How To Surf Your Internet Much Faster: 6 Best Internet Speed Test Sites You Should Try!

Millions of people use the internet all over the world and thus, it has become an essential part of our life. But slow internet is a huge problem, so by checking your internet speed you can go ahead and search for a solution online. 

The term Internet that is used to surf online depends on the rate of speed the company provides to its user. So, to know how your internet provider stacks you up, I have come up with the best internet speed test sites.

When people don’t get their required speed to carry out their various work online, they always worry about the speed they get from the provider. So, to solve your issue, follow this whole post thoroughly and surf online with ease.

What is an Internet Speed Test? What is it Used For?

Internet Speed Test measures the amount of speed by which you are surfing online. It is a normal tester specially built for testing speed online.

By carrying out this test, you will get to know the maximum speed your internet service provider provides you and how fast you can carry your work online.

This test is mainly used to troubleshoot your internet speed problem which does not even take a minute.

It tells you how fast your device can upload and download information online. To know the best Internet Speed Test Sites just scroll down and choose the one according to your needs.

6 Best Internet Speed Test Sites!

As per the reports of Wired, the United Nations has declared internet access a human right. This word is not only applicable to the United Nations but to the whole world because the internet is used by people in various ways.

People use the Internet for their work, entertainment purpose and many more so in order to carry on with their work easily the speed of the Internet used must be perfect so, below I have listed differently well-researched sites to check your internet speed.

1. Speed Test By Google

Google always gives its users a special feature. The Speed test by google is the most unknown feature of all.

Unlike other internet speed testers, Google uses its search engine to test the internet speed. You have to just search for the term on google and the result will be on the screen.

After searching, you will be provided with a quick result to know your internet speed as shown below. You have to only click on the “Run Speed Test” button and wait for a few seconds.

After your speed test is completed it will show you the download, and upload speed and whether it is fast or slow.

Visit Google Speed Test site for Best Internet Speed Test Sites

2.  Speed Test By Ookla

Ookla is a global leader in terms of network intelligence and connectivity. There is no doubt about the efficiency of its products available online.

Speed Test by Ookla ranks in the #1 position on Google because of its accuracy and efficiency. It not only tells you about the rate of the speed but also the server and the pings of your internet.

Ookla certainly keeps adding new features to engage its customer with the tool. To provide these features Ookla uses banner ads that might even affect the speed.

Visit the Ookla website for Best Internet Speed Test Sites

3. Fast.com

Fast by the name it suggests, it is a quick internet speed tester available online. Fast.com by Netflix utilizes massive internet bandwidth online.

It has the most simple user interface without many graphics and colors on the screen. The background of this website is plain white and does not run any advertisements or sponsorships.

Unlike other internet speed testers, Fast has no start button to run the test, as soon as your page is loaded this tool gets started.

Who wants to quickly check their internet speed in no time, this is the website I recommend because it just shows you the average speed of your internet and to advance it you have to click on the “Show more info” option.

Go to the Fast.com website for Best Internet Speed Test Sites

4. Speedcheck.org

Speedcheck.org, a trademark of Etrality GmbH is an online internet speed test tool that is more helpful for people who are doing deep research on their internet speed.

This test is carried out on the basis of your current location to give you higher and more advanced results. It is a multi-page website to know about your internet specifically.

This site not only shows the upload and download speed but also the latency, IP Address, internet provider, and security status.

So, if you are messed up with these terms, you have to just focus on your speed as this is an advanced internet speed tester tool present online for technical engineers.

Visit Speedcheck.org Website for the Best Internet Speed Test Sites

5. Speedsmart.net

Speedsmart.net is an alternative to speedcheck.org This tool also gives you an advanced internet speed checker but in a proper graphical way by which a user can understand it.

If you want to understand the advanced internet research terms then you have to surely check out this website.

For example, if you don’t know what is the use of Pings in this tool? Then you have to just click on the ping option and a pop will come on the screen saying you about it.

You can even share your internet speed results with your family and friends. These are the features that make this tool unique.

Go to Speedsmart.net Website for the Best Internet Speed Test Sites

6. Century Link

Centurylink.com is a popular internet service provider. The reason we have added the CenturyLink internet speed tester tool is that a company that especially works for the internet can recognize the internet more clearly than any other tool on the web. 

You have to go to ctl.speedtestcustom.com which is by century link to mechanically check your internet speed. If you are using a VPN, then make sure that you disable it.

Because using VPN is not recommended while testing your internet speed as it may lead to null or wrong results.

Use Century Link Website for the Best Internet Speed Test Sites

Wrap-Up On Best Internet Speed Test Sites

The above internet speed test sites will just give you an idea of the speed of your internet. Internet speed is never static, it keeps varying according to the weather around you and the type of internet service you use.

All the sites mentioned above are useful according to a person’s needs so it is highly recommended to first test all the sites properly and choose any one or two according to your likes and dislikes. 

I hope you found this post very informative and helpful, and if you have any doubts or issues regarding the 6 best internet speed test sites then kindly make sure to drop a comment below and we will try to reply to you back soon.

FAQ: Best Internet Speed Test Sites

While researching this topic on the internet to give you the best information possible, I found many unanswered questions so I have tried to answer a few of them below. So, kindly even go through it:-

Q1: What should be the average speed of the internet?

Ans: The average speed of the internet depends on the usage of the internet. The average internet speed must be at least 30 megabits per second while the normal download speed is said to be 100 Mbps and the upload speed is 10 Mbps.

Q2: What is the minimum speed to watch Netflix?

Ans: Netflix recommends, to watch a video in standard definition 1 Mbps is required and to watch a video in high definition minimum of 5 Mbps is required, and the higher the quality higher the amount of speed required.

Q3: How to add a boost to Internet Speed?

Ans: The speed of your wifi also depends on the number of people using it. So, if less number of users are connected to wifi you will get a higher amount of speed. And also, restrict background data usage of certain applications on your phone.

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