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Cryptocurrency is the new face of digital currency and everyone is looking for Free faucets to make money and if you are searching for CoinPot and What is Coinpot wallet.

Then this ultimate guide is to help you understand how can you get Free Bitcoin including Free Dash coin, Free Litecoin, Free Bitcoin Cash and Free Dogecoin using CoinPot faucet.

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In this post, I will explain all about CoinPot various features and how it integrates with Other Faucets to give you Free Cryptocurrency while you are in sleep.

My intention to share all free cryptocurrency making strategy at a commonplace, so if you are crypto investors or believe in crypto then this free money making guide will help you a lot.

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Let’s start

What are CoinPot Wallet

Every Cryptocurrency must be stored in a Wallet same as you store your centralized currency in the bank.

In a similar way, CoinPot is a micro wallet which will help you to collect multiple cryptocurrencies in a single wallet.

Microwallet is a facility which helps to store currency in it for future purpose, but some wallet has a restriction in terms of the number of coins that can hold in it.

CoinPot is among the best Free micro wallet which is also known as Free CoinPot Faucets to earn free bitcoin and lot many other cryptocurrencies.


CoinPot has the capacity to hold a total of five different currencies.

  1. Bitcoin Core
  2. Bitcoin Cash
  3. Dogecoin
  4. Litecoin
  5. Dash Coin

This Microwallet can integrate with other free faucets such as Moon Litecoin, Moon Dash Coin, moon bitcoin,freebitcoin etc.

So this is free money making platform and legit platform for all crypto lovers.

This is just brief of CoinPot Wallet ideally known as Micro wallet because it holds only a few numbers of Cryptocurrencies.

We Will learn all about free faucets in later, lets first discuss what else Coinpot has and how to join CoinPot.

How to Join CoinPot

Joining a CoinPot wallet is as simple as another wallet.

To be a part of CoinPot community what you need is just an Email Id.

Simply, click to CoinPot URL and do signup using your Email ID.

CoinPot SignUp

  1. Enter Email ID
  2. Provide Password
  3. Confirm Password
  4. Solve captcha

You are joined with CoinPot.

Once you join, later in Account privacy setting you can set 2FA code for additional security.

Congrats!! You have successfully landed on CoinPot.

Now Let’s Discuss what special CoinPot Has.

How You Can Use CoinPot

Let’s Go through the CoinPot Facility and how can you use to CoinPot for earning free Cryptocurrency.

While you login  CoinPot, on the dashboard you have total 5 listed cryptocurrencies and one Coinpot Token.

CoinPot will allow you to do below things with Each cryptocurrency.Here displayed screenshot is for Bitcoin Core same operations will be possible with other.

CoinPot Mining

Let me give you an overview with each possible actions you can use for each cryptocurrency.

Deposit CryptoCurrency

As Coinpot is a micro wallet, so for every log in user an address will be allocated same as another Cryptocurrency wallet.

This address will help the user to send Bitcoin,litecoin,dashcoin etc to that specified address.

Let say you have earned bitcoin from any free faucet, so you can send that claimed bitcoins to this wallet by simply providing bitcoin core address as sending address.

Withdraw Cryptocurrency

It is easy to send cryptocurrency to another wallet. Let me clear you, there is no way to buy or sell your cryptocurrency like other exchange in CoinPot.

If you want to withdraw your cryptocurrency then that process is easy and simple.

People mostly concerned about transaction Fees but the best part of CoinPot is transaction fee is completely FREE.


You won’t have to pay a single penny to send your coins to other wallet or exchange.

But make sure you should have some threshold amount to withdraw such as for Bitcoin Core is 0.0001 BTC, Bitcoin Cash is 0.0001 BCH, Litecoin is 0.002 LTC, Dogecoin is 50 Doge, Dash Coin is 0.0002 Dash.

Please check this amount might vary based on new rules or policy.

Convert Cryptocurrency

This is what the reason I call CoinPot as Free bitcoin maker.

It gives you freedom of choice that what cryptocurrency you want to make through CoinPot.

In CoinPot to store every coin, there will be a separate micro wallet.

If I earned free Litecoin, dogecoin, dash coin, and BitcoinCash,, so every individual currency will be in a separate wallet.

But what if I want to convert all into Bitcoin Core because what I want is only Bitcoin, by the way, it is your choice.

This will work as an exchange for cryptocurrency convert.

Go for each individual cryptocurrency option and select Convert to let say I want my earned  Dash coin into Bitcoin Core

Dash to Bitcoin Core

So chose an option like Convert to Bitcoin Core and Amount to Convert is Dash and provide the specified amount.

Based on current market price it will show you expected converted amount.

Simply confirm and all your dash coin will be converted into Bitcoin Core.

Easy and Simple and the Best part is there will be no Conversion fee it is free.

If you will do this conversion by any exchange they will charge transaction and conversion fees.

Dash coin Conversion Fee

Isn’t it good?

You can do the conversion for any currency with each other.

Mine Cryptocurrency

Mining is the best way to make free cryptocurrency and this is what the reason CoinPot is different than another wallet.

Because it is not limited to hold your cryptocurrency but it will provide you with the facility to mine free Bitcoin, litecoin, dash coin, bitcoin cash, and Dogecoin.

It will use your CPU power to mine coin, so based on your processor speed you can use it but it would recommend having GPU for mining cryptocurrencies.

If you have decided to mine Litecoin then go to options available for Litecoin and Select Mine Litecoin.

CPU Usage

Thread of Mine


Next screen will have two options to select one is CPU usage and the second one is the number of threads you want to run for mining coins.

Do select and it will use your CPU hash power to solve mining algorithm and automatically coins will be added to your wallet.

But this process of mining is not that much efficient.

At the end of this post, I will tell you free ways to make Litcoin or other coins.

View Recent transactions

This is something like as a history for all transactions.

Every coin has an option to display past or ongoing transactions in the summary report.

So in the future, if you do any conversion, withdrawal, or deposit of cryptocurrency then you will have a track to see them based on time and date stamp.

I hope you are cleared with facility offering by CoinPot.Now this time is to learn something new which only CoinPot offers.

Yes, what we learned is applicable for only Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Dash Coin, Litecoin and Dogecoin but what about the last one CoinPot Token.

What is Use of CoinPot and How this can make you a millionaire?

What is CoinPot Token

The coinpot token will be earned and added to your Coinpot Wallet account only in two possible cases.

  • If you claim free faucets which linked with CoinPot
  • Through CoinPot mining.

The number of times you claim the cryptocurrency from other free faucets the same number of Token will be added to your account.

Same as other cryptocurrencies you can mine CoinPot token.

Let say now you have CoinPot Token.

Now the question is what is the use of this Token?

It has Three usage

Convert to Other Coin

This is same as conversion we have learned earlier, you can convert CoinPot Token into Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash and Dogecoinwhateverr you want.

Conversion rates will be visible while you proceed with the transaction and there will be no any transaction fee.

This is an important part which every one willing to claim as it is the win-win situation for you.

Such as doing claims from Free faucet and make them store into CoinPot and in return, you will get additional CoinPot token which you can convert that back to another coin.

 CoinPot Token Mining

CoinPot itself is a minable token, same as previous way set your CPU usage power and fix number of threads.

CoinPot Mining is easy as compare to Bitcoin.

It will use your CPU power and with hash rate mining of CoinPot Wallet will get started.

Everyone is running behind another big cryptocurrency so mining is difficult with them.

Why not you mine CoinPot which is easy as compare to others and convert that to your required currency.

What I assume is, this will make easy for you to get cryptocurrency.

Play Lottery

This is something game-changing with CoinPot and cryptocurrency world.

CoinPot came out with an Idea to participate in the Lottery system and you can win the specified amount of extra tokens.

For the Lottery, you have to take participate by sharing your existing tokens.

CoinPot Lottery

Total prize will be the number of tokens participated in that rounds plus 1000 extra tokens.

If you win the first prize then you will get almost 50% of the total prize if become a top 5 runner up then each will get 10% of tokens.

CoinPot Lottery

Do check the latest change in prize money with CoinPot Lottery Dashboard itself. If you won free Tokens then do convert it back to another cryptocurrency and do enjoy free earning.

Play Multiplier

You can participate in the lottery but chances of winning will be very less so what else is for you?

Yes if you are gambler then you can play multiplier game, yes winning chances ratio will be very high.

Check to CoinPot Token multiplier and a window will open for you to place the bat.

CoinPot Multiplier

Here you can place your token on the bat, let say you have chosen Roll Law then if on Rolling Dice number will come in between 0-499 you will win the extra token.

But how much you win?

It depends on what multiplier and how much bats you have chosen.

Let say you chose 2 times multiplier and put only 10 tokens on the bat and hit Roll dice and outcome on the roller is in between 0-499 then you will win 20 Tokens for free which is 2 times of bat.

In such a way you could select High Bat which has different rules to win on rolling dice.

So instead of Lottery, if you want to play this for a fun then go for it if you are lucky enough, you can make free tokens and then other coins too.

So this is all about CoinPot, I hope you got an idea of how you could use CoinPot to make free Bitcoin maker and other cryptocurrencies too.

Now till now what we learned is about CoinPot way of making free cryptocurrencies but here everything depends on mining and CoinPot token.

Which is not that much effective, CoinPot is ideally a micro wallet which primary use to collect cryptocurrency and make your intermediate transactions very easy and free.

Mining of coin will require excessive CPU usage and not sure how much you can make money through that.

So what, if you gain some additional free coins, so you can multiply your free coins by earning from CoinPot and other free faucets too.

So here are goldmines for you which make CoinPot awesome free Cryptocurrency makers.

 CoinPot With Free Faucets

Below introduced free faucets, I used a lot to make free cryptocurrency and CoinPot with such Free faucets make you free earning very easier.

Here I will brief you about each.

Moon Litecoin

Moon Litecoin is a free faucet which will help you to claim free Litecoin.

To learn more about Moon litecoin I have already shared a detailed guide on this.

Moon litecoin faucet will give you free Litecoin for solving the captcha.

Moon Litecoin

Simply log in to the website and make your account ideal, it will automatically mine for you and once you have reached any certain value simply claim that by solving the captcha.

While signup account with Moon Litecoin provides claimed Litecoin sending address of CoinPot.

So anytime you claim your Coin, it will auto transfer to CoinPot micro wallet. Make sure you claim after 5 minutes.

The best part is larger you claim more you will get and if you log out then even in the background it will mine for you which you can claim later while login.

Moon DogeCoin

Moon Dogecoin is same as moon Litecoin, Do sign up and set dogecoin claimed amount to send to CoinPot Wallet.

So whenever you log in you will get free Dogecoin available on screen to solve the captcha and claim it will move to CoinPot Wallet.

Moon Dogecoin

While you are sleeping at night even the boat will mine for you in the background.

So your job will be to login and simply claim it.

Your mined coin will be higher if you claim in a short time, if you claim 1 time in 2 days or something then your earned dogecoin will be less.

Moon DashCoin

I hope you got an idea what you have to do with Moon DashCoin, it is another legit wallet which you can link with CoinPot wallet.

Ideally while signup you should provide your CoinPot DashCoin Address to Moon DashCoin sending address.

Moon DashCoin

Do Signup and check out the details for offers it offering for new or referral sign up.

It has various loyalty bonus for daily users.

Moon Bitcoin

This time mining of Bitcoin is not an easy job so what if anyone mine for you and what you have to do is simply login and claim it.

So simple, do sign up solve captcha and gain as much as you can. More you claim higher you will get.

Moon Bitcoin

Never set any Autobot to claim your faucets it will be against guidelines of faucets.

To let you more, you can also make free bitcoin from  Freebitcoin.in which is another free faucet to claim Bitcoin.

So these many free faucets you can connect with CoinPot and earn Free amount of Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash coin.

How CoinPot Make Money

It is obvious that you might think about how CoinPot or such free faucets making money.

Their all revenue depends on the advertisement.

Yes, while you log in to any free faucets or CoinPot then you will see ads popping up on the screen so whenever user will click to those Ads in return faucets will make money.

Few times they do sponsorship to display Ads in such a way they are making money.

So never cheat such platform and try to be legit with them because if they are offering such for the community then you should in return respect them by playing in a legit way.

Bottom Line of CoinPot

CoinPot is a micro wallet which helps you to store, covert and mine Bitcoin Core, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Dash Coin.

It has zero transaction fee and an open platform which is easy to join and easy to claim coins.

It can easily connect with free faucets to multiply your earning. The coinpot token can help you to multiply your earnings by participating in the lottery and winning prize money.

Mining of CoinPot is an easy job to do it and covert that to your favorite Free Coins.

Make sure to place additional security with CoinPot sign in by adding the second layer of 2FA verification.

You can deposit Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency from external sources but it is advisable to withdraw amount while you reach the specified threshold amount.

Try to store all your cryptocurrencies to your best and most secure wallet here is a list of Best Cryptocurrency Wallet.

If you are beginner then I would recommend learning more about cryptocurrency mining and best cryptocurrency to invest in 2019.

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This is what an end of ultimate guide on  CoinPot and how you can make free cryptocurrencies.

Let me know which one free faucets you like the most?

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