7 Simple Ways How To Save A Pdf As A Jpeg: Make Your Workflow Faster!

PDF format is the most popular format for documentation and images, and we often used this format as a print-ready format on the printer to avoid printing hassles.

According to itextpdf.com, there are approximately 2.5 trillion PDF files already being used worldwide. And this number is increasing with time.

Also, a major problem with this format that many people think of is that you require a PDF reader application to open this format.

We send PDF files for a number of reasons; but, if the recipient does not have a PDF reader device installed, they will be unable to see it.

Keeping all these points in mind, we always save them in JPEG format and then send them so that we don’t face any such problems. So with this in mind, we’re going to share with you seven easy ways how to save a pdf as a jpeg and it’s almost free and safe.

So, Let’s Get Started.

The Benefit of Saving in JPEG instead of PDF

Before I tell you our easy 7 ways, let me tell you the advantages of using the JPEG file type compared to PDF.

Mobile Compatibility

One of the best aspects of PDF files is their compatible format which is useful when working on large screens like desktops and laptops, but many times when people want to view those PDFs on mobile they don’t seem mobile friendly, JPEG format is more effective.

Not Used Any other Reader Apps or Software

Pdf files need some kind of reader to view without which PDFs won’t open, that’s a problem with numbers like ours when it’s not installed and there is no need for any particular reader for JPEG, it opens very easily.

JPEG images are everywhere because they are the most common image file type. They are even the default image for the web. We take photos as JPEG files on mobiles.

Visible and Easy to share Social Media

When you can share a PDF file on social media but it is not visible, then you need to convert it to JPEG and upload it, and the more visible it is, the more interactions and shares will increase on social media.

How To Save A Pdf As A Jpeg: 7 Simple Ways

Although there are many ways to save PDF to JPEG, here I will talk about the most prominent and easy 7 ways. Read this article completely and answer some important questions at the end.

1. Freepdfconvert.com

One of the simplest and cleanest converters accessible online is FreePDFconverter, which provides access to a number of editing tools to make dealing with PDF files easier. Its interface is so good that it doesn’t show any annoying and cluttered ads while using it.

Visit to freepdfconvert website to save a pdf as a jpeg

FreePDFconverter has already crossed more than Ten Million users thanks to its trusted users and credibility and more and more successful conversions are on the way.

This converter does not mention any other languages but English, implying that it cannot be calibrated for optical character recognition. Overall, this program performs an excellent job of converting PDF to JPEG, and the image quality is excellent.

2. Smart PDF – PDF Converter Tool

Those of us who regularly need to convert PDF to JPEG can certainly use the extension. Smart Pdf – Pdf Converter tool extension will help you in this task in a better way. It is one of the most used extensions in the chrome browser.

Add Smart PDF Extension to Chrome to Save PDF as a JPEG

You just need to install it in your chrome browser and just click on the icon and select the format to convert it is specially designed in terms of official documents and personal information, a completely safe service.

It can convert and upload files up to 20 MB sizer files fast and accurately. And can convert to word, excel, and ppt files without jpg.

3. ilovepdf.com

Ilovepdf.com this website works great to convert any pdf format to jpeg format. This website is great for its MIninmilastic Design and free PDF to JPG conversion, no subscription is required.

Visit ilovepdf website to save a pdf as a jpeg

The documents you upload to this website are not saved on their own servers, and they do not analyze them at any time, the files you upload here remain on their servers for the next 2 hours, after which they are automatically deleted. 

There is no copy and If you want, you can delete it after every conversion. If you think you will work on a cloud base, then you can use their iLovePDF App.

4. PDF2JPG.Net

PDF2JPG.net This site works great for just converting PDF to JPG, this site is unique for its retro look, a glimpse of the old days inside and a very minimalistic design.

Go to PDF2JPG website to save a pdf as a jpeg

But this website’s social presence is very strong as can be seen from the social button on their homepage. What you won’t often see on other sites, here you can set the resolution value of the output image, which helps in image quality control.

Pdf2Jpg.net The unique thing about their site is that they take the initiative to plant 1 tree after every 50000 converts, which makes me quite attractive for environment friendly.

5. PDF to JPG

You can also use a Chrome extension that only converts PDF to JPEG completely free and can do it very quickly. You don’t need any registration or account to use it to convert PDF to JPG.

Add PDF to JPG extension to Chrome to save a pdf as a jpeg

One more thing, there is no limit on PDF pages, all are converted together and there is no watermark.

You can convert pdf to jpg in high-definition image quality, you just need to add it to Chrome, and once installed click on the icon and upload the file you want to convert. It is only specific for those who want to convert PDF to Jpeg.

6. Convertonlinefree.com

On this website, you can convert PDF files to JPG and along with many other tools you will need for many tasks. This site is designed with a very basic level and simple HTML look and feel,

Visit to convertonlinefree website to save a pdf as a jpeg

It is completely free and you only need to upload documents and process your files, this site is unique in that it has many more PDF conversion tools and it has Optical Character Recognition (OCR) which is unique.

Not only this website will convert PDF to Jpeg, but also you can control image quality up to 100 dpi, 300 dpi and 600 dpi.

7. Smallpdf.com

Smallpdf is another addition to this list that does the job nicely. This website is completely safe and there will be no problem.

Go to Smallpdf website to save a pdf as a jpeg

And with that, it’s a very important one that converts without any difficulty with a very nice, very simple interface. Also, this site has many other tools that you can use for various tasks.

But one special aspect of this site is that you can do two conversions per day for free and then you have to take the monthly package so that you can do unlimited conversions you can use all kinds of tools if you take the package.

Wrap Up On How To Save A Pdf As A Jpeg

All in all, the websites and extensions are all great, and you can use each of them, we say each website is user-friendly and easy to use. If you are looking for a great website you can use freepdfconvert.com which has a very simple interface.

Moreover, those who want to control the image quality can use Convertonlinefree.com or PDF2JPG.net. People like me who want to do this conversion in their browser can use the Chrome extension we mentioned above.

Each of these tools may seem different to each person, but we have tried how to save pdf to jpeg very easily, if you need any tips or opinions please comment, and we will try to tell you.

FAQ: How To Save A Pdf As A Jpeg

Although converting from PDF to JPG is not a very difficult task, there are many questions from people related to it. So here I am answering some important questions.

Q1. How to save a PDF as a JPEG without losing quality?

Ans: But when you convert Pdf, you will have a question in your mind so that the image quality is not lost, but many times you don’t pay attention to it and you can forget it later, for that I said to use two websites Convertonlinefree or PDF2JPG.Net who give quality choice option while converting.

Q2. How can I save a two-page PDF into one image?

Ans: You can do it easily, for this first you need to go to our recommended ilovepdf.com website and go to the PDF marge option and bring a specific PDF and you can convert it from PDF to JPEG of the image format you want.

Q3. How to save a pdf as a jpeg without acrobat?

Ans: If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat XI Premium Version you can do it but don’t worry, there are many websites that you can easily convert pdf to jpeg like PDF to JPG Converter, Smart PDF – PDF Converter Tool, ilovepdf.com, PDF2JPG This website can be done very easily.

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