3 Easy Ways How To Delete Duplicate Contacts On iPhone: Easily Find Your Contacts!

Duplication of a single contact into several is too problematic! This leads to many problems with your iPhone like storage and call dialer issues. It even becomes difficult to find contacts on your device. Eventually, there are more than one fixes for this Contact Duplication issue which we are going to discuss in this tutorial.

As per the reports of Trends, a maximum number of people in the world who are using mobile phones face contact duplication problems.

The shocking thing is that there are many solutions to this problem but iPhone users are not aware of them. iPhone even has its built-in functions to solve this issue.

So, after seeing a great approach to this problem, in this article, we are going to discuss it in detail. How to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone so that you will not have any problem in finding your contacts.

So, let’s get started.

3 Ways To Delete Duplicate Contacts On iPhone!

After researching over the internet we found many solutions to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone but all of them would not be your cup of tea. So, the 3 ways that are listed below will be surely helpful for you, the only thing you have to spend is reading and understanding each way carefully.

Way 1: Link Or Delete Duplicate Contacts On iPhone using Contacts App

iPhone users prefer to find a solution for their problems using the built-in feature because they like to keep their data secure instead of using third-party applications which may be risky.

So, if you are one of them then go through this way and it will be really useful for you to delete duplicate contacts on your iPhone.

If you are thinking about how may this work, then let me explain you. Linking two contacts into one basically merges them both and they get interconnected with each other.

And deleting the duplicate contact will just remove the copy of that contact from your phone which had got created.

To link two contacts, Open the Contacts App and tap on the duplicate contact > Go to the editing panel of the contact > scroll down and click on the “link contact” option.

And select the contact with which you are likely to merge and make them inter-connected and “done” it. Hence, your contact gets linked and the duplicate version of this contact gets deleted.

Click on Link Contacts Option to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

To Delete the duplicate contact, Open the Contacts App and tap on the duplicate contact > Go to the editing section of the contact > scroll down and click on the “Delete Contact” option and the copy of the contact will get deleted from your phone and now you can Easily Find them.

Click on Delete Contact Option to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

There will be a common question arising, Which is better deleting or linking the contact? The answer will be according to the way you saved your contact.

If both contacts are having same name but different information then you should choose to link them but in case both the name and the information are the same then you should delete one of them.

Way 2: Use Mac To Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

The above process of linking and deleting contacts is not useful when you have several of them to delete the duplicate in those. In this scenario, using Mac might be helpful.

The only requirement to do this process is that you should have any Mac (Apple Laptop) model with you and of course an internet connection to it.

Before moving to the steps, make sure that the Apple id which is signed on your mac is the same as that of your iPhone in order to make sure that the changes.

We make on the Mac are reflectable on iPhone and that the changes we make on iPhone are also reflected on the Mac.

Firstly, open the “Contacts app” on your Mac which is connected to the iPhone > on the top click on the “Card” option and tap on “Look for Duplicates” In a fraction of a second.

It will show you how many duplicates of the contacts you have on your iPhone. There is even an option to merge the contacts having the same number but different data on it.

Use Mac to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

After you have selected the options according to your choice, finally click on the “Merge”  option. All your duplicates will get deleted and even the contacts with the same name but with different information will get interlinked and merged together. Wasn’t it easier than before?

Way 3: Using Third-party App To Delete Duplicate Contacts On iPhone

Interlinking or deleting duplicate contacts would be a time-consuming task, however, using Mac to delete the copy and merge the duplicates was quite easier for only those who had Mac with them.

Buying an Apple laptop(Mac) is too expensive for those who do not have it to do this process. So, this way will surely help you.

In this way, we will tell how you can Delete Duplicate Contacts On your iPhone by just downloading a free app from App Store.

The App we used in this way is the best application available on App Store to do the Contact Deletion process quite easier. Then you follow the steps given below.

First You have to go to App Store and search for the “Duplicate Contact Remover” app and install it for free. Make sure you install the right application.

Because there are a number of apps named somewhat similar to this. After installing you can turn off your internet as it is an offline process.

Using Third-Party Apps to Delete Duplicate Contacts on iPhone

Then, launch the application on your device > You will find two options after launching it, just click on the “Contact” button >  A pop-up will arise on your screen.

Which will list the number of duplicate contacts on your device > Click on “OK” button > This app will automatically select all the duplicate contacts.

You can even tap on the checkboxes at the right corner of each contact to select or deselect it before the process of deletion > Now tap on the “Bin” icon at the top right corner of your screen > Again click on “Delete” to confirm.

In less than a second it will delete all your duplicate contacts and now your phone is free from this problematic thing.

Wrap Up On: How To Delete Duplicate Contacts On iPhone

I wish the ways mentioned above helped you in Deleting Duplicate Contacts On your iPhone. The first way of linking and deleting contacts is the simplest of all. 

The only drawback is that if you have several contacts then it is a time taking task. So, for this reason, the second way of using your mac will make this process an easy task.

The third way, of using a third-party application to delete duplicate contacts is the most efficient of all but still, it has a disadvantage.

It is not as secure as the first and the second way. So, you should not use this way if your phone contains very confidential contacts.

FAQ: How To Delete Duplicate Contacts On iPhone

There are many questions in the minds of people related to deleting duplicate contacts on iPhone. That’s why we have answered some important questions here. That can be helpful for you.

Q1. How do Contacts get duplicated on iPhone?

Ans: Duplication of contacts is an extremely common problem that everyone faces while using their device. The reason for this is when you add or sync your contacts from multiple sources like WhatsApp, Email, and social media this leads to the duplication of contacts.

Q2. Why is it necessary to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone?

Ans: After years of using your phone, the contacts you use become a mess and difficult to locate due to duplication. In order to easily find and keep your contacts app simplistic, it is necessary to delete duplicate contacts on iPhone.

Q3. Which is the safest of the above 3 ways to delete duplicate contacts on an iPhone?

Ans: The three ways mentioned above all of them work perfectly but to choose any one of the safest I would recommend using the mac. Because mac and iPhone both are Apple products so it becomes quite easier and safer to delete duplicate contacts of your phone using Mac.

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