Easiest Tips On How To Make Twitter Account Private: Step By Step Process!

Twitter is a social networking website that allows users to connect and share their thoughts with people around the world.

It provides a better place where you get to know much about knowing what’s going on in the world following along with topics that are important to you. 

According to the reports of omnicoreagency.com, Twitter is mostly used by audiences aged between 25 to 34 older. Thus, males contribute about 70.4%, and females about 29.6% of the users worldwide.

While using Twitter there are mostly some users who are especially looking for how to make their Twitter account private having some issue or any kind of reasons. 

For this purpose, you can choose to private your account to be limited to a particular circle only. Meanwhile, with the help of just a few steps, you can easily make your Twitter account private with only your smartphone.

Why Do You Need To Make Your Twitter Account Private

Many users often are in such a situation to make their Twitter account private. For this purpose, Twitter provides a great option to restrict your access to the ones with whom you don’t want to share anything or be public. 

With this option available on Twitter, you can easily manage your account. When you first create your account, your profile is public by default from the beginning and anyone can follow you easily. 

However, With a Private account, your tweets can be only seen by the followers and only the users you approve to follow will be later able to see your profile.

How To Make Twitter Account Private: 7 Simple Steps

Making your Twitter account private is very simple but most people don’t know how to make your Twitter account private. However, If you are searching for a solution to fix the problem. Here, you will know how to make your Twitter account private by following the steps which are described below.

1. Visit The Official Website Of Twitter

First, you need to open the Google application from your smartphone. Now you need to search Twitter on the search bar of Google Search Engine. Tap on the First result showing the official website to visit Twitter.

2. Log In To Your Twitter Account

Once you visit the official website of Twitter. Now log into your account with the help of Google, apple, phone, email address, and username accounts with which you created your account. Select the applicable way you to sign in every time on Twitter.

Log In to Your Twitter Account to make twitter account private

3. Tap On The Profile Icon On Twitter

After that when you logged in to your Twitter account. Now, you get directed to the Twitter homepage. From Here, you need to Tap on your profile icon displayed on the top left side corner of the screen.

Click On The Profile Icon to make Twitter account private

4. Click On The Settings And Privacy Option

Now, a popup menu appears from the left side showing various settings. At down at the bottom, you will find the settings and support option. So, just click on it and tab on settings and privacy.

Click On The Settings And Privacy Option to make Twitter account private

5. Select The Privacy And Safety Option On Twitter

A menu will appear showing various settings. From here only you need to tap on the settings and privacy option. Here, you can do the main setting to mention what you want to show on your profile.

Select The Privacy And Safety Option to make Twitter account private

6. Find Audience And Tagging Option

Now, you need to tap on the Audience and tagging option from just below your Twitter activity main heading. Here, you can easily manage your account with the information you want to show or not.

Click On Audience And Tagging Option to make Twitter account private

7. Make Your Twitter Account Private/Public

Finally from here only you will see the option to protect your tweets. So, to make your Twitter account private just tap on the box which will show a tick mark. 

Select protect your tweets option to make Twitter account private

Similarly, To make your Twitter account private to the public just untick it. Once you do this all your tweets will be protected and only people you actually approve or only your followers will be able to see your tweets.

What Type Of Users Mostly Use Twitter?

Today, many applications have been launched in the market. Most people use Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or any other short platform. 

If you ask many if they have a Twitter account. There are still many who will say they don’t have. While most users use Twitter on a regular or even daily basis.

Twitter is mostly used for knowing the latest and trending news. Many popular companies, YouTubers, political leaders, celebrities, sports stars, etc use Twitter. 

This platform becomes a good place to tell a particular complaint about any issue you face daily. 

Hence, if any other user retweets your tweet and becomes trending on Twitter. You may reach high authority and solve the problem you face.

Easy Way To Turn On Dark Mode On Twitter

The dark mode is beneficial at Night which protects your eyes from light emitted from your device. 

However, It is the best method you should do if you use Twitter for a long time in a day. You can change your Twitter settings from light mode to dark mode which is very simple. 

From the Homepage of twitter tab on settings and support>settings and privacy>accessibility, display and languages>display>Lights out and click on done.

What Is The Best Way To Tweet On Twitter

There are many ways to make your tweet popular. Better SEO and optimization must be technically done to get the engagement of users. 

Many users try unreal ways available through third-party applications or websites. However, you should always follow genuine and real ways to do the same. 

The best way to tweet on Twitter is to reach the maximum users. You must tweet on a regular basis at a fixed time. You should always provide particular hashtags relevant to the topic with the image you tweet on Twitter. 

One should always make sure to be conversational and should always try to mention a user on Twitter before making it public.

Is There Any Shortcut For How To Make Twitter Account Private

No, there is no shortcut for making your account private on Twitter with the method other than told above in this article. 

Many changes to your Twitter account are done only with the help of the Twitter application and by visiting the official website.

While you should never sign up for your Twitter account from a third-party application or website to do so. 

Therefore, the methods mentioned above in this article are quick and easy to private your account on Twitter which can be followed to do in any device with the help of your smartphone and laptop.

Wrap-Up On How To Make Twitter Account Private

From this detailed guide on how to make your Twitter account private. We hope that you have known much information and also important topics related to the topic. 

Twitter can also be used to generate a good income with the help of sponsored posts, affiliate marketing, monetization, promoting business, etc. 

Therefore, If you still face any kind of problem. Please comment below in the comments section and we will try to respond as soon as possible. 

FAQ: How To Make Twitter Account Private

Many users often search on google for their answers to clear the doubts arising in their minds. However, to keep this important for every user. Here, we have tried to answer the most common questions in our FAQ section.

Q1. How can you resolve a bug on Twitter?

Ans: Bugs usually create malfunctioning a particular action to perform. This can be fixed by clearing cache files or completely uninstalling and installing the application again. Many types of uncertain problems encountering inappropriate errors while surfing Twitter will be removed.

Q2. Who can see my tweets if I have no followers?

Ans: If you don’t have followers on your Twitter account. Then your account can only be viewed by the public. Therefore, you may reach the maximum number of users as soon as you start gaining followers on your profile.

Q3. Does it cost money to make a Twitter account?

Ans: No, it doesn’t cost any kind of money to create your account. It’s free to provide users with all kinds of settings that you use on Twitter. Within a minute you can easily create your new account on Twitter.

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