3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

Portable Document Format (PDF) is a standard file format developed by Adobe in 1992. This is a basic printable format that can include text, images, and links as well. But when it comes to editing PDF is a difficult thing. How you can do this in an easy way? 

According to the report of ItextPDF, more than 2.5 trillion PDF documents are used right now in the whole world. Huge Number!. 

In the 90s the PDF format was only designed to make paperless offices. But now PDF is everywhere and everyone is using it.

So this becomes crucial how you can edit if you find any kind of mistake in it. 

However, this is possible to open it right and start editing. But now there are some ways to make it real. But this requires reading this complete article.

Because I have covered 3 simple and easy ways how you can edit an existing PDF

Also, I have included a step-by-step process of how you can do so. So this is going to be very interesting.

That’s why don’t skip any point otherwise you will lose your chance to make things better.

Why You Need To Make PDF Editable

PDF is the most usable and convenient document format. That can either use to draft any physical office copy or an image. Also, when it comes to security PDF format is the most secured one. 

Because you can also set any password for opening it. That makes it a better place to store sensitive information.

That’s why most banks always send crucial information through email in PDF format with password protection. 

So that non of any person without your permission can open it. However, it also can be hacked but there is no better format than PDF.

That’s why if you are working in a government office or you want to send private information to any person. 

Then you need to use PDF format with a password. This will help you to make things as private as you want. But make sure the password should enough strong. 

How To Make PDF Editable: 3 Simple Ways

Making an existing PDF file editable help you to make some change as you want. But how you can do that? That’s why you need to read below. 

1. Convert PDF To Editable Format

The intention behind making PDF format is to store office data in digital format. That’s why people can’t edit a PDF file straight. But not we have some ways and software out there. Those can do this work easily. 

One of way is to convert PDF format into an editable format. So that you can edit it easily and when the work is complete.

You can reverse it into the same format as before. I know this looks quite difficult but believe me this is not. 

I have explained step by step process below how you can do that easily. But make sure the PDF file is not a scan file. Because a scan file is not editable in any way. 

Step #1. Select The File

Now, in the first step, you need to select the PDF file which you want to edit. But make the PDF file format should right.

Otherwise, you may face some problems while converting it. However, this is a rare thing but can happen especially if the file is very old. 

3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

Step #2. Upload It Online

Uploading sensitive information online may cause to leak. But when it comes to security there are some websites.

That will automatically delete the information after converting the file online. But you need to be very careful while doing this. 

So first you need to search on Google “PDF to Word converter”. You will find some results and then you need to open the top website. 

3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

Step #3. Convert The File Into Editable Format

When you open the website you will find a dashboard design to convert PDF files into word format. That’s why first you need to choose the file and select when the window opens. Then the website automatically converts the PDF file into word. 

3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

Step #4. Download The File On The Computer

When you convert the PDF file into word format now you need to download it on your desktop.

So that you can make the changes as you want. But before it, you will find a window that requires choosing the pro version. That is paid you that’s why you need to select other option. 

3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

Step #5. Make Some Edits

Now, the step comes where you can edit your PDF file and make it better to use. So after downloading the Docs format you can easily open the file in your Microsoft Word software. Then start editing as much as you want. 

Step #6. Re-upload The File Online

Congratulation, you have edited the PDF file which you want to. But hold on now this is not a PDF file, it is a Docs file. That can be edited easily by anyone else. That’s why now you need to re-upload it online and convert it into PDF format. 

3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

Step #7. Repeat The Previous Steps

After finding the best website for converting the Docs file into PDF format. Now, you need to repeat the previous steps which I have explained earlier. That includes opening the website, uploading the file, converting it, then downloading. 

2. Edit PDF File Online 

Converting PDF files online then editing is very lengthy work and most people want to avoid this work.

Especially those not related to the technical field. That’s why they want a more easy and more straightforward way. 

That comes with the opportunity to edit PDF files online without converting them. However, you need to require your file to upload on their platform.

But if the file contains very sensitive information. Then you need to authority and security of the website. 

So the hackers can’t make it publicly. But if the file is normal and doesn’t have any sensitive information.

That might hurt any person or organization. Then you can edit your PDF file without any tension. That’s why I have listed some steps below to follow. 

Step #1. Search For The Website

Google is the most trusted and efficient search engine. That helps every people to find their important things.

Whatever place they are living doesn’t matter if internet access mobile they can use Google. The same you can also use for searching the website. 

3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

Step #2. Select The Respected Website

There are hundreds or even thousands of websites available online. Those providing the same service.

You can upload your PDF file and edit it online. But most of them are unsecured and hackers and easily steal the information. That’s why you need to find the most respected one.

3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

Step #3. Upload The PDF File

Editing PDF files online is the most convenient way that will help you to complete the task without any confusion.

However, some websites only permit adding additional text. But the website which I have found will provide you full freedom. So just upload your PDF file. 

3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

Step #4. Do Some Edits

When it comes to editing this depends on you. Because many websites only allow users to add additional words.

But user can not remove the exiting words. That is the main problem but this website which I have included will allow you to the edit PDF file completely. 

3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

Step #5. Take A Final Look

Editing a PDF file, again and again, will make it worse. Because the structure is already done before and you are just editing.

That’s why after editing your PDF file you should deeply take a final look. So that you don’t need to make any changes after exporting it onto your desktop. 

Step #6. Download The PDF File

You have done every change that is required. Whether it is removing the image, correcting the grammatical error, or something else.

Now your file is ready to download onto your computer. So for doing this all you need is just hit the button right below “Apply Changes”. Then download the file. 

3 Ways On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable : Online and Offline

3. Edit PDF File Offline

Do you have some sensitive information within the PDF file? Do you have a standard laptop or desktop?

Hacking is a normal thing whether any website is claiming their website is secured. But this is not a hundred percent. 

Because Google or even Microsoft can also be hacked. The only thing that will save from leaking sensitive information is to use offline software.

So that you can make an exiting PDF file editable. We usually have thousands of these types of software in the market. 

But not everyone can edit a PDF file properly. That’s why you need to use authentic, and easy-to-use software.

The name you already heard is Adobe Acrobat. This is the most trustable brand out there. So in this article, I am going to use this software for making a PDF file editable. 

Step #1. Open Adobe Acrobat & Select File

Adobe Acrobat is a PDF editing tool that helps you to convert, edit, share, or even sign to your PDF file. That’s why most offices use this software.

So you can also try it by downloading Adobe Acrobat onto your computer. Then you can select the file and open it inside the software. 

Step #2. Click “Edit PDF” Tool & Start Editing

So when you open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat you will find a very easy dashboard. That you can use to edit and do anything want with your PDF file.

Because this software provides you full freedom like online and converting the PDF formats. Also, you can make your e-sign inside the file. 

Step #3. Apply The Changes & Save It

Now, you have understood how easy is to make a PDF editable. Especially if you have a sensitive PDF file because maybe an information leak.

That’s why using offline software is a great idea. That’s why when you complete the work all you need is just hit the “Apply Changes” button.

Then all the information will be saved in your PDF file. 

Wrap Up On How To Make An Existing PDF Editable

Saving information in PDF format is a great thing. Because this will allow a user to open from any kind of device.

The PDF file doesn’t change its structure according to the display size like docs, or text. That’s why offices prefer to store information in PDF format. 

However, PDF format somewhere works like other formats. But when it comes to security and reliability PDF format comes at the top.

The only thing that can make it worse is editing. Because this is not possible to edit a PDF straight. 

You need to use any software whether it is online or offline. That will help a user to convert it in editable format or directly allow to directly edit the PDF file like above I have explained. That’s why you can try any of these ways or software. 

FAQ: 3 Ways To Make Existing PDF Editable

Editing an existing PDF file is difficult that’s why many people like you have lots of questions. That can be solved easily. That’s why I have added some of them in this article to provide appropriate answers.

Q1. Should I need to pay for editing PDF files?

Ans: No, there are some other ways that you can use to edit any PDF for free. However, if you want professional work. Then this may require some changes. But most of the time this is not necessary.

Q2. Should I edit the PDF file without Adobe Acrobat?

Ans: Yes, there is a bunch of PDF editing software in the market. That you can use to edit your PDF file whether you want to use Adobe or not.

Q3. Why editing PDF files is so hard?

Ans: PDF file is not designed to edit straightly like JPG, PNG, and other image formats. You need to use some editing software or convert it into an editable format. This will allow you to edit PDF files then you can easily apply changes.

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