How Can Anyone Find AirPod Case In Just 5 Minutes?

AirPods are the most useful product to listen to music or attend a meeting online. But these AirPods are within a case which is another important thing without which AirPods cannot work. Eventually, many people misplace these cases and later do not find them.

Most of you think there is no other option except replacement to find your AirPods case. But this is wrong because after losing your AirPod case you can still track it if your case implies a few conditions which have been mentioned in this post.

Apple has also a feature by which you can find your lost AirPods in just minutes. So, in this article, I have focused on how to find airpod case with a built-in function by which you will locate your case in just a few minutes.

So, let’s get started!

In Which Conditions Can You Find Your Lost AirPod Case?

AirPods are a bit costlier than other EarPods available in the market. So, losing the AirPods might make you tense. But in order to find your AirPods, there are a few conditions to track its location and play sound on it.

The most important condition is there must be at least one earbud in your AirPod charging case. This is because the case is just a holder and a charger for your pods. The track feature is only available on the pods. 

Pods have an integrated chip that allows you to track their location when you have misplaced it. However, if your case is lost without pods in them, you can still try the steps below and find the last location of your case.

The second condition necessary is, that the case must be in working condition. Working condition not only means it must be physically perfect but it must be also charged so that it is discoverable while tracking it.

If your AirPods case satisfies the above conditions you can directly go ahead and know how to find the AirPods case. 

But if your case does not satisfy the conditions above I would recommend you to still follow the steps and thoroughly read the last part of this post where I have said you the final way if your AirPods are not trackable.

Find Your AirPod Case In Just 5 Step Process!

Misplacement happens by mistake and there is nothing unfortunate in losing your AirPods case but having the AirPods in the case is the best scenario to track your case easily. So, below I have given you the 5-step procedure on how to find AirPod case!

The 5 step procedure given below mainly focuses on the Directions feature of Apple. This feature of Apple mainly allows you to track the exact location of your lost apple product. This feature will work perfectly if your case is open. 

1. Launch Find My Application On Your Device

Find my app is a stunning app of an Apple which allows you to track all the products by Apple such as AirPods, Mac, iPod, iPhone, etc… Before using it, make sure that this feature is enabled on your phone, and after enabling it make sure you don’t forget to launch it.

To check it, Go to the Settings App on your iPhone > Tap on your Account > Click on Find My menu in the list > Find My iPhone > Make sure that the Find My iPhone option is enabled, (as shown in the image) in order to find your AirPods case.

How Can Anyone Find AirPod Case In Just 5 Minutes?

2. Selecting Your AirPods

After opening the “Find My” application you have to select your missing AirPods to find the location of the case. So, go ahead and click on the Devices Tab > Select your AirPods which is missing. If you are unable to get your device then expand the screen.

How Can Anyone Find AirPod Case In Just 5 Minutes?

3. Click On The Case Option

After you select your AirPods, there will be three options listed on your screen namely – Case, Left Bud, and Right Bud. You have to click on the case option if you want to find your lost AirPods case.

How Can Anyone Find AirPod Case In Just 5 Minutes?

4. Getting Directions To Find Your Lost AirPods Case

After following the whole procedure mentioned above, now we are going to discuss how to track the location of your case. For this, you have to click on the Find tab > It will give you the exact distance in feet. You have to just move around your space.

How Can Anyone Find AirPod Case In Just 5 Minutes?

5. Playing Sound On Your AirPods case

Your iPhone case may be near you but hidden in that case directions feature doesn’t work accurately. Now, you have to click on the Play Sound option and there will be a chime sound that is loud enough will be played on your device which will help you to find the case.

How Can Anyone Find AirPod Case In Just 5 Minutes?

Activating Lost Mode To Find Your Lost AirPods case

If you are still having issues in finding your lost AirPods case or you are not able to discover your AirPods case then Lost Mode might help you. This feature locks your device temporarily and make’s it unusable.

1. Open Find My App And Select Your Lost AirPods

The lost mode feature is available in the Find My app on your device. So, firstly you have to open this application on your phone > Go to the Devices Option and click on the AirPods on which you want to find your case location. 

If you have many devices you may be unable to find them so, make sure that you expand the devices tab to see all the devices on the screen. After clicking on your device select the Case feature on your screen.

Open Find My App And Select Your Lost AirPods to find airpod case

2. Features Under Mark As Lost Option

Mark as lost is a unique option of apple for those who have lost their AirPods case. There are a few features listed under this option that you must be aware of. These features in brief are stated after you click on Activate button under Mark As Lost option.

  • Notify When Found: You will receive a notification on your phone whenever your device is discoverable.
  • Find My Lock: AirPods are always linked to your Apple ID and enabling this feature will prevent strangers from using your AirPods case.
  • Leave A Message: This feature leaves behind a notification for those who find your case.
Features Under Mark As Lost Option to find airpod case

3. Final Confirmation Of Mark As Lost Option

After understanding the features now you have to confirm the usage of the Mark As Lost option. Click on the Activate option in Mark As Lost Tab > Click On Continue > Add Phone number (Optional) > Click On Activate.

How You Can Find Your Lost AirPods Buds Without The Case

In case, you might be having your case with you and lose the Right or the Left bud. So, I have even given a way by which you can locate one of the AirPods without a case. To do this, follow carefully the steps that have been given below:-

1. Turn On Find My Network Option In Setting

After enabling this option in your setting then you can discover your AirPods even without connecting to the network. For this, Go to Settings > Tap on your Apple Id > Click On the “Find My” menu > Find my Device > Enable Find My Network option.

2. Play A Sound On Your AirPods

Getting a ring on your AirPods may make them easily locatable. To play sound on your Air Pods, Launch Find My App > Devices Tab > Choose your AirPods > Tap On Play Sound menu.

3. Turn On Lost Mode

We have already discussed the features of the lost mode in this post. To find a particular AirPods you can even enable this Lost Mode feature. Open Find My App > Devices Tab and Choose your AirPods > Activate the Mark as Lost feature in a few steps as directed.

Wrap-Up On How To Find AirPod Case

All the ways and the steps mentioned above are using the built-in function of Apple. Because using third-party apps on how to find AirPod case, might be risky due to privacy issues. If your AirPods case is with you then you should enable the notification option.

By enabling this option Apple will send you a notification whenever you forget your AirPods or AirPods case. To enable this option Open Find My App > Devices tab > Select your AirPods > Notification Menu > Enable Notify When Left Behind > Done.

All the steps mentioned in this post might slightly differ according to the product of your AirPods. After following all the methods above if you still do not get your AirPods case back then you should go to the nearest Apple store or contact Apple Support for a replacement.

If you find your lost AirPods case back then you must always take safety precautions so that you do not lose your AirPods back like enabling the Notification option as shared before, Adding AirTags, tiles, etc… to the case of your AirPods.

I hope you found this post helpful where we discussed how to find AirPod case. If you have any doubts related to this post don’t forget to ask us in the comments box below we will try to reply to you as soon as possible.

FAQ: How to Find Lost AirPod In Minutes?

People have different queries relating to how to find AirPod case. This is because losing the case makes you panic and many questions arise in your mind. So, I have tried to mention a few commonly asked questions below:-

Q1.How accurately does iPhone track my case location?

Ans: iPhone has a specific and built-in application to find the location of Apple products. iPhone location tracking feature has been rated quite good but it always depends on the coverage area. To find an accurate location of the cases you have to always zoom in and then follow the directions.

Q2. Can my AirPods case be used by someone else?

Ans: iPhone cases are quite secure and no one can access them without getting your permission. But your case being used by a stranger is highly possible because the following person who finds your case can reset it and make it his property.

Q3. What if I don’t find my AirPods case?

Ans: If you still cannot locate your case after following all the ways and methods the only thing you can do is go for a case replacement. You can do this by going to the nearby Apple store or online. Replacement of only one case may be cheaper but replacement of a case with anyone bud inside may be problematic and costly.

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