How To Teleport In Minecraft On PC, Console & Mobile: 3 Step Process!

Minecraft is a huge game and to travel from one place to another takes time so you can solve this issue by directly teleporting to a place that will help you to cover longer distances in milliseconds.

As per Wikipedia, Minecraft ranks #5 in the top most-played games in the world. All Minecraft players find it difficult to move from one location to another as it is a very time-consuming task. So, in this post, I will be sharing with you how to teleport in Minecraft on different gaming devices.

Teleporting in Minecraft needs some technical knowledge and depends on certain factors which is unknown to new players. So, this guide will make you a master in the technical processes of Minecraft and make you understand certain commands.

So, let’s get started!

Is It Necessary To Enable Cheat Code To Teleport In Minecraft?

Yes, it is absolutely necessary to enable cheats in order to teleport in Minecraft. Enabling cheats is the most basic functionality without which teleporting in Minecraft is impossible.

The bad factor of this is, you can only enable cheats when you are creating your new world. Once you have created your world without enabling the cheats then you must forget about directly teleporting in Minecraft.

There is only a single way to directly teleport in Minecraft to different locations which is typing a teleporting command in the command area or the chat section (It depends on different devices you play).

How To Teleport In Minecraft On PC: 3 Simple Steps

As of the present scenario, more than 3 million play Minecraft around the internet, and most of them play on their Personal Computers or laptops. This number is increasing day by day so it is necessary to know the easiest way to teleport in Minecraft on a PC.

Step 1: Open The Minecraft Game And Load Your World

Minecraft is a paid game but many of you use free alternatives to play on a PC. First of all, you have to start your Minecraft game and after launching it, you have to create a new world.

Either by enabling cheats or getting into an existing world of yours where the cheats are being enabled. After loading your world, wait for a few seconds to balance the fps rate and to work Minecraft smoothly.

Open The Minecraft Game To Teleport In Minecraft

2. Open The Command Area In Your World

The command area can be accessed by pressing the ‘/’ button on your keyboard. If you have changed the shortcut of the command area in the settings then click on the shortcut key that you had chosen.

Open The Command Area In Your World To Teleport In Minecraft

3. Entering The Location Where You Want To Teleport In Minecraft

This is a bit technical or the coding language of typing the teleport in command. But believe me, it is very easy to understand.

You have to just type /tp X Y Z The letters x,y, and z mean the coordinates of a certain location in the game. Example: /tp 10 10 10.

Entering The Location Where You Want To Teleport In Minecraft

How To Teleport In Minecraft On Console: 3 Simple Steps

Consoles give a different experience of gaming as they are specially built to improve the gaming experience. Minecraft is also played on consoles due to its wide-screen gaming experience.

1. Load Minecraft And Start Your Game On The Console

Load up Minecraft from the game menu and create a new world. Before creating it make sure to under the Game Options > Host Privileges option is enabled. Host Privileges are here like a command area.

Enable Host Privileges option To Teleport In Minecraft

2. Important Game Settings To Enable Teleporting

To teleport on Console, you will have at least need two players currently playing in your world.

This is because on the console there is no option to teleport to a particular location in Minecraft but you can teleport to any player in the world.

3. Teleporting To Any Selected Player Playing The Game

Now to teleport open the “Host Menu” screen by clicking on the select option. After that select the player to whom you want to get teleported.

After you select it, you will teleport to your friend’s location in just a second.

Click on the teleport to player option to Teleport In Minecraft

How To Teleport In Minecraft On Mobile: 3 Simple Steps

The smartphone is the most common device that majority of the people around the world use it. It can be also used to play Minecraft as Minecraft is a game that can be played on different devices.

1. Launch The Minecraft App And Select The World

Minecraft can be installed from the Play Store but it is obviously a paid app. After you install it, make sure to launch it properly and create a new world or get into the existing world where the cheats have been enabled.

Launch The Minecraft App And Select The World to Teleport In Minecraft

2. Opening The Chat Menu

Tap On The Settings Menu > Click On To Enable teleporting in cheats. This will enable using the chat menu as a command area.

Because in Minecraft Pocket Edition the chat button is used to type commands. After that resume your game and head on to the next step.

3. Typing Commands To Teleport To Different Places In Your World

There is proper coded language to teleport from one location to another in Minecraft. You have to just type the abbreviated form of teleport with a slash ‘/’ before it. For example ‘/tp 50 50 50’ It is like /tp X Y Z co-ordinates.

Is Teleporting To The Nether And End Dimensions Possible In Minecraft?

Playing Minecraft is boring without entering the Nether and End dimensions. These both dimensions are also very huge to travel by just walking around.

So, let us also know how you can teleport in Minecraft to the Nether and End dimensions.

To do this, you have to combine the teleport command with the “/execute” command in your command area.

Just follow this command “/execute in DimensionName run tp PlayerName ~ ~ ~” and you will be directly teleported to your desired dimension. 

Tips And Tricks While Teleporting In Minecraft

There are certain tips and tricks given below that you don’t follow that may lead you in a trouble.

  • Minecraft is 64 blocks deep so whenever you type a teleport command you must always use the “true” just after the command so that you won’t die.
  • To get a list of certain dimensions around your world just go to chunkbase.com and type your seed there and you will get the list of dimensions with their exact coordinates.
  • Sometimes your teleport command might not work so in that case just type your player name before the coordinates. Like “/tp Player_Name X Y Z”.

Wrap Up On!

This post was quite informative and practical. If you follow the steps given perfectly then you must not find any difficulty in teleporting in Minecraft.

It is quietly recommendable to use your PC or laptop to play Minecraft instead of using a console or mobile.

As PC has two editions namely Java and Bedrock which are filled with lots of uniqueness and features in them.

PC being larger in size and having a specialized keyboard and mouse that makes your gameplay easier.

I hope you liked the advanced tutorial on Teleporting in Minecraft on different gaming devices.

If you have any queries related to the Minecraft teleport command make sure to ask us through the comment box.

FAQ: How To Teleport In Minecraft

Minecraft teleport command is typically difficult to understand so I have even found many queries from people around the internet which few of which have been cleared below:-

Q1. Does using commands affect the gameplay of Minecraft?

Ans: Minecraft gameplay is more interesting when you disable the cheats but enabling cheats will not down your FPS rate or affect your gaming performance.

Q2. Is teleporting in Minecraft called cheating?

Ans: Short answer to this question will be yes because using commands makes Minecraft gameplay very easy which is in simple terms called cheating. But if you are a developer then you need to go to different commands of a game then in that case it is not cheating.

Q3. Which is the most widely used command in Minecraft?

Ans: The teleport “/tp” is the most widely used command in Minecraft. As this command allows you to travel to different places in almost no amount of time.

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