7 Ways To Schedule Facebook and Instagram Reels: Reduce The Workload!

In 2022 short video format is growing rapidly. If you are a content creator then Facebook and Instagram reels are the best way to grab your audience’s attention. Day by day people’s attention span decreased.

As per the research of DATAINTELO, the short video market is going to touch 2.3 billion by 2030. After TikTok, every social media platform launches its short video features on their platform. 

It’s the best way to grow your followers, subscribers, and grab your audience’s attention. Businesses and brands are also focused on reels and short-type content. So it’s a great opportunity to monetize your content.

So from this, you can understand how important reels are to your business and personal brand. That’s why you need to auto-schedule your reels if you are busy with your other activities.

In this post, we have discussed 7 ways to schedule Facebook and Instagram reels. If you understand this article well then you can easily save your important time by auto-scheduling the reels.

So, Let’s Get Started.

Why We Need To Schedule Facebook And Instagram Reels

So you realize the future scope of Facebook and Instagram reels. Reels have huge audience attention, people spend 2 to 3 hours daily on Instagram and Facebook reels. Instagram’s parent company is Meta which runs on an algorithm. 

Nowadays lots of businesses and brands come into reel content, and if you think to grow with reels then you have to make a schedule to post a reel daily basis.

And you have to know your audience’s attention time and then you have to post reels according to the time.

But, slowly it’s very difficult to post a reel daily at the same time because you might have other work. even sometimes you are not able to post your reel.

7 Ways To Schedule Facebook And Instagram Reels

So if you want to manage your workload and want to grow your business and personal brand with reels, then these 7 ways help you to schedule your reels.

1. Go To Creator Studio And Schedule Your Reel

The best way to schedule Facebook and Instagram reels are meta creator studio. Creator Studio is made for creators’ content management. Let’s see how you get to benefit from it.

Use the Creator Studio app to schedule Facebook and Instagram reels

Open creator Studio and log in, then you get a dashboard, where you upload your real/ vertical video for up to 60 seconds.

In the next step, you can optimize your video, you can trim or crop your video if it is not in vertical shape. Next, you get an option to add a caption and hashtag, and then in the next step, you can schedule your reels for later.

2. Use Buffer To Auto-Schedule Your Reels

Buffer is a content management app that manages your social media accounts. In Buffer, you can connect your all social media handles and set schedules according to your time.

Install Buffer App to Schedule Facebook and Instagram Reels

First, you need a buffer account if you don’t have thin go to buffer.com or you can install the buffer mobile app. Then you create an account on Buffer, then you can connect all your social media handles. 

Now you upload your reels on the buffer and schedule your reels according to your time or you can also schedule multiple posts for one week or one month and Buffer will publish it.

3. Try Tailwind To Schedule Your Reels

Tailwind gives you a smart schedule that automatically analyses your audience time and posts according to this. 

Visit the Tailwind app to schedule Facebook and Instagram reels

The most interesting feature of Tailwind is you can post directly, or you can post through push notification. You can optimize your post accordingly to your audience’s engaging time or you can choose a specific time zone and then you can set them.

First, you need a Tailwind account, Go to Tailwind’s official website or install the Mobile app then create an account on Tailwind, now you can upload your reels, photo, and also stories.

Then you schedule your posts through drag and drop calendar to reduce your workload and use hashtags to reach more audiences. 

4. Later Help You To Post Your Pre-made Content

Later is another content management tool that gives features to schedule posts in bulk or also you can schedule single image and video posts directly.

Using the Latter application to schedule Facebook and Instagram reels

Like Tailwind, later also has push notification features where you can schedule posts via post notification. The unique feature of later is Instagram aesthetic with a visual planner where you can see how the post will look after posting.

So fast create a later account and connect all your social media accounts, then you can connect multiple profiles and manage them with only one later account.

If you run multiple Instagram or Facebook pages then later is the best option for you. You can separate your photos and videos, and post them on different accounts.

5. Use Hootsuite Social Media Management

Another popular social media management tool is Hootsuite. This tool is quite similar to other tools but you can be highly active on Instagram by auto-schedule your content.

In Hootsuite mobile app you can schedule stories, feed posts, or reels by push notification. 

Install the Hootsuite application to schedule Facebook and Instagram reels

For example, if you are a busy person and you don’t spend your time on social media then you can go to Hootsuite. 

Once you schedule your hundreds of posts at a time and leave hustle free life. Just install the Hootsuite app or go to the website and sign up and create your account.

6. Join Agorapulse And Save Your Time

Big corporations and social media influencers can’t manage their social media by themselves. The question is how they managed.

Go to the Agorapulse app to schedule Facebook and Instagram reels

They have a social media manager who does it for them, and they use social media tools to schedule their posts. Agorapulse is one of the social media management tools. You can take a leave from hattrick social media to live by seedling your content in a different time zone.

The Agorapulse has unique features, you can publish multiple images of posts directly on Instagram and also schedule Instagram reports by Agorapulse reporting tools. Let’s see how you can do it.

First, create an account on Agorapulse and then upload your image, video or stories then schedule the post like other social media tools.

7. SocialBee Can Manage Your Workload

One mode option you have is SocialBee. This tool is similar to other tools but you get some extra features on this.

Use the SocialBee App to Schedule Facebook and Instagram Reels

You can schedule images, videos, reels, and also you can see real-time looks via grid view mode. Not only post you can schedule your first comment on Instagram.

If you have a team for your content, then SocialBee provides you a workspace where they work remotely and you can analyze your audience engagement time.

Fast you open an account on SocialBee and then connect all your social media accounts and you can edit those posts with Canva in SocialBee.

Warp Up: 7 Ways To Schedule Facebook and Instagram Reels

In this post, you have learned 7 Ways to Schedule Facebook and Instagram Reels. All these ways are very good and useful, which will save you time. Because time is very important and everyone is very busy with their work.

But you can easily auto-schedule Facebook and Instagram reels by choosing any of these 7 ways. All these places are unique and have special features, so you can choose them according to your need.

We hope this post helped you find the best way to schedule your Facebook and Instagram reels. 

So what is the delay, choose one of these methods and auto-schedule your Facebook and Instagram reels from today. If you have any doubt or any queries then you can feel free to comment to us below. 

FAQ: 7 Ways To Schedule Facebook and Instagram Reels

People are searching for different ways to schedule their reels and other social media content to save time. They have also many questions about schedule reels, I covered some of them below.

Q1. Best Auto Scheduler App For Facebook and Instagram Reels In 2022?

Ans: Best Auto Scheduler App in 2022 is Meta Creator Studio, Buffer, Tailwind, Later, Hootsuite, Agorapulse, SocialBee, etc.

Q2. How To Schedule Reels on Instagram For Free?

Ans: Meta Creator Studio is the best free way to schedule your reels or post on Instagram. Meta is the parent company of Instagram so what could be better than that? Open Creator Studio and upload your reel video then set the specific time to schedule your reel.

Q3. Easy Way To Schedule Instagram Reels?

Ans: The easy and best way to schedule your Instagram reel, is open Instagram and upload your reel video. Then add caption and hashtag then in the next, you get an option to schedule your reels. Simply schedule the reel for your time.

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