6 Ways To Fix Youtube Upload Dates: Make Your YouTube Video Visible!

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world which has everything from gaming streams to popular cooking shows, movies, and TV shows. It is the second most visited website after Google and also the largest video platform on the internet.

According to the report of Statista, the worldwide advertising revenues of YouTube amounted to 7.34 billion U.S. dollars in the second quarter of 2022, which represents a five percent year-over-year increase.  

In the coming years, YouTube should retain its position as the largest platform in its niche. However, YouTube is not perfect, as it also suffers from occasional bugs and glitches from time to time. Viewers are now reporting that the ‘upload date’ is missing from video information on several YouTube videos

In this article, We have shared the top 6 ways to fix Youtube upload dates that are not visible on YT videos. And also, We have discussed why doesn’t YouTube show the upload date.  

So, let’s get started.

Why Doesn’t YouTube Show Upload Date

There are several different reasons why YouTube does not show the upload date for any particular video. One possible explanation is that the video was actually uploaded before YouTube began to track and display upload dates. 

Another possible reason is that the video was uploaded privately or to an unlisted channel. In that case, the upload date of the video would not be publicly visible. Also, it is possible that the upload date has been deliberately hidden by the channel owner.

Maybe the reason is that the video was uploaded by an organization or company that wants to keep its videos private. So, if you are trying to find out how old a particular video is, there are several ways you can try to view its upload date.

6 Ways To Fix Youtube Upload Dates

If you have noticed that the upload date of videos on YouTube is no longer visible on your device, you don’t need to worry, because you’re not alone. Recently, many users have been reporting this issue, and it seems to be related to a change in YouTube’s algorithm. Here are the top 6 ways to fix YouTube upload dates. 

1. Using Chrome Extension To View Upload Date

One of the most reliable methods to view the exact date and time of a particular YouTube video is by using a popular Google Chrome extension, named YouTube Upload Time. This extension uses the Google API to reveal the exact date and time of the video uploaded on the YouTube Platform. 

Add YouTube Upload Time Extension to Chrome to Fix YouTube Upload Dates

Here is the process of how you can install this extension and use it. First, you need to open the Google Chrome web store on your browser and install this extension to it. Now, open your desired YouTube video and click on the installed extension to know its upload date and time.

Also, you can also switch to different time zones in this extension to view the upload date and time of the selected video in your preferred format. It is one of the easiest and simplest ways to view the upload date of Youtube videos. 

2. Deleting Browser Data

Another way to fix this issue is to delete all your browser data to see if that can solve your problem. First, go to the clear browsing data tab in your browser’s settings, where you can choose the type of browsing data to delete.  

Clear Browsing data to fix Youtube upload dates

Now, just select the cache and cookies options and ensure the Time range is set to All time. Then, click on the Clear now button to clear out all your browsing data.

Finally, restart your browser and visit YouTube and open your video again. Now, it should work fine without these issues. 

3. Adjusting Zoom Level On YouTube Video 

It is one of the easiest ways to fix this issue and it is working for most users. You just need to adjust the zoom level of the current YouTube page on your browser to reveal the uploaded video date. Adjusting the zoom level to 90% or 125% can get you the desired results. 

Adjusting the Zoom Level on YouTube Videos to Fix YouTube Upload Dates

First, open a YouTube video in which you are seeing this issue on your browser. Then, you need to press the Ctrl and – or + buttons on your keyboard simultaneously to zoom out or zoom in on the page respectively.

Finally, just reload the page to check if the uploaded video date is clearly visible or not. This process has already worked for many users. 

4. Using YouTube Metadata Online Tool

Along with the Chrome extension, you can also use the YouTube Metadata online tool to reveal all the information associated with any Youtube video which includes its upload date and time. Here you are given some information to use this tool. 

Use YouTube Metadata Online Tool to Fix Youtube Upload Dates

First, you need to copy the URL of your desired YouTube video to your clipboard. Then, go to the YouTube Metadata online tool and paste the copied link in the search field. Now, just click on the Submit button to generate the search results.

Finally, you should scroll down the page to locate the Video section, where you can find the exact date and time of the published video on the YouTube platform.

5. Switching To Tablet View 

Another very useful trick to reveal the upload date of any YouTube video is to change its orientation by switching to the Tablet view on your browser. First, open any video on YouTube and right-click on it, and go to the Inspect option.

Switching to Tablet View to Fix Youtube Upload Dates

Next, you need to click on the Smartphone or Tablet view button to change the screen view or orientation.

Now, you should be able to clearly see the video upload date below your current video on YouTube.

6. Using A Third-party Tool 

Even though we would not quite recommend you to use this way, but if nothing else works, you can use any of the several third-party tools available on the internet to check the exact upload date of a particular video. 

Using A Third-party Tool to fix Youtube upload dates

You can try out different browser extensions for Chrome or Chromium-based browsers like Edge. 

Also, you can use any third-party online tool to get all relevant information about a YouTube video using just a link to the video itself. 

Wrap Up On 6 Ways To Fix Youtube Upload Dates

So, these are the top 6 ways to fix the YouTube upload dates missing from videos. If you want to find the most recent videos on YouTube on a certain topic, you should search for the topic and then sort the results by “upload date.” 

You need to click on the “sort by” drop-down menu near the top of the page and then select “upload date.” It is the best way to find recent videos on YouTube. We can hope that the developers will resolve the problem soon so that YouTube users can see the upload date of the videos once again. 

If these above fixes have helped you to troubleshoot this issue, then you can share this article with those people who you think might need it. And if you have any doubts or questions regarding this topic, please let us know in the comments below.  

FAQ: 6 Ways To Fix Youtube Upload Dates

As YouTube developers are already aware of the upload date missing on some videos and are trying to resolve the issue, many of us have different questions related to this topic. Here, we have given answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Q1. How do I stop YouTube from uploading my dates?

Ans: You need to click the “Modules” tab on the Edit My Channel page and then scroll down to the “Event Dates” option box. Now, click the check box to remove the check mark and disable the option.

Q2. Does YouTube show the upload or publish date?

Ans: When you make a video public on the YouTube platform, the date on the watch page is generally based on Pacific Standard Time (PST). If you want a certain date to show beneath your video, then you need to upload your video on that date.

Q3. What is the difference between uploading and publishing on YouTube?

Ans: When you upload a video, your video file is imported to YouTube. However, when you publish a video, your video is made available on the YouTube platform for anyone to watch.

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