2 Ways to Create Facebook Business Page Without Personal Account: No One Knows?

Social Media is among the best platform to expand your brand and business and Facebook is among the top-ranking platform.

If you are concerned about how to create Facebook Business Page without Personal Page or account then we have an answer to your query.

Well if you are starting your first Facebook business page then I have already written a detailed guide on the 17-point secret, using which I created a page with the name MR VYAS with over 12k+ followers.

And the best part is using the same page you can send private messages to your clients, no matter whether you are using a mobile app or a desktop Facebook version.

This guide is mainly focused to answer, Is it possible to create a Facebook Business page without Personal Page or account or can I separate my business page from my personal account on Facebook?

Where I can guarantee that the second-best solution provided in the guide will surely solve your problem.

Is It Possible To Have A Facebook Business Page Without A Personal Page?

Wondering to get a solution how to create a Facebook business page without a personal page or personal account then your answer is hidden in this article.

The aim behind not having a personal profile is to hide your identity and Facebook has provided that solution in their customer support help page.

But I will share the best tips on how I do create such Facebook business pages without a personal account.

But do you know the fun fact, that Facebook on 6th November 2017 already announced that no one can create a business page without having a personal account on Facebook?

Facebook Business Page Without Personal Page

There might be few pages available on the internet, those are explaining on its possibilities but the truth is clearly no because those pages might be older than 2018.

But you should not worry about this, as I said I will give you a few tips which are worth trying, if you really need to create a separate business page from a personal account on Facebook.

Every Problem has one definite solution and Facebook page too

Before deep-diving let me clear my assumption first.

If you are trying to find out on possibilities to set up a Facebook business page without a personal page, that means either you are about to create Facebook business pages or already have an existing page.

In both cases, I would recommend having a look for an exclusive guide on how you can make a customer-oriented Facebook page.
I hope you find the above article useful and now you are ready with a full strategy to create a Facebook page.

Every Facebook page requires an Admin, who could control that page, so if someone has instructed you to create a Facebook page or you decided to make it for your own.

Then the most important thing is you should have one personal Facebook account or Facebook profile.

I know this is what you are not expecting but keep reading I will share all the possibilities.

So What’s The Solution To Creating Facebook Page Without A Personal Profile?

If you try to log-in to any page then Facebook will prompt User credentials and that is why you should have your own Facebook account. But below is the alternative, which you can go for.

  • Create a fake Facebook account and generate your own credentials.
  • Create your page using that newly created account. 

It solves your problem but having multiple personal accounts and managing pages using those fake accounts violates the Facebook pages policy and somewhere your page and identity will be caught and blocked and you will lose all your fan base.

So in my point of view, this is not the recommended suggestion but we need to look for some other alternatives.
Maybe very few are familiar with the Admin role on the Facebook page.

As whenever you create a Facebook personal page then your Role will be Admin and no one can see or disclose your identity.

But, if you have fear of the same then you can hide your identity by taking the help of your colleague and following the below steps.

Let’s take an example if you are working for a company and someone asked you to create a Facebook Page then how to hide your personal profile?

  • Go to Settings of the Facebook Page.
  • Select Page Role Option.
  • By default, your own profile will be visible as an Admin because you have created that page.
  • Click on Add person to page and invite any colleague or company person and ask him to accept the request.
  • He simply accepts the request then you can remove yourself from the page by giving a new person as an Admin Role.

Isn’t this so simple?

But this solution is for the problem when someone asked you to create a page for a company or other reason.

But for your own business, there are only two ways and the second one will guarantee to solve your problem.

Keep your foot forward to get closer to target

First is :

I have explained earlier that you should not be worried about your page, as your admin role will be hidden for all and everything will be in your control that how many details you want to display to your audiences.

The second Best Solution is:

Facebook Business Manager, but what is  Facebook Business Manager, and how this will help you to create a Facebook business page, let’s have a look in detail

Create Facebook Page Using Facebook Business Manager

The Facebook Business Manager is a free Facebook account to control your Facebook fan pages.

There is a couple of advantage for having a Facebook Manager:

  • You can run multiple pages from the Facebook manager account.
  • You could control pages so that none of your co-workers or audience can view your personal profile unless you enable the option to view.

There will be only visibility of work email address, your name (Optional), your pages, and Ad account for which you have access.

Especially this made for those who are willing to manage multiple Facebook pages and their ad accounts.

As per the guideline of Facebook, if you have a personal account then you should opt for the same. But the best part is this could help you to hide your identity.

Steps To Create A Facebook Business Account

The basic steps to have an account in Facebook Manager are using your personal profile for identity verification, hence you need credentials to log in, and for the rest follow the below steps.

  1. Go to the Business Manager Overview.
  2. Click to “Create Account”.Facebook Manager Overview
  3. A New Window will pop up to provide login Credentials, this must be your Facebook profile credentials.Facebook page login
  4. If you have an existing Facebook personal account then choose the same else create a new one.
  5. After login, a window will pop up to provide the business name, Your Name, and  Business email address. Make sure to provide email addresses different than personal addresses and click the Next button.Facebook business manager
  6. A new window will pop up to provide a business address, so make sure to provide a relevant address then click Next.Facebook business manager address detail
  7. A confirmation email will be sent to your business email id do verify and click done.
Home Facebook manager

Boom!! Successfully done

You are on your Facebook manager. As I said it is so simple. This will help you to run the Facebook business page without a personal profile.

How To Change Privacy Settings Of Facebook Page

If privacy is your concern then there are a few things, that you can do in the settings of a profile by switching on and off a few modes.

How to chaneg privacy policy of the facebook profile

  1. Go to the setting of your profile.
  2. Select “Privacy” from the options available under profile settings.
  3. Under the Privacy setting, you could control your profile in two ways either set enable or disable profile view to audiences, or in addition, you could also control search engines to not view your profile.
  4. There are few more options like a block to a specific user etc, so check the settings for more.

If you have multiple Facebook profiles and are willing to deactivate them permanently or temporarily then here are all steps to follow.

Wrap Up On Facebook Business Page Without Personal Page

If you are a beginner and a small businessman and expecting to expand your business then start focusing on Social media because Social media is the future of digital marketing and here are a few Business-level strategies using Social media.

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Before closing this guide, if you running a business and want to sell products online then I would suggest looking for DropShipping Guide.

FAQ: Facebook Business Page Without Personal Page

To enhance your business presence on Facebook, review our FAQs, which provide insight into these aspects. Here are answers to frequently asked questions.

Q1. Should I create a separate Facebook account for business?

Ans: Yes, the reason being that the business account you create will give your profile a more professional look. This way, you won’t end up with a jinx of contacts that include your friends, family and professional contacts too.

Q2. What is the difference between a Facebook account and a Facebook business account?

Ans: Both these accounts are created with some significant differences, in order to suit different purposes. A business account lets you manage things like advertisements and other such pages that would help you in your business.

Q3. Can I use Facebook as a business page?

Ans: You can, but that is not what real professionals do. And more importantly, your business page may fail to give out the right message and impression to both customers and investors. A business page, on the other hand, will surely speak volumes of your professionalism.

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