These Are 5 Ways On How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iPhone

Blocking is the best way to disallow anyone from any kind of unusual disturbance caused by them. This is literally a reason to block them as you don’t want to be bothered if they try to contact you.

According to reports of businessofapps, the US is considered the most successful country for the increase of revenue of the apple company. Therefore, it has diversified its product line with AirPods, watches, and services.

This way the Apple company earns shared revenue from diversified products. With this many Apple, users want to do identification how to know if someone blocked you on iPhone.

There’s no way to know for sure if your number has been blocked. This becomes no real way to recover. But, don’t worry with the help of some ways we can try to make it possible.

So, Let’s start it…

What Are The Reasons To Block Someone

There are various valid reasons which make a user block someone. Most of them do this to avoid them as they are creating uncommon problems in their life.

  • Piece of mind: A peaceful mind thinks better, makes better decisions, and is happier. If someone is toxically disturbing you by sending images or videos.
  • Block the Negativity: If you are surrounded with negativity all time as insulting, abusing, arguing, or draining your energy. Then, you must think about it and remove them as blocking them from the surroundings.
  • Block Temptation: This is a valid reason to block a person in all forms of temptation to re-engage and speak with them. So, remove any form of temptation to block to remove any chance of going back.
  • Close the Chapter: This is the reason to block someone to close the chapter of that person and stay in the presence of your life. So, this way you are opening a door for a new beginning of your life.

Simple Ways On How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iPhone: 5 Easy Ways

Knowing of a person who blocked you becomes tough and Complicated. But the ways told in this article will help you narrow down the possibilities. Here, you will know how to know if someone blocked you on your iPhone following the simple ways which are described below.

1. Using iMessage For Sending Text Messages From Your iPhone

iMessage is the best method to know if you are blocked or not by checking the delivery status. 

First, you need to send out a courteous text to the person you believe may have blocked you. If the text shows up as “delivered”. From here, you can be sure that they are not blocked.                   

If someone has blocked you, you will see the alert “Not Delivered” or if you don’t see any delivery verification at all, it could mean that you’ve been blocked. This may happen when the receiver has turned on dnd mode.

Using iMessage for sending text messages to know if someone blocked you on iPhone

2. Knowing Through iMessage Bubble Color On Your iPhone

iMessage Bubble can also be used as a method to know who blocked you. Apple usually differentiates iMessage and messages like the normal SMS with the bubble color. 

The blue bubble is used for iMessage and the green bubble is for SMS. Now try sending an iMessage if that person has blocked you on iMessage.

Also, as per apple’s rule, it will try to send it as a normal text message. So, if your chat history suddenly spots a green text bubble. Then send it as a text message under the message instead of blue. 

It’s a hind that a person has blocked you on iMessage but sometimes it also depends on the network you are not connected to the internet even if it shows you are connected and your device tried to send it as a text message.

Knowing Through iMessage Bubble Color On Your iPhone to know if someone blocked you on iPhone

3. Calling Or Facetime A Person To Know About Blocked

Calling is the best way to know a person you think has blocked you. You can easily know when you place a call. However, If the phone rings just once and then divert to a voicemail or gets cut off.

Then, This is a sign that a person has blocked you. The other is when you face time, the call gets disconnected immediately and this is the sign that the person has blocked you.

Sometimes, it may happen due to poor network connectivity and the person might have activated the dnd mode. Then don’t worry, give it a try after some time or another day. If the same thing repeats then for sure you are blocked.

Calling Or Facetime to know if someone blocked you on iPhone

4. Using Your Other Phone Number For Calling

This is the best method that is proven to find if a person has added you to their blocked contact list. For this purpose, you need another phone number to check which they might not know.

So, Place a call from an alternate number. If it gets connected or the recipient has picked up the phone. However, Then it’s for sure that your number is in their block list. Talk to them and sort out that dispute between them.

5. By Various Social Media Platforms

Social media is a good way to know if you are blocked. It is like double-checking with other communication mediums such as social media. 

However, If that person doesn’t want to entertain you then they will block you on all other platforms like Facebook, telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp, and a lot more.

This way you can use social media to know all about it. Over here pick one platform like WhatsApp. You need to check if the profile picture is visible or not. If that profile picture is not visible, you got the hint. 

So, confirm by sending a message to that person. If it usually shows a sign of delivered or read.  Then you are not blocked and you can talk to them.

By Various Social Media Platforms to know if someone blocked you on iPhone

How To See Blocked Calls On Your iPhone

It becomes a tough situation for a user when you don’t know the settings. But, it is quite easy to see blocked calls on your iPhone with some clicks.

If you have various calls that you might have received but that contact is blocked. We can head into our settings>Phone>Blocked Contacts. So, here you can see these are all of the phone numbers that are blocked in your iPhone.

Therefore, any of the numbers listed here try to call. It will not ring on your phone and don’t receive any kind of notifications even if they leave a voicemail it won’t show up.

Wrap Up On How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iPhone

Unfortunately, the iPhone and Apple make it pretty hard for you to figure out whether you’ve been blocked because they don’t want any retaliation from somebody if they’ve been blocked.

So, there is no way to see that you might have tried to call them if they block you until they unblock you. Therefore, you have to know about the ways told in the article which makes clear who was the person who blocked.

If one way doesn’t work, then you can select any one of the other ways to do it. You also have to be clear with whom you have a bad talk or any kind of conflict. So, it may be applicable to apply this way to a person.

However, If you have any related queries, just make sure to comment below this article. Also, keep visiting our website for many such helpful articles. 

FAQ: How To Know If Someone Blocked You On iPhone

After going through this topic, you might have problems. Many use Google to know about the answers. Keeping these issues, we have selected the important questions and answered them below.

Q1. When you get blocked on an iPhone what happens?

Ans: When a user gets blocked, he/she is further denied from sharing anything from the contact by whom is blocked. Therefore, It depends on where someone is blocked, such as calls or social media.

Q2. Is blocking someone without telling them good?

Ans: It’s good to block if a person or unknown contact is continuously disturbing you. In other cases, it may not be good if you are involved in a fraud case to block someone without any positive reason.

Q3. Do iPhone users know when you block them?

Ans: No, users don’t know when you block them. There is not any particular application or website designed to know about being blocked or to be blocked by someone. You only can apply different ways to find.

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