of the time.

Pros of Android device:- 

  •  It is an Open source system, therefore can be easily customizable.
  •  Storage can be expanded up to any desirable limit.
  •  Diversity of phones is available to choose from.
  •  Mostly cheaper when compared to iPhones.
  •  Ease of customization and availability of the back button is also there.

Cons of android device:-

  •  Prone to malware, higher chances to get infected with all kinds of viruses.
  •  Interface is not common on all phones.
  •  Inadequate customer support.
  •  Overheat problem due to continuous usage for long hours.
  •  Switching between apps seems to be slow and clunky.

8 Ways To Know Is It worth Switching From Android To iPhone

It becomes best for switching to the iPhone in many different ways. Most of the inbuilt features of iPhones are more advanced. So, here you will know is it worth switching from Android to iPhone in the following ways as told below in this section.

1. Capacity Of Battery Life 

When it comes to battery backup, everyone requires a long battery usage time to enjoy working consistently. So, a good battery backup will last longer to entertain your time of extent. 

iPhones are considered to have a longer battery life than android. Therefore, it is so because of the tight integration of hardware and software optimization. For this way, you must think about battery life.

2. A Good App Performance

The performance of the apps is a key factor in the overall rating of the phone. On Android, not every app works smoothly. Some apps are slow.

On the other hand, apps run smoothly as butter on iPhones due to the tight integration of powerful chips with optimized RAM.

3. Safety and Security Features

Safety and security features are the most useful features for a user. Everyone in this world wants privacy in the information shared with others.

In the case of iPhones, there exists a clear view of whom you are sharing your information with and for which app. 

It provides features like Find My, with which you can quickly view whom your location is shared with, and what devices are paired.

4. Background App Refresh Settings

Background apps that run in the background of devices become easy with a good selection of devices. 

Both android and iPhone have this setting to select from what you want and what you do not want but implemented differently. In Android, it seems to be annoying whereas, in iPhone, it seems to be quite straightforward.

5. Unlock/Lock Face Id System

The face recognition feature unlocks the phone system. Android has retina scanning features. Whereas in iPhones, face id is comparatively fast, accurate, and well-implemented. It instantly unlocks with the face in the view.

In fact, face id helps in all kinds of stuff by taking approval from the user. This is the best security feature which is importantly safe.

6. Best Camera Quality Feature

Camera quality is a feature that everyone keeps in mind before buying a phone. Coming to the iPhone, there exists a high-megapixel camera as you can say 4 times the resolution and 2 times better low-light photos and ultra-wide cameras, 

An iPhone takes sharper and brighter macro shots. Thus, enhancing the quality of pictures and appealing to the eyes.

7. Less Heat Generation System 

Iphones generate less heat even when being used for long hours. This becomes possible because the batteries and RAM are practically far more efficient than android.

Mostly, users prefer iPhones because they can continue to play games for long hours without being interrupted by overheating issues.

8. Getting The Best Resale Value

As soon as new smartphones are released, people tend to upgrade. Some get their phones exchanged for new ones to get a better experience. 

In the case of the iPhone, no matter how old it is, it will still get resale value far better than android. Iphones are made of premium materials, helping them to retain their value, no matter how old they are.

Is The iPhone Really Easier To Use?

Sometimes, it becomes quite confusing to judge if an iPhone is easier to use than an android. As we know, both iPhone and android possess some distinct characteristics and features. 

IPhone is faster and smoother in comparison with the android. Android devices frequently hang but this is rare in iOS devices. Therefore, this makes a bit of a difference between both devices.

IPhone surpasses android with its performance and speed. Internal storage is comparatively higher in iPhones. This way it beats android with its functions. 

The customer support of the iPhone is the best. Service is of high quality. Apple develops its customer-centric products. Guaranteed warranty along with insurance claim options are also provided. Coming to Android, lacks adequate support.

Software updates are accomplished better on an iPhone than android. If the iPhone deserves to get the latest update, it will get it at the moment that update will be released. In the case of android, a limited number of upgrades are carried out regularly.

When you purchase an iPhone, none of the bloatware is pre-installed and you will find it when you get your phone booted up for the first time. No such bloatware is installed and it’s ultra-clean right from the start.

Whereas in android, bloatware is a major problem as these are non-removable. You can find several apps that are not needed on your phone but are available and also non-removable.

Is Android Really Easier To Use?

Android phones give the flexibility to add widgets directly to the home screen. This enhances us to easily read the readable format which saves time.

Android has the option to allow volume settings differently for calls, alarms, ringtones, and notifications. These all functions are good for a person with a simple mind.

In the case of android, in the default apps setting, you can specify which browser you want to use for different links as per compatibility.

On an android device, by default, an android launcher can be replaced with one that you prefer. Through this, we can enhance the diversification of almost everything. 

In a nutshell, iPhones are easy to use as settings are straightforward. The user interface is so simple. Moreover, the home screen of the iPhone is super simple to use. The design of the iPhone is good-looking and superior to android.

However, it depends on an individual whether to prefer iPhone over android in terms of ease of use is of personal interest. 

Wrap Up On Whether Is It Worth Switching From Android To IPhone?

Iphones have the upper hand over android in terms of overall aspects, whether it be cybersecurity, malware vulnerability, or display quality. However, whether it is worth switching from android to iPhone is of personal interest.

Sometimes android fails to provide that sort of performance as the iPhone.

The sole reason behind this is, in the case of iPhones, mostly the same team in the same company is included in the design of software and hardware.

Whereas, in android handsets, separate teams in separate companies are involved in designing hardware and software.

So in the iPhone, the same level of polish in both hardware and software seems to be realistic.

I hope you will find this content quite helpful and informative and in case of any issues or concerns feel free to ask, will try to revert as soon as possible. 

FAQ: Is It Worth Switching From Android To IPhone?

There are many questions that are raised in the minds of the people. These are yet to be answered. Seeing this, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions which are answered as follows:-

Q1. Which is harder to crack, iPhone or Android?

Ans: iPhones operating systems provide far more control over android. Comparatively, iPhone features are more restricted as its integrated design makes it almost invulnerable to security hacks. This way, iPhones are harder to crack than android.

Q2. Which phone is more user-friendly iPhone or Android?

Ans: iPhones are considered to be more user-friendly as they are regarded as sophisticated and are more convenient to use than android. However, It provides an appealing user interface, also easy to handle switching between apps.

Q3. What will I miss switching from Android to iPhone?

Ans: Below is the incomparable features of android that the iPhone cannot replace, such as Google Assistant, the Back button, Better notification alerts, a Better virtual keyboard, and Better spam detection.

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