How To Unhide Songs On Spotify: iPhone & Android In Just A Few Steps

Spotify since its release has transformed a lot over the years becoming one of the top audio streaming platforms for listening to music and podcasts for free online. 

Therefore, if a user can afford the premium subscription they can access additional features of this application. With Spotify’s simple interface and ease of management. The platform makes it simply friendly for the users to use.

While listening to songs on Spotify, many times you are in a situation where you prefer to unplay a song from the playlist. For this purpose, you can choose to hide/unhide a song. 

Meanwhile, with the help of just a few steps, you can easily unhide songs on Spotify from your iPhone and Android device. I will better outline them all for you as seen below.

Why do you need to hide/unhide songs on Spotify?

Hiding and unhiding of songs on Spotify is mainly done according to the user’s viewpoint. While there are many major reasons to hide/unhide songs on Spotify concerning the user as they want.

Mostly when you are enjoying listening to music outdoors. The songs which you choose to add to the playlist may not be compatible with variant age groups and so you remove them from your playlist.

Again, if a user wants to listen to the song hidden most oftentimes with friends or alone at home. During this condition, he/she is most comfortable listening to a type of song. 

So, the one using Spotify prefers to unhide the song in that condition. After unhiding, the song will be available to play once again. 

This way Spotify allows users to mention the privacy of the song to the user who wishes to do so.

How to Hide Songs on Spotify on your iPhone & Android device

Hiding a song is pretty simple and most people don’t know that this feature exists as well on Spotify. The method used here is similar for both iPhone and Android device users. 

However, If you’re looking for a solution to this problem. Here, you will know how to hide songs on Spotify by following the steps described below.

1. First you need to Open the Spotify application installed on your iPhone or Android device.

2. After opening the Spotify application from your device. Now, Select the song that you want to hide to restrict its access to play on your device.

3. When you select the song, Tap on the three dots at the top right beside the song name which can be seen on your screen.

4. After clicking on the three dots. a menu opens up showing various options. At the top, just below the like option, you can see the hide this song option.

5. Finally, if you want to hide the song just simply tap on hiding this song and you can see the song is hidden. This will let the song unavailable to play on the device.

How to Unhide Songs on Spotify on your iPhone & Android device

From Above, you knew how to hide a song. So, now to unhide the song on Spotify. You need to find the song which you just hide. 

But, sometimes the songs might disappear from the list and you can’t see them unhide. In this situation, you must follow the steps told below to know how to unhide songs on Spotify.

1. First you need to open the Spotify application from your device. Then you need to go to the home tab of the Spotify application.

Click on home option to unhide songs on spotify

2. From the home tab you need to search for the song by Locating the song from the location or from where you hide the song before. 

3. After finding and selecting the song, tap on the three dots right beside the song name. A menu showing various settings will be opened in the Spotify application.

To unhide songs on Spotify, click on the three dots setting on Spotify

4. A menu opens up showing various options from where you can see a hidden option on your screen. Now, you can see the hidden option to unhide the song.

Click on the hidden option to unhide songs on Spotify

5. Finally, you need to Tap on a hidden option and you can see the song is unhide. Now you can easily listen to your favorite song on Spotify.

Song Available to listen on Spotify to unhide songs on Spotify

Where do I find hidden songs on Spotify?

Many times when you hide a particular song, you might be unable to find it all through Spotify. You may have forgotten the song’s location or may be irritated finding it in every corner of albums, playlists, artists, etc. 

However, this becomes too time-consuming to do so. For this issue, you can easily find it by Simply going to the home menu of Spotify. Here, you will find a section named as recently played from the home menu bar. 

Thus, it contains all the songs which you last listened to on your device. From here you can see the songs you played or easily search for them to unhide.

Play music offline with Spotify

Listening to music offline with Spotify is simply easy. But if you’re new to the app it might not be obvious how to do it. Basically, for this, you have to be a paying subscriber to listen offline on your device. 

If you’re on Spotify using a free tier you have to maintain an internet connection throughout to play and listen to music. Also as using a free user you will not be able to download the song.

However, you can go for a paid subscription to download and take your collection offline to listen in just a few clicks.

This will make the song begin downloading on your media storage. Thus, you can enjoy anywhere at any place to play music offline with Spotify.

Why are you not able to hide a song on Spotify?

This particular situation is faced by many users. Similarly, a user is unable to hide a song on the Spotify application. This issue is caused when you create your playlist, add artists and add podcasts & shows just from your library. 

However, Spotify doesn’t allow you to hide privately what you added to your library. You can alternatively only remove the song from the playlist.

The main reason behind this is that Spotify only allows hiding a song that is publicly available to listen particularly for all users. 

However, To hide, the song must be belonging to a particular album, public playlist, or a playlist made by Spotify.

How to create a playlist on Spotify

Spotify offers a library of millions of songs to search online for what you want to listen to. On the spot listening to a song, it might be a bit difficult if you don’t have a library of playlists. Hence, Customizing and building your playlist is quick and easy to do.

There are multiple ways to build a playlist. If you’re on your phone you can easily create a blank playlist by tapping over to your library option. 

Then click on add at the top right corner and then select the playlist to start adding songs to your playlist. Finally, give your new playlist a name or just bypass a name by hitting skip.

On the other hand, if you want to add or create a playlist using a song you’re currently listening to. First, tap on the triple dotted icon in the top right corner and then select add to playlist option. 

However, If you aren’t actively listening to the track. You can still reach this menu by tapping on the triple-dotted icon next to each track on Spotify and selecting add the playlist.

How to play unplayable songs on Spotify

To Turn on to show unplayable songs on Spotify. You need to go to the home tab and tap on the settings icon at the top right corner. From here only you need to do is to just find the show unplayable songs option. 

If this option is turned off, make sure you need to turn it on. This one will show unplayable songs. Later, If you want to turn it off just click on it. In this way, you can play unplayable songs on Spotify.

Is there any shortcut or other method to hide/unhide songs on Spotify

No, there is not any shortcut that is available for the users to hide/unhide songs on Spotify with the help of the method other than told above in this article. 

Also, there is no third-party application which is designed for the same to do. All the settings you can manage to do only with the help of the Spotify application. 

Therefore, the methods I told you all in the article are quick and easy to hide/unhide songs on the Spotify application which can be used for both android and iPhone users.

Wrap Up On!

Phew! That was a long ride, wasn’t it? But still, with this detailed guide all through this article. I hope you have understood clearly how to unhide songs on Spotify. 

If you still face any kind of doubts or queries, let me know in the comments section of this article. 

I will surely respond to your comments as soon as possible. For more such helpful articles, keep visiting our website regularly.

FAQ: How to unhide songs on Spotify

Many users on google mostly search for the answer to clear their doubts. Here, we have collected the most common questions and answered them in our FAQ section.

Q1. Do artists get paid on Spotify?

Ans: Yes, artists also get paid if they come up with their original songs or albums. They are mainly paid from music revenue streams depending on their pay-per-rate generated.

Q2. Why are some songs hidden on Spotify?

Ans: Some songs are mostly age-restricted and can only be viewed if you meet the criteria. While on the other the songs may be hidden if you have previously hidden them on your Spotify application.

Q3. Can anyone see private playlists on Spotify?

Ans: No, Private playlists are your personal playlists and it is not possible to be viewed by someone on Spotify. Hence, Spotify with these features maintains the privacy and security of a user.

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