Uncover The Top 3 Methods How To Inspect Element on Android Devices

Inspect element allows you to scout the basic code and debug it on a website. It is beneficial for developers who want to discover errors and for common users who wish to download a file. But this inspect element option is not openly available for Android users!

As per the reports of Chrome-Developer Tools, inspect element is the most basic feature required for a developer. The developer cannot always carry his laptop with him, he may be also in search of this inspect element on an Android device.

So, in this post, I am going to say you how to inspect element on android with 3 easy but useful methods. Before getting into this post let me tell you briefly about what inspect element is. Inspect an element is a developer tool offered by various browsers.

It is used to view the specific parts of code and temporarily edit it. By using this tool developers give an enhanced look to the front end of the website. The changes that they make are temporary, to make them functional a developer edits the code in the code editor.s

So, Let’s get Started!

What Is The Use Of Inspecting An Element In Android?

Inspecting an element provides its features to mainly two categories – Developers and Common Users. Developers use this tool just to give a good look to their website by just playing with the scripts.

The changes they make in the inspection tool do not affect the main code, once they reload everything is set by default. This way developers experiment with different scripts and make one workable which suits the best.

The inspection tool is also helpful for the common users of browsers who just surf online. By inspecting an element a user can know the type of coding language involved in the creation of a website and the different scripts used.

It is also helpful to download images, audio and videos from a particular site where the download option is not openly available.

By knowing how to inspect element on android you can easily avail of all the above features without buying a laptop or PC.

3 Best Methods To Inspect Element On Android

Inspecting an element on android is not an easy task. But the 3 ways listed below are really mind-blowing and by following them you can surely make use of the features of the inspection tool as an Android user.

1. Adding A Code Bookmark On The Chrome Browser

A bookmark is a web browser feature that is used to save a specific URL on the browser.

So, we are going to use this bookmark feature by just pasting a code instead of the URL. Whenever you open the created bookmark an inspect feature option appears.

To add this code, first, you need to open your Chrome Browser > Tap on the More Options Menu that is available in the top-right corner > Click on The Star Icon >.

After clicking on the start icon there will be an option popped at the bottom called “Edit” >  simply tap on it.

Add a Code Bookmark on the Chrome Browser to Inspect Element on Android

After going to the editing panel, under the URL section just paste the code that is given below and exit the page.

Now, visit the website of your choice and just search for the name you had given for that element in the search box.

After this, you will find the gear icon at the bottom-right corner just click on it once and this tool will start working.

javascript:(function () { var script = document.createElement(‘script’); script.src=”//cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/eruda”; document.body.appendChild(script); script.onload = function () { eruda.init() } })();

2. Viewing The Source Code Of A Particular Website

The first procedure is a bit complicated for those who do not frequently use the bookmark feature of chrome.

So, viewing the source code of the website of your choice will give you almost the same appearance as that of the inspecting tool mentioned above.

This method of inspecting elements can be done on any browser of your choice. The first step is to open the website that you want to inspect > Then just go to the URL bar and type “view-source: “ just before the website address.

View source code of a particular website to inspect element on Android

After searching for this address you will see the whole script of the page and all the necessary codes integrated with the page. It will also avail you of the download link of any image or video on the particular page.

3. Using An Application To Inspect An Element

A specific application for a specific feature or a function always makes our work easier. So, if you also think in the same way then this method will surely help you.

Now we are going to see a specific app that has all the inspection tool features which are useful for a developer. 

First of all, you have to install “HTML Website Inspector Editor” on your android device from Play Store.

After Installing, open it > Search for your desired website > Click on the More Options icon at the top right corner of the screen.

Using an Application to Inspect Element on Android

After clicking on it, you will find many options listed to edit HTML, Page Source, and JavaScript.

This is a bit different from the normal inspection tool but it has everything arranged in a proper manner to make the options easily available.

Learning The Inspect Tool Feature!

You may be familiar with the methods now, but you may not know the features listed in the inspect tool option. So, I will try you to give a basic idea of various tabs and functions available in the inspect tool option.

There are two icons available when you inspect an element (on desktop), the first option helps you to select various sections and the second one allows you to check the page responsiveness.

Next to that, there are four tabs available namely Elements, Console, Sources, and Network. The Elements tab shows all the sections and links of the page. The Console tab is basically used to find errors during the execution time.

The Sources tab list the various scripts taken from external sources over the internet. Lastly, the Network tab gives various listings based on the internet utilized on the site.

It gives information about the waterfall, the time to load a particular file, the size of the file, etc.

Wrap-Up On How To Inspect Element On Android

Developers are always in need of basic tools which even function in an android rather than a desktop.

Inspecting an element in any device will give you the same results. But knowing how to inspect an element on android will surely save you time.

If you want to download any image from a website, you have to just inspect and select the particular section. Hence, you will find the download link there. It is the same in the case of other file formats.

I hope you found the methods and the information is given in this post helpful. If you have any queries or issues related to inspecting elements on android feel free to ask us in the comments below.

FAQ: How To Inspect Element On Android

Inspecting elements on android may be a somewhat confusing topic for you. So, in order to help you understand, I have also given a few commonly asked questions by people over the internet.

Q1. Is using inspect elements a waste of time?

Ans: Inspect element is more useful for only developers because they have to always play around with some scripts to complete their code. If you are a common user then you can just use this element to download files and see how a particular script works.

Q2. Which is the most useful feature of inspect element tool?

Ans: Selecting an element is a crazy feature of inspecting elements, it allows you to view the code and even download images and videos. This option is available as a small icon on the left side of the inspection panel.

Q3. Why is inspect element tool not available directly on Android?

Ans: Inspect element tool takes almost half of the screen. Android phones being smaller in size does not work perfectly with the inspection tool. Hence, in order to view the whole content inspect element tool is not openly available on Android.

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