Tips and Tricks To Survive The First Night in Minecraft: Improve Your Gaming Skills!

Minecraft is a game of exploring and expanding in the world. To go ahead in Minecraft’s gameplay, surviving the days and nights is essential. However, the first night of Minecraft can be a bit challenging as a player might not have enough resources.

As per the reports of GameIndustry, Minecraft is the best-selling game with 126 million monthly active players. It is important to survive in Minecraft, especially because you must know how to survive the first night in Minecraft.

In this article, we will provide you with proven tips and tricks from experts which will help you in surviving the first night in Minecraft and will help you in the perfection of the game. So, make sure to follow this article carefully.

So, let’s get started.

How Important Is It To Survive First Night In Minecraft?

Before we head on to the main point of the article let us know the importance of a player to survive the first night in Minecraft world. First Minecraft night, is said to be the most challenging position of the whole game.

This is because in this stage you face vulnerable problems such as facing hostile mobs and creating and living in a shelter. And the risk of being dead and getting lost in the whole progress is the main fear in the mind.

After you survive your first night, you get positive feelings of being experienced in Minecraft and heading on to exploring and upgrading. The Minecraft first night teaches you to face hostile mobs and other game difficulties which will surely help you in further game progress.

Getting Started With The World Creation And Playing

Nothing can be done at the last moment when you want to survive your Minecraft night. It is important to keep in mind the complete process from world creation to survival. If you are new to Minecraft then firstly you have to create a new world in single-player mode.

Just fill in the basic details of your world like name and select the difficulty which can be also changed later. Here, you also find various other options like the seed, world type, and game rules. You can go and check it out otherwise leave it to default.

After you are done with the option click on “Create New World” and wait for a few seconds and a new Minecraft world will be created. You will find yourself spawned randomly in the world. You have to be continuously upgrading without wasting any time before it is night.

Explore your surroundings a bit if you find a village nearby head on to the village else gather some basic materials. To start with the collection of wood and stones to craft basic materials like a pickaxe, an axe sword, and a shovel.

As you go on gathering resources do not forget to craft things with the help of a crafting table which will make your Minecraft life easier. After you have a good amount of resources and food you must go ahead for mine ores like iron, diamond, and gold.

Building Shelter To Protect Yourself From Monsters

Let’s take a real-life example, shelter or a home is the place where you feel safe and relaxed. Minecraft is also based on the real-life world so building a shelter basically known as the home is a very crucial step of the game.

After completion of your half-day and you have armor, tools, and food you must consider building a shelter where you can protect yourself and store different items which you cannot carry with you. Let’s go point-by-point on creating a minimal shelter for your game start.

  • Search for a location: It is difficult to build a shelter in a hilly area, so make sure to choose a flat land area with a village nearby where you can set up a small shelter for now and able to expand in the future.
  • Gather resources for your shelter: To build a shelter, you will need different items. So you have to go around a bit and collect basic materials for your shelter like wood, stone, crafting blocks, and building blocks.
  • Planning your space: Nothing can be completed without a plan. So, make sure to plan the type of shelter like a small hut. Also, do not forget to keep in mind the number of resources with you and leave a sufficient gap for crafting materials and a bed.
  • Setting up your shelter: Firstly start building with an outline then build tall enough walls. Then make sure to cover the top with a roof and add a door in the entrance so that mobs do not enter your home.

Tips To Survive Your First Night In Minecraft

Now let us discuss the heart of the article which is tips to survive your first night in Minecraft world. Firstly let us look to make your shelter safe from mobs. Make sure to light up your whole shelter with torches and there are no dark places there.

Before you light up, go to the settings and set brightness to just bright instead of making it to 100% so that you can easily identify dark places and light up. If you have not yet covered your roofs then cover them at the earliest as spiders can climb the roof and attack you.

If you were not able to build a shelter for yourself before the night then there are certain tips and tricks that you can follow to survive the night. Firstly, make sure that you are not stagnant just keep sprinting around as mobs are slower to catch you.

Secondly, you must concentrate on using your weapons and resources. On this first night, you will be having very less resources with you. So, make sure that you use your axe or sword on only animals that might cause more damage like creepers and spiders.

And in the worst situation where you are on the stage of death then prefer going above with the help of blocks and covering yourself and having food to regenerate your health and fight against the mobs.

Preferably you can skip your first night with the help of a bed that you can craft with the help of 3 wools and wood. You can sleep only in a place where there are no mobs. Else you can even consider keeping yourself covered with the blocks the whole night.

Exploring And Expanding Your Minecraft World

Exploring and expanding is the most exciting as well as strainful part of Minecraft gameplay. Exploring and expanding is done after you have successfully survived your first night of Minecraft. So, below there are some tips for exploring and expanding.

  • Mining and collecting resources: You can straight away mine by just digging straight down or collecting resources through a cave. Remember to bring food, weapons, torches, and a pickaxe which will help you to mine with ease.
  • Start farming: Food is the most important item to live in the Minecraft world. So, you must consider building a farm nearby to your shelter of wheat, carrots, potato, and carrot. Which will provide you with a steady source of food.
  • Upgrade yourself: If you are powerful then you can easily come out of any difficult condition. To make yourself powerful, upgrade your tools and armor to diamond or nephrite which will help you defeat mobs and mine blocks with haste.
  • Organize your items: When you start exploring and expanding then your inventory will start filling up. You can set up a storage system near to your shelter where you can store and organize all the items and find them easily whenever you want.
  • Build new structures: By building new structures and machines you improve the beauty of your world. You can build structures like a castle and huge farms like iron, gunpowder, and automatic food farms.
  • Explore new biomes: Minecraft world has many biomes which can be easily found by just walking around. You can even get good loot from ruined portals, desert temples, fortresses, bastions, temples, etc…

Things You Must Avoid During The Survival Of The First Night Of Minecraft

Surviving your first Minecraft can be challenging but it is not impossible. The only thing is you have to be careful and avoid some things which may decrease the chance of your success. Firstly, be very close to your spawn point.

Most of the players just wander around from the spawn point and in case they die then they are not able to reach the place from the spawn which results lost in resources. Secondly, do not waste your time.

Always use your time wisely in collecting resources and upgrading yourself instead of doing unnecessary exploration. Lastly, don’t engage in combat with mobs. At the start, you don’t have enough resources to defend yourself from strong mobs like golems and creepers.

Wrap Up On How To Survive The First Night In Minecraft

Surviving Minecraft on the first night is challenging as well as rewarding. After reading the whole article if you are still confused about starting up and survival then consider learning from experienced Minecraft players and their communities.

You can easily find them on social networking sites as well as youtube. Watch their gameplay and learn the process of playing and surviving the game.

I hope this article was helpful to you. If you have any questions or face issues regarding how to survive the first night in Minecraft then kindly do not forget to write a comment through the comment box below.

FAQ: How To Survive The First Night In Minecraft

Minecraft is an endless game. Playing Minecraft can sometimes be too confusing and many questions can continuously trouble you. So, below I have answered some of the questions which may clear up your confusion.

Q1. How long does the day and night cycle last in Minecraft?

Ans: Minecraft each day and night cycle is said to be 20 minutes. Which is 10 minutes each day and night. However, you easily complete the day before by sleeping with the help of a bed.

Q2. Which is the safest biome to survive a night in Minecraft?

Ans: The safest biome to survive a night is the Plains biome. As this biome is open by which you can easily locate villages and animals for food which will help you survive. However, the mushroom biome is also said to be safe as no mobs can spawn here.

Q3. What are the disadvantages of not sleeping in Minecraft at night?

Ans: If you don’t sleep nights in Minecraft then you may have to combat different mobs which might even cause you death. And continuously not sleeping for many nights spawn phantom mobs that fly and attack you.

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