Is The iPhone 14 Waterproof Or Water Resistant?

iPhone 14 Pro is filled with lots of functions within it, but it is costly too. And if you are buying a costly phone you must always make sure to check if that phone is waterproof or water resistant. This is because even a small mistake of a water drop can destroy your new iPhone.

So knowing, Is the iPhone 14 WaterProof or Water Resistant is very important. So in this post, I am not only going to clear your doubt about the waterproofness of the iPhone but also going to share with you some tips and tricks to keep your iPhone 14 Pro safe from liquid substances.

Buying iPhone 14 without knowing its features and issues might be problematic for you when you use it and you will definitely find out some queries. So, in this post, I am going to clarify one of the specifications which are not clearly mentioned on the iPhone 14 product page.

Water Proof vs Water Resistance

Water Proof and Water Resistant sound almost similar but they have quite differences between them which you must know. They both state how much amount of water can a particular phone withstand but both deflect different sizes of water.

A Water Proof phone can withstand a large amount of water on it. It means your waterproof phone will even be working if it is completely submerged or dipped inside the water for a particular period of time.

A Water Resistant phone can withstand only a few droplets or a spray of water. In simpler words, your water-resistant phone will work fine even when it is raining but it may not survive a dip in a tub filled with water.

Different Types Of IP Ratings

IP full formed version is “Ingress Protection” for your phone. IP is basically a two-digit number that states how good can your phone withstand an amount of water or dust on it. It is classified as water and dust-resistant.

IP is described into two digits, the first digit ranges from 0 to 6 and states resistance against solid particles like dust. The second digit ranges from 0 to 9 and states resistance against liquid substances like water. 

There are more than 50 IP ratings available but all of them are not your cup of tea and you need to only know a few of them that will help you know about the waterproofing of your phone.

  • IP68 – IP68 protects your phone up to 3 feet in submerged water.
  • IP67 – This IP rating protects your phone up to 3.3 feet deep inside water for about 25 minutes.
  • IPX5 – X ratings states the first digit value is not defined so you must take it as 0.

Sometimes there are even additional letters to make users know about the extra features of the product. They are as follows:-

  • f – It means the product is oil-resistant too.
  • H – It is a device that requires high voltage.
  • M – It means the device was being monitored during the waterproof test.
  • S – It means the device was standing still during the water test.
  • W – It states the weather conditions suitable for the product.

What Does The iPhone 14’s IP68 Rating Mean?

Apple has officially given that all the iPhone 14 series namely the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and the iPhone 14 Pro Max have been rated IP 68. IP 68 almost states the maximum resistance for dust and water.

This means that iPhone can withstand submerging in water to a depth of 6 meters but not more than 30 minutes. This means that you can use your iPhone for photoshoots near the water with no issues.

But it is not likely to prefer to use your iPhone 14 in the depth of water. No doubt that iPhone will withstand it but the water might even go inside the internal parts like the speaker, microphone, etc…

What Is iPhone 14 Water Proof or Water Resistance?

We discussed everything about the different components included in the waterproofing of the phone but still, but one question is not yet answered. Is the iPhone 14 Water Proof or Water Resistance? As said before these terms means almost similar.

It is not purely stated in the specifications of the product but it is said iPhone 14 is Water Resistant. This means you can use your iPhone 14 near water but not completely submerged inside water.

iPhone 14 is not only Water Resistant but also splash and dust resistant. It can not only withstand water but other liquid substances such as tea, coffee, juice, beer, etc… So, you even don’t need to get afraid before keeping your iPhone 14 on the table desk.

Tips To Keep Your iPhone 14 Safe From Liquid Substances

It is said that iPhone 14 can easily bare liquid substances poured on it. But it is likely not recommended to be very careless about this topic. Because these liquid substances can get inside your phone and damage its internal parts of it.

So here are a few tips to keep your iPhone 14 safe from liquid substances:-

  • Avoid using your iPhone 14 while swimming or bathing
  • Avoid exposing your iPhone 14 to pressurized or high-velocity of water
  • Do not intentionally dip or submerge your iPhone 14 into a tub of water
  • Always keep your iPhone 14 at room temperature and avoid using it in colder or highly humid regions.
  • Do not place your iPhone 14 near the sink to avoid accidental water interacts
  • Never try to reassemble your iPhone parts while raining or spraying water
  • Usage of waterproof cases is the best way to safeguard your iPhone 14 from liquid substances.

Below, I have also mentioned some tips and tricks so that you can repair your iPhone 14 after being submerged in the water. They are as follows:-

  • Do not blow air into the inner parts of your iPhone 14 because this may lead water to the inner parts of your iPhone 14
  • If something other than water is spilled on your iPhone 14 then rinse your iPhone 14 using the tap water
  • Keep it in the open sunlight for a few minutes
  • Wipe your iPhone 14 with a soft lens cloth

What To Do If Water Goes Inside Speakers?

The most delicate part of the iPhone present outside is the speakers. And it is highly possible that water may go inside your speakers even if you have not submerged your iPhone deep inside the water.

Using the following method will not only eject water from your iPhone but also make your speaker’s volume higher because it even removes all the dust particles which might be stuck inside your iPhone 14 speakers.

1. Open any of your browsers and go to fixmyspeakers.com

2. Then click on the sound button as shown in the image.

Go to Fix My Speakers Website for iPhone 14 Waterproof

3. Make sure your phone volume is full and you are not connecting your speakers to any external wired or wireless product.

4. Wait for a minute or two and you will see that your speakers will now work a charm.

If your problem is not yet solved by using this method then there will be a problem with the internal part of your speaker and you might need to go to the nearest apple store to rectify it.

Tricks To Use iPhone 14 Underwater!

You may need to do a video shoot deep inside the water using your iPhone 14 but you are scared of doing so. As it may harm your iPhone 14 and it may also make your phone an unworkable one. So, try the tricks given below to use your iPhone 14 underwater:-

  • Checking for physical damages on your phones such as cracks on screens or body.
  • Covering your sides of the phone where there are chances of water getting inside.
  • Using a plastic bag or mostly recommended to use a waterproof phone pouch.

Difference Between The WaterProofing Of iPhone 14 Series And iPhone 13 Series

The IP rating for both the products iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 has been given the same that is IP 68 but it is not really true. iPhone 13 can withstand water to a depth of 2 meters and is recommended for less than 15 minutes.

But the latest iPhone which is the iPhone 14 series comes with the same IP rating but can withstand water up to 6 meters and for 30 minutes. Hence, there is a quite large difference between the behavior of both phones in water.

Wrap Up On Is The iPhone 14 WaterProof

This post had many pieces of information related to is the iPhone 14 waterproof or water-resistant. It is however specified that iPhone 14 can easily withstand the normal flow of water but still it is highly recommended to use the tips and tricks to use your iPhone underwater.

Some iPhones may not comply with the condition of IP 68 because of the refurbished or re-used product. So, you should always prefer to buy a new iPhone 14 as it is not at all used or damaged by any person. 

I hope you found each and every part and the tips and tricks mentioned in this post. If you have any issues or want any suggestions regarding iPhone 14 make sure to drop a comment in the comment box below.

FAQ: Is The iPhone 14 WaterProof Or Water Resistant

While searching on the internet, I found people have many queries and questions regarding the waterproofing of iPhone 14. So, I have tried to answer some commonly asked questions by users over the internet:-

Q1. Which iPhone is best in terms of waterproof or water-resistant?

Ans: The latest iPhone product that is the iPhone 14 has been ratted IP 68 which is the highest rating of iPhone waterproofing till now. So, if you are looking for a highly waterproof iPhone then you should go ahead with iPhone 14.

Q2. Can iPhone 14 Be Used While Taking A Shower?

Ans: It is likely not recommended to use your iPhone 14 while taking a shower or bathing because water may enter sensitive parts of your iPhone 14 which may internally damage your device. But however, iPhone 14 can easily withstand sprays or droplets of water.

Q3. Is the iPhone 14 completely waterproof or water-resistant?

Ans: As said before iPhone 14 has IP 68 rating which means it can withstand dust particles and iPhone getting submerged in water. But still, it is not completely waterproof as it cannot go more than 6 meters deep for more than 30 minutes.

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