Best and Quickest Way On How to Get Apple Genius Bar Appointment

Apple products are too costly and valuable but you might get tensed when these products get physically or internally damaged. There are a few minor problems that you can solve by yourself but what if your Apple company product is having a major or physical issue?

Then, in this case, you can only go to a technician who has expertise in repairing Apple company’s products. This might also be risky because handing your product to a stranger might be risky. So, in this post, you will know different ways to get an Apple genius bar appointment.

Apple genius bar is a service provided by Apple to its users so that if the users face any problem they can easily solve it by going to the store without getting into much technical knowledge.

So, let’s get started.

Usefulness Of Apple Genius Bar

As per Wikipedia, Apple set up its genius bar on May 19, 2001, to provide a support service for the users of any Apple product. Genius bar not only solves hardware issues but also all software or usage issues people face with the product.

Apple genius bar can not only be accessed by going to a physical store but also it is accessible by phone, chat, email, or Twitter which is guided by an expert. All the staff present in the genius bar either online or offline are technicians of Apple.

Apple genius bar provides very quick and expert service. Almost all the services of Apple genius bar are free but in some cases, there might be a small cost that you may have to pay.

2 Ways To Get Apple Genius Bar Appointment

Getting an appointment for Apple’s genius bar is easy but quite confusing. So, I have made this task an easy one by explaining thoroughly the two different ways, and if you find a problem in any of the ways you can easily move to the next one.

1. Using The Support Application

Apple has a specified application for its users which includes providing support. This application by Apple is used to buy different products by Apple and even to get an appointment at Apple genius bar.

Step 1: Installing The Apple Store App

Apple does not have a specified application named support but it provides its user’s support in the Apple Store app itself. However, the Apple store is a pre-installed app but if you don’t have this app yet then you can easily install it from the App Store.

Install the apple store app for genius bar appointment

Step 2. Going To The Genius Bar Section

After installing the Apple Store app, launch it on your phone and sign in with your Apple ID of which product you want the service. Then, click on the button on the bottom menu named “Stores” 

Here you will find three options namely “Find a store”, “Genius bar” and “Workshops and Events”. In these, you have to click on the “Genius bar” option and you will be directed to the genius bar section.

Click on the genius bar option for the genius bar appointment

Step 3. Making A Reservation

In the genius bar section, you will find a blue text on the screen named “Make A Reservation”, simply tap on it and select the product which you need help with. Example:- Mac > Search and select the store where you can visit and solve your issue.

Making a Reservation for genius bar appointment

Step 4. Setting The Day And Time Of The Appointment

The final step of setting up an appointment is to choose the preferred day and time for visiting the store. After you choose it, click on the “Reserve” button at the top-right corner of the screen and this will fix your appointment with the genius bar with your desired product.

Select the Day and Time for genius bar appointment

2. Using Apple Support Website

Unlike, the Apple support application if you use the Apple support website you can even chat with the technician experts online with your phone or laptop and solve your issue while sitting at home. So, follow the steps given below:-

Step 1. Going To The Support Website And Selecting The Type Of Issue

Go to the Apple genius bar website, and select your type of issue whether software or hardware by scrolling down and clicking on “Get software help” or “Get hardware help” and sign in with your Apple ID.

Visit the support website for genius bar appointment

Step 2. Selecting Your Product

After you sign in, click on “View Products” and you will find many products like- Mac, iPhone, iPad, AirPods, etc… In these, you will have to select the product with which you want the help.

Select your product for genius bar appointment

Step 3. Describing Your Issue

After selecting your device, first of all, you have to select “What’s going on?” and after that select your topic. Make sure you have selected the right problem and after that go ahead and click on “Continue”.

Click on Continue Button for genius bar appointment

Step 4. Getting Your Appointment

After you follow all the above steps, now you will find some Articles on the screen from which you can go through and still if your issue is not yet solved then you can choose “Chat” or the “Choosing Your Location” and set up your appointment.

How To Reschedule Or Cancel A Booked Appointment For Apple Genius Bar

By following any one of the above 2 ways you may already have booked your appointment for Apple genius bar but what if you are unable to attend the particular time? Apple also gives you the option to reschedule or cancel your appointment at no cost.

For this, first of all, you will be needing a Case ID which you will access from iCloud mail in which you will receive a mail from Apple’s support named “Carry-in Appointment Confirmation”.

Head to Apple Support and enter the Case ID which you had got before from the email received and even the last name associated with your Apple ID. Now, your screen will show all your Upcoming Appointments.

Reschedule or Cancel a Booked Appointment for genius bar appointment

In those, you will find two options one named “Reschedule Now” to reschedule your day and timing of the appointment and in case you want to cancel your appointment you can simply do that by clicking on the “Cancel” option.

Wrap-Up On How To Get Apple Genius Bar Appointment

This post was completely practical and all the ways were explained step-by-step-wise. There are few points that you must focus on before going to an appointment.

First of all, if you are sending your Mac or an iPhone for the service then always make sure you take a backup of the data so to avoid data loss. 

And also make sure to gather all the products. If you want any extra service then make sure to add a comment while fixing the appointment.

I hope you liked this informative post and still if you have any queries related to Apple’s genius bar appointment make sure to leave a comment below so that we can help you.

FAQ: Genius Bar Appointment

While researching this topic on the internet in order to give you the best possible information I found many queries of the people which are not answered yet. So, I have tried to clear some of them below:-

Q1. Does apple company really solve the product problem?

Ans: Apple is the most trusted company and even it is unique as it makes its users problem-free by providing different solutions for different problems. According to me, Apple will surely solve every user problem when you book an appointment for the genius bar.

Q2. How much does the company cost for one appointment?

Ans: As per Apple, initially the genius bar service by Apple is totally free of cost. But in case your product has been physically damaged then to replace the parts you may be charged which will be told to you at the time of the appointment.

Q3. Does the genius bar service fix all the issues of my company?

Ans: Yes, but it truly depends on the warranty of your Apple product and even the type of service you are asking for whether it is internally or externally damaged.

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