Best CoinBase Alternatives: Top 7 Most Secure Exchanges or Wallet

If you are crypto investors and using Coinbase for managing your cryptocurrencies then here in this guide I will help you to identify CoinBase alternative which is most secure and easy to use.

Many people around the world are using Coinbase for crypto trading as CoinBase is among the popular cryptocurrency choice for vast of the people.

It has a facility to trade multiple coins and also help you to provide a well secure platform for holding your digital currency very safe.

To learn more about CoinBase, I have a detailed guide on what is CoinBase and How to use CoinBase to transfer cryptocurrencies Read here.

Cryptocurrencies are a digital currency and it is advisable to diversify your crypto assets to a different platform.

Yes, every platform is vulnerable to cyber attack so why can’t you find other CoinBase alternative which is same as CoinBase and well secure.

Here we came out with top 7  best alternatives to CoinBase which can end your search for CoinBase alternative.

Before we jump into alternatives of CoinBase let me share you the deciding factors for choosing CoinBase alternative.

What should CoinBase Alternative have?

Various alternatives for coinbase available in the market and people are using them with full of integrity and belief.

But not every platform is the same as CoinBase and it has various deciding factors to chose.

So Let’s go through all of them.

Transaction Fee

What if you are a daily trader then transaction fees matters a lot.

Many exchange platforms charging you more than 2-3% for transferring your coins from one wallet to another.

Find out the best one which offers you less transaction fee while you do daily transactions within the platform.

While converting your coins to a fiat currency like USD and GBP bank will definitely charge you same and vice versa while you deposit or withdraw money.

So Chose a Crypto platform which offers you less transaction fees which matters a lot, so you could compensate overall transaction fees.


It is another prime factor for choosing alternatives of CoinBase, you are holding your asset with a third party company which is not charging you any monthly or yearly subscription fee.

Except for transaction fee, everything is free. But for you what matters is the security of your assets.

What type of security level they are offering you to make sure that your assets are in right hand.

Ideally, your user login must be two-level signup.

  •  First will be by signing up by your USer ID and Private Password.
  • The second level should be enabled for 2FA security

These look pretty good and if more than that is great such as system IP verification by sending email to authorized email Address.

So check for security first else it won’t matter what they are offering you.


Above all factors come from integrity, why people are believing in coinbase because of trust it has of People.

It always matters to be a part of a well-known community which is offering services for a long time and keeps updating the community with the latest changes and future vision.

If you plan to join such a renowned and well-known platform then you can get the additional advantage of better customer support.

They care their customers and believe in sharing quality updates for existing issues.

Such a platform has a large community hanging around and mostly all highly rated coins will be traded on such platforms.

So choose something which has a well-known identity.

Transaction clearance time

Now, this comes to the process of sending and receiving coins. Ideally, it depends on blockchain block clearance times and kind of verification they require to validate any transactions

So you won’t blame them for the same reason and will impact transaction clearance time.

But in case of credit or debit card payments, they could hold a wallet which can have the capacity to store fiat currency in their wallet up to a certain limit.

Max Cap

It matters for those who are daily traders, few wallet or exchange won’t allow you to trade above their specified limit.

So chose accordingly which fits your max cap of daily or monthly transactions.

Make sure to check the minimum or max withdrawal limit as it will impact a lot if you using that exchange for multiple transactions.

Because restricting you up to certain limit will impact your one-time transaction fees.

Now I hope you are clear with an idea on which parameters you should choose coinbase alternative.

Now let me introduce the best 7 CoinBase Alternatives.

Top 5 Best CoinBase alternatives

Below listed cryptocurrency exchanges are among the most popular list which offers the best competitive prices as compared to CoinBase.

1: CEX CryptoCurrency Exchange

Cex.io is first started as a cloud mining company to mine Bitcoin. When a successful block got mined then payout was shared among all the investors.

It has close to 4 Million users worldwide and increasing daily.

As an online exchange, it offers to trade in fiat currencies like USD, EUR, GBP, and RUB.

Cex.io CoinBase Alternative

It has all above international currencies available to trade.

In terms of the transaction fee, it charges between 0.1-0.25% transaction fee which is less and quite good in this competitive market.

It has below list of cryptocurrencies listed on the exchange to trade.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Ripple
  4. Bitcoin Cash
  5. Zcash
  6. Bitcoin Gold
  7. Steller
  8. ZCash
  9. Litecoin

It providing service across the globe. So you won’t face any remote access issues. It provides cross-platform trading through Mobile, Website, Rest API etc.

It offers the variety of payment transfers like Visa, Master card and Cryptocurrency.

It offers strong security against DDOS attack and it is registered as money service business within FinCen.It is having to Know your customer and anti-money laundering policy to all clients.

It Posses PCI DDS certificate which assures you high-level security and card payments and other transactions.

  • It is worldwide available to access platform
  • It has a facility of the Mobile app, Rest API and Website to access
  • Minimum transaction fee
  • It offers international card payments options like VISA and Master Card.
  • 24/7 Customer support availability

It is quite similar and I found this among the list of CoinBase alternative.

2 : Gemini Cryptocurrency Exchange

This time security of cryptocurrency is matters a lot and every exchange is vulnerable to security hack.

Even Polonix got hacked. It proves that hackers are finding new techniques to hack the exchange and exchange are leading one step ahead.

Gemini offers you Buy/Sell and storage of digital cryptocurrency and it has become the world’s first licensed Ether and Zcash exchange.

Gemini is a New York trust company works under regulatory of NewYork state department of finance service and was founded in the year 2014.

Gemini CoinBase Alternative

The best part of GEMINI is it holds most of your Bitcoin or any digit assets in cold storage and only fraction amount of your coins will be live up and trading in the active market.

This minimizes any future security hack and risk of losing coins. It offers a mobile app, website and Rest API facility to access platform.

It transaction fees will depend on taker and maker fee.

I think you heard this first time.

Let me explain.

If your placed order filled immediately then you will charge for taker fee and if it won’t fulfilled immediately and stay there in Order Book for future fill then you would charge for maker fee.

I hope you got an idea what does this mean.

If not?

To learn more on Fee and max cap read here.

Gemini offers you a business or personal account to trade with cryptocurrencies. So as an institution, you can have an account to trade digital assets.

It has below currency listed to trade against USD.

  1. Bitcoin (BTC)
  2. Ethereum (ETH)
  3. Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  4. Litecoin (LTC)
  5. Zcash(ZCH)

It offers additional security of 2FA and cold storage make this is a favorite place to store or trade your digital assets.

Currently, GEMINI is limited to few countries only, so do check on availability of platform in your location from this list.

3 : Kraken CryptoCurrency Exchange

It is  San Francisco, USA based best cryptocurrency exchange which was introduced in the year 2011.

This is the biggest exchange in the world on which Bitcoin is traded in the large volume of Euro.

It provides you the facility to trade cryptocurrency in exchange for different fiat currencies like USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, and  CAD.

Krakem CoinBase Alternative

Kraken exchange is not limited to Bitcoin only, it has various other currencies which are listed below.

  1. Bitcoin
  2. Ethereum
  3. Monero
  4. Dash
  5. Litecoin
  6. Ripple
  7. Steller
  8. Etehrum Classic
  9. Dogecoin
  10. Zcash
  11. Tether
  12. REP Token

To know more about listed currencies check Help.

It provided you cold storage to hide your cryptocurrency away from the cyber attack and Fee structure is varied in between 0-0.26%.

To check the latest transaction fee click here.

To offer basic account they won’t ask you for any additional supporting documents but if you want to upgrade and increase your daily transaction limit you should go though Know your customer policy.

It has Mobile App, Website and API to access interface from available countries.

This offers 24/7 and 365 days customer supports.

In terms of security, they offer cold storage, so your coins will be safe and secure and to improve account security they have introduced the feature of 2FA.

Their serves are well secure and in a private cage where additional security is provided to make this hack proof learn here.

Overall in terms of security and transaction fee, this looks a perfect alternative for CoinBase.

4 : CoinMama CryptoCurrency Exchange

CoinMama is among the biggest trading exchange which has a large user base of more than 1 million spread across 188 countries check here.

It offers currency trading against fiat currency like USD and EUR only.

CoinMama CoinBse alternative

It allows you to do an exchange for below-listed currencies.

  1. Bitcoin(BTC)
  2. Ethereum(ETH)
  3. Litecoin(LTC)
  4. Ripple(XRP)
  5. Bitcoin Cash(BCH)
  6. Cardano(ADA)
  7. Qtum(QTUM)

It offers you the payment transfer using VISA or Master cards.

They offer you credit or Debit payment transfer facility so transaction fee charges will vary check here.

It charges you 5% transaction Fee for transferring amount from your Credit and Debit cards.

It has a minimum cap to buy any cryptocurrency and this id 60 USD and check for its equivalent to EUR.

For every registered user, it is mandatory to do identity verification by submitting supporting documents. It is to avoid any illegal activities.

It is among the trusted platform which you can choose as your CoinBase alternative.

5 : Bittrex CryptoCurrency Exchange

Bittrex is a USA based cryptocurrency exchange founded in the year 2013 which has a large user base across the globe.

Bittrex is among the best choice for every crypto trader due to large daily trading volume and well-known security.

Bittrex CoinBase Alternative

It offers a transaction fee of 0.25% for all traders.

Bittrex specified minimum and maximum daily traded cap such as the minimum of 50,000 Satoshi and max of 2 BTC per day.

Check here for a change in the trading ceiling.

Bittrex offers 24/7 and 365 days customer supports but careful about transaction fees.

In terms of Security including your private password and 2FA verification, they won’t allow login until you do IP Address verification.

They will send email to authorities IP Address  on your registered email ID and once you verify that IP only in that you will be able to the login system

This proves how much they are concerned with security.

It offers to trade in USD only no other fiat currency supported by Bittrex.

Almost every well-known currency is listed with Bittrex and this is consistently growing platform.

This is among my best choice of Coinbase alternative.

If you are holding your Cryptocurrency with CoinBase and want to transfer from CoinBase to Bittrex then Check our Ultimate guide on How to Transfer from CoinBase to Bittrex.

If you are planning to buy Altcoins from Bittrex then learn here full detail guide on how to trade and buy altcoins on Bittrex.

Bittrex and Binance are among the top choice for Crypto Investors. Check our detailed guide to learn more.

6: Changelly CryptoCurrency Exchange

Changelly is one of the most trusted cryptocurrency exchange which has a worldwide user base of around 2 million.

It has around 130 cryptocurrencies listed for exchange with one another.

It works as a mediator, where you will deposit your fiat currency such as USD and EUR because only these two are supported.


Changelly will check the best price traded among different exchanges such as Binance, HitBTC,Polonix and Bittrex etc.

It Checks the best price by comparing with other exchange and wherever it found low price will exchange your currency with that decided cryptocurrency and store that back to your own decided wallet.

As it works instantly and prices fluctuate instantly so you can have certain deviation than what it shows and what will be credited to your account.

As it supports with multiple Cryptocurrency wallet so you can store up to 130+ different cryptocurrencies.

It will be your choice where you would like to store your coin so privacy will be chosen by you.

In return to all this facility, they charge your around 0.50% transaction fee.

It won’t store your currency with them and will give you instant exchange rate while signup with them.

The best part is, it offering account security by additional 2FA security.

Here is a Graphical Presentation of how it works

How Changelly works

So Try this as this can give you possible best exchange rate but make sure the transaction fees this looks bit higher than other.

7 : BitCoin ATM’s

What if you have a platform to trade your coins on ATM.

Yes, this is not that much popular but it has started.

As per the stats shared by Statista till January 2021 total of 14000 Bitcoin ATMs have reported which has a large volume in the USA only.

Let’s have a paper wallet and go to the nearby Bitcoin ATM if you have such facility or locating in such country.

Bitcoin ATM

Bitcoin ATM has two feature one support only Buy and other does Buy and Sell both.

It seems in both cases you require a paper wallet. Learn more here what is Paper Wallet.

Simply pay with your Credit or Debit card and scan Public address of paper wallet.

Coins will be transferred to your Paper wallet and next time go back and do same while selling your coins.

It is not that much famous or at the beginning edge.

But, yes this seems to be a perfect choice for coinbase alternative.

Wrap up on the Best Coinbase Alternatives

These are among the best choice of mine if you are looking for a coinbase alternative.

It has a grouping of all the most famous to well-known crypto exchanges, which you can easily replace with CoinBase.

Because it is advisable to diversify your digital assets as every platform is vulnerable.

Do Transfer your few assets from Coinbase to other platforms.

The best part is, few exchanges are providing Cold storage which is like a paper wallet. So your digital assets will be most secure and less vulnerable to security hack.

In terms of security always check for 2FA verification providing exchange and Bittrex is above all which offer additional IP address verification.

If you are looking for commonplace to place a bid which can give you the best exchange rates than I found Changelly as the best but make sure they are charging bit higher transaction fees.

Do check first about the transaction Fees because that impacts a lot while you do daily transactions.

So this is the end of an ultimate guide on CoinBase Alternative. I found this among my top choice.

If searching for best Cryptocurrency wallet and best cryptocurrency to mine in 2019 then check our respective detailed analysis guide.

Let me share your suggestion if you have any other alternatives to CoinBase.

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