How to Deactivate Facebook Account Permanently or Temporary

If you are frustrated with unwanted notification, messages, or updates from social media account Facebook and willing to stop those permanently or maybe deactivate temporarily as there would be many reasons to stay away from Facebook.

And looking for how to deactivate Facebook Account permanently or temporarily.

This guide is to help you on step by step process on temporarily deactivate the Facebook account or delete them permanently.

Many people by mistake created duplicated accounts and willing to delete them then here is all you must know before deleting or deactivating the account.

In addition, if you are Facebook Business user or an owner of the Facebook fan page then here are few tips to grow your Fan page by creating a Facebook fan page.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account Temporarily

Deactivate a Facebook account is an activity to stop temporarily use of the Facebook account, where your account will not be active or up and running for a short period of time.

Your existing profile, data, messages, friends and every single activity will still be up and running with Facebook but will not be accessible by anyone.

Your username and password will remain active and you can start your account anytime whenever you want.

But Deactivation will be going to change few of the things with your Facebook profile and here are all of this.

  • Daily Facebook notification will stop.
  • No one on Facebook can see your profile.
  • Still, your friends can see your name from their friend list.
  • Other people can see your name from your friend’s friend list.
  • The Facebook messages you already sent to your friends may still be visible
  • In group still, the group admin can see your posts and comments with your name.

If you agree upon all the above things and willing to deactivate Facebook account then must follow below step by step in Desktop Facebook browser.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account on Desktop

  • Click to Top Right Arrow Icon.
  • Go to Setting of Facebook Profile.
  • Click to Manage Account Edit Option.Facebook Account Deactivate
  • Click to HyperLink “Deactivate your Account”.Deactivate Facebook Account Webapp
  • It will ask for Password to enter just Provide and Continue.
  • Now Facebook asks you to provide a reason for deactivating, chose one and click to Deactivate Account.Deactivate Facebook Account

When you want to reactivate your account make sure to log in Facebook with same username and password and Facebook will send you a verification code.

Just verify same and you are up and running, if willing to know how to deactivate the Facebook Account on Mobile App then Check Below.

Deactivate or Delete Facebook Account on Android Mobile App

Well, Mobile App may have different OS such as Android or iPhone but the process to delete or deactivate account will be close to similar only.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account

  • Go to Top Right Horizontal Three lines and click that.
  • Click to Setting & Privacy and click to settings.
  • Scroll Down and check for “Your Facebook Information”.
  • Inside of that select “Account Ownership and Control”.
  • Select Deactivation and Deletion.
  • Select the Check Box of Deactivate Account or Delete Account Whatever you want.
  • Click to “Continue to Account deactivation”  or “Continue to Account deletion”.
  • New Window Popup to provide Password and simply hit the Continue.
  • If there is any other instruction follow the same and you are done.

Well, deactivation of the Facebook profile doesn’t deactivate the messenger unless you explicitly deactivate that.

Means even after deactivating the Facebook profile you can chat with your friends using the Facebook messenger.

Having a messenger account will still visible your profile image to everyone and they can search you with your name in messenger and you can still chat with your friends.

If you are willing to deactivate Messanger then here are steps to follow.

How To Deactivate Facebook Messanger

Well, you will be only able to deactivate Facebook messenger if you have deactivated facebook account.

  • Go to Facebook Messanger and click to Profile Picture.
  • Go to Account Setting.
  • Click to Account Ownership and Control.
  • Click to Deactivate Facebook Messanger and continue rest process.

I hope you got an idea on how to deactivate the Facebook account and let me give you an idea on facebook account deletion.

How to Delete Facebook Account Permanently

Earlier we learned how to deactivate the Facebook account on both desktop and mobile app but that was the temporary solution if you want.

If you are looking for permanent deletion or deactivation of the Facebook account then make sure to have below changes with your active account.

  • Your account will be permanently deleted and you won’t be able to activate in any condition.
  • Your Facebook messenger account will also be deleted and you won’t be able to access that.
  • Your Existing photos, videos, messages, and everything will be permanently deleted and you won’t get that back.
  • If you have signed up other app using Facebook login option then you won’t get access to them as Facebook account and its existence is completely deleted.
  • You’re earlier sent Facebook messages copies will still be visible in friends account.
  • Facebook Pages created by You will also be deleted.

Here are steps to follow for Deletion of the Facebook Account permanently

  • Click to Top right corner arrow icon.
  • Click to Setting and a new window will popup.
  • Click to Your GFacebook Information on left Side.Delete facebook Account
  • Select Delete Your Account and Information View Button.Deleet Permanently FAcebook Account
  • New Window will popup with all deleting accounts information and prior to that willing to download Photos, videos or anything you can do that.Permanent Delete Facebook Account
  • Simply Hit Delete Account and Continue with Password and few reasons and you are done.

Once you raise request to delete the Facebook account then within 30 days of your deletion request, you can request to cancel the deletion by simply log in and cancel Deletion of account.

To learn more of Facebook queries it is quite useful to check Facebook help center.

Conclusion on Deletion and Deactivate Facebook Account

Make sure the differences in between deactivation and deletion that deactivation is the temporary solution and deletion is the permanent solution.

Deletion of the facebook account means permanently delete your existence on the facebook which never rolls back if you won’t request to cancel deletion within 30 days of initiating.

Deactivation can be used for different purpose as if you are looking for temporarily away from Facebook, make sure to follow the steps explained in the guide.

Share us your queries if you have with deletion of the Facebook Account.

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