How To Connect Airpods To PS4 Using 4 Different Ways: Improve Your Gaming Experience!

Ps4 has changed the lives of people who are fond of playing games online. It gives a vast experience of the video and sound quality. But this experience can still be made better by using AirPods connected to the PlayStation to get a realistic gaming experience.

Connecting AirPods to Ps4 is not as easy as you think. This is because it has a quite difference between connecting AirPods to a phone instead connecting them to a ps4. So, after completely reading this post, you will know how to connect AirPods to ps4 in various simple ways.

I am also going to cover other topics that will help you to improve your gaming experience with ps4. So, tighten up your seats and read the whole post carefully to understand each and every point clearly.

So, let’s get started.

Is This Possible To Connect Your Airpod To PS4

Basically, the answer to this question is “yes”. But knowing how to connect AirPods to ps4 needs a lot of information and patience. You might be wondering why is it too problematic to connect AirPods to Ps4.

In other devices, you just normally use the built-in Bluetooth feature to connect AirPods to the respective device.

But in the case of Ps4 connecting the AirPods with the Bluetooth feature always pops an error message and causes a problem.

So, in this post, I have included 4 different ways (including the direct Bluetooth option) so that if you find any difficulty in any one of the ways you can easily use the other one to connect your AirPods to ps4.

How To Connect Airpods To Ps4: 4 Simple Ways!

The 4 different ways listed below cover all the methods which can be used to solve the issue of how to connect AirPods to ps4. Make sure to examine them practically to avoid difficulties while connecting your AirPods to the play station.

1. Connect Your Airpods To PS4 Using Third-Party Dongles

Ps4 won’t sync your AirPods automatically using the Bluetooth feature so this is the time when the Third-Party dongles come into play.

This device is a small USB-like device that has an in-built Bluetooth feature to connect with other Bluetooth devices.

Using Third-Party Dongles to connect AirPods to ps4

For this, you can buy any Bluetooth dongles from online stores or go physically to a nearby store and purchase the same. Then, attach the dongle to the PlayStation where you find an empty USB pin.

Then check whether your dongle has been activated. After that, Switch on your ps4 > Click On Devices Menu > Audio Devices.

Under Input devices make sure “Headset Connected To Controller” is selected by default if not make sure to select it.

And under the Output devices, select “USB devices”. After doing this process, attach an AUX 3.5mm plug to your controller and now you will be able to connect your AirPods to ps4 and elaborate your gaming experience.

2. Use Bluetooth Adaptor To Connect Your Airpods

Using a Bluetooth adapter also requires a small amount of investment in order to gain wireless connectivity among your AirPods and ps4.

This Bluetooth adapter is also available in various stores in the market but make sure to choose them wisely.

Now, you have to connect the Bluetooth adapter to the ps4 wherever you find a free USB tool. Check the instruction for your Bluetooth adapter and put the adapter into the pairing mode to connect your AirPods.

After this, you have to now allow your AirPods to get connected with your ps4 by clicking on the button available at the back of your case. Then, go to your Play Station Settings > Devices Menu > Audio Devices.

Use Bluetooth Adaptor to connect AirPods to ps4

Here, set the Input Device to “Headphones Connected To Controller” and the Output Devices to “USB Headphones”.

And in Output To Device set it to “All Audio” so that you can hear all the sound that is played on ps4 on your AirPods.

3. Add Your Airpods Using PlayStation Remote Play

You might not be willing to invest an amount of money to connect your AirPods to ps4. Then, this method might help you because this way is quite different from what we saw before.

Here, we will be seeing how you can solve your issue of how to connect AirPods to ps4 using an app.

Remote Play is an official app offered by Play Station to its users. It is basically offered to control the Play Station from your mobile.

But this app also allows Bluetooth connectivity which most of the users don’t know. To enable it:

Install the Remote Play app on your device either from the Play Store for android users or from Apple Store for iPhone users.

Then, switch your ps4 on and go to your Play Station > Settings > Remote Play Connection Settings > enable the Remote Play Option.

Using PlayStation Remote Play to connect AirPods to ps4

After enabling remote play connectivity on Play Station, open the Remote Play app on your phone and also make sure that your phone’s Bluetooth is connected to the AirPods.

After this, do the necessary audio and microphone settings on the Remote Play app on your device.

Now, you will be able to use your connected AirPods and use it is an output device.

4. Pair Your Airpods With Smart TV And Connect PS4

All television users have changed their UI to smart tv as it has more features than a normal one. So, if you are one of them then your Smart TV can be also used as a pairing spot to connect your AirPods to ps4.

For this, make sure, that the HDMI ports of your Play Station console are connected properly so that you won’t face any problems while gaming.

Then make sure that the AirPods are charged and in pairing mode so that you can even connect your AirPods to the TV.

Pair Your Airpods With Smart TV to connect AirPods to ps4

After that, go to the Settings of your Smart tv and search for the sound option (it may differ on the type of operating system you are using).

Then, connect your AirPods to the Smart TV. And even make sure to do all the necessary settings related to audio and sound.

Start Troubleshooting If Still, You Can’t Hear Anything From Your Airpods

If you follow the ways above carefully you must not find any problems but still, I have given some of the ways so that you can troubleshoot your error and continue your gaming experience without facing any problems.

For troubleshooting with a dongle: Make sure that you have purchased the right dongle that can be used to connect your AirPods.

For troubleshooting with a Bluetooth adapter: Got to your Settings of Play Station > Devices > Audio Devices and adjust your microphone and input volume. Then also make sure to increase your volume level settings.

For troubleshooting with the Remote Play app: First of all, make sure that you have given all the necessary permissions in order to run the application. After this, if still you have a problem then prefer to update the software in the settings of your app.

For troubleshooting with a Smart TV: Firstly make sure you have connected all the cables to their correct position and also they are tightened. And also increase the microphone and volume in the settings of your TV.

How You Can Use Your Airpod To Connect Other Players On PS4

Play Station becomes even more interesting when you use it to play games with your friends. Firstly make sure that you have connected your Airpods to the ps4 in any of the ways that were discussed before.

Airpods only can help you hear all the game sounds and noises but it is almost not possible to connect them with your friends.

The only reason is that Ps4 doesn’t have a specific option to use AirPods to connect ps4. But you can still hear the sounds of your connected users.

What Types Of Bluetooth Devices Can Be Connected To Ps4 or Ps5

The Play Station has not officially said about the devices that can be connected to Ps4.

But to know it you must follow the steps given above one by one and just lookup in the setting for the connectivity of the devices either by Bluetooth or manually.

For everything you connect, there must be anything that is even connected to the game controller so that it works smoothly like you can use a 3.5mm jack connector.

The best way to connect your AirPods to ps4 is using the dongle or the Bluetooth adapter.

Both the ways are almost similar, the only thing is you have to choose one among them wisely which suits you the most. If still you are not able to connect then also try the different ways that you can find over the internet.

Wrap Up How To Connect AirPods To PS4

Hey! This was a long journey but it covered almost everything that you need to know. You might find difficulty before this post to solve how to connect AirPods to ps4.

Because sony hasn’t released direct connectivity of Play Station to your AirPods. I hope Sony will strive to launch this Bluetooth connectivity so that users won’t find it difficult to do this procedure.

Hope you liked this post and if you have any doubts related to how to connect AirPods to ps4 then kindly make sure to drop a comment below. We will try to answer your question soon.

FAQ: How To Connect AirPods To PS4

While researching this topic on the internet to give you the best possible information, I found many questions and doubts people have that aren’t been covered in this post. So, I have tried to answer few of them below:-

Q1. How can you connect AirPods pro to ps4?

Ans: AirPods and Airpods pro are the same but the pro version has bit of new features compared to the normal one. To connect your AirPods pro to ps4 you can follow any of the ways mentioned in this post.

Q2. How to completely disconnect AirPods from ps4?

Ans: If you are using a dongle or a Bluetooth adapter just plug out the device from the TV and off the Bluetooth on your AirPods. And if you are using the app or smart tv feature then clear the device from the list of Bluetooth devices.

Q3. Does connecting Bluetooth device really improves the gaming experience?

Ans: It really can improve your gaming experience but in case of any faults or problems it may even lead to disconnection or range error. I recommend you play normally if you have no disturbance in your area.

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