The Ultimate List of iPhones With Wireless Charging: Make Your Life Tangle-Free!

Wireless charging has become a popular and important attribute of smartphones. Particularly iPhones have included this technology in their most recent versions to provide a more practical and flexible way to charge their smartphones

As per the reports of Apple.com, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus were the first Apple smartphones that have wireless charging technology. After the invention of these phones, there was even a list of iPhones with wireless charging technology which you must know.

You will find a comprehensive list of iPhones that support wireless technologies in this post. Additionally, various topics connected to this theme will be covered, such as the use of wireless charging and its developments.

So, let’s get started.

Complete List iPhones With Wireless Charging Options

iPhone 8September 2017
iPhone 8 PlusSeptember 2017
iPhone XNovember 2017
iPhone XSSeptember 2018
iPhone XS MaxSeptember 2018
iPhone XRSeptember 2018
iPhone 11September 2019
iPhone 11 ProSeptember 2019
iPhone 11 Pro MaxSeptember 2019
iPhone SE (2nd Generation)April 2020
iPhone 12October 2020
iPhone 12 MiniOctober 2020
iPhone 12 ProOctober 2020
iPhone 12 Pro MaxOctober 2020
iPhone 13September 2021
iPhone 13 MiniSeptember 2021
iPhone 13 ProSeptember 2021
iPhone 13 Pro MaxSeptember 2021
iPhone 14September 2022
iPhone 14 MiniSeptember 2022
iPhone 14 ProSeptember 2022
iPhone 14 Pro MaxSeptember 2022

Wireless Charging Technology

Wireless Charging Technology for Iphones with wireless charging

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Wireless charging technology has been getting popular insanely in the present generation. Thus, it has been an effective feature in newly launched smartphones including the iPhones. Let’s understand the working of wireless charging in smartphones.

Wireless charging uses an electromagnetic field to transfer the energy between two devices which avail one device to transfer energy and one to receive it and get charged. The device that is getting charged has a receiver coil located inside it to receive the electric current.

The electric current cannot be used to charge the device instead electric current is converted into Direct Current (DC). The charger contains a transmitter coil that generates an electromagnetic field.

The receiver coil inside the device detects it and gets charged when it is placed on the charger. Wireless charging is found in two types inductive charging and resonant charging.

Inductive charging is the most common type which is used in iPhones and other smartphones. With the usage of this technology, energy gets transferred from the charger to the device and vice-versa using a magnetic field.

On the other hand, resonant charging transfers energy via electromagnetic waves. This technique can charge devices farther away and more effectively than inductive charging, but it is also more difficult to use and more costly. 

How To Use Wireless Charging On iPhones

Without using cords, wireless charging is a convenient method to power up your iPhone. Here is a guide that you can use to charge up your iPhone without any problem.

  • Purchase A Wireless Charger: Mostly, all the wireless chargers available on the market are compatible with your iPhone. A charger that adheres to Apple’s Qi wireless charging standard is what you should seek out.
  • Connect The Charger: Connect the wireless charger to an electrical outlet or USB port to obtain electricity. Others are plug-and-play, while other chargers could have a cord.
  • Placing Your iPhone On The Charger requires that you turn the rear of the device downward. Make sure the charger’s center and the iPhone’s center are in line.
  • Charging State: When your phone battery will start charging, the battery symbol on your phone’s screen will indicate it. Even the charging indicator on the wireless charging pad will also let you know if your iPhone is charging.
  • Unplug Your iPhone: After your iPhone has finished charging completely, you can take it from the charger. To keep your battery capacity stable or to increase the charge stay, make sure to unplug your iPhone as soon as it is fully charged.

You may need to remove your iPhone case before charging it since some iPhone covers might prevent wireless charging. It’s a good idea to charge your iPhone overnight or when you won’t be using it because wireless charging could be slower than charging with a cable.

Comparison Of Wired And Wireless Charging

Comparison Of Wired And Wireless Charging for Iphones with wireless charging

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Wired and wireless charging are the only two ways of charging a device. Before you buy a device that supports wireless charging you must also go through the comparison between wired and wireless charging. 

  • Speed: Speed matters the most when charging a smartphone. In the rate of speed wired chargers provide more speed as compared to wireless charging. And you even get different speeds in wired charging.
  • Convenience: Wireless charging provides more convenience as compared to wired charging. This is because with wireless charging you can charge the device with just a pad whereas you need a cable, adapter, and power source for wired charging devices.
  • Compatibility: Wireless charging is supported by very less phones so wired chargers are more compatible. Even phones which support wireless charging can be even charged with the help of wires.
  • Safety: Wireless chargers are safer than wired chargers. As there is no danger of shock in cordless charging. However, both wired and wireless chargers may overheat.
  • Cost: Typically, wired charging cords cost less than wireless charging stations. However, the cost of wireless chargers has decreased recently and is now available at a fair price.

Advancements In Wireless Charging Technology

There’s already been a long-time that since wireless charging technology have been introduced. In this time period, there are many advancements in this technology. So, let’s look at those advancements.

  • Increased charging speed: In the beginning wireless charging was slower in comparison to wired charging. But in recent times, wireless charging has been advanced and now is able to produce a higher speed.
  • Extended range: Nowadays, you can charge your device in the range of several meters of the charging pad. It is not necessary for you to keep your phone on the charging pad.
  • Multiple device charging: If you have various devices that support wireless charging then at times you can even charge these devices at a time.
  • Bi-directional charging: This means charging one device with the help of another device wirelessly. This is a very advanced technology that is included in some smartphones.
  • Smart charging: This feature or technology of wireless charging automatically changes the speed of charging according to the battery level of the device. This can help in prolonging the battery of the device.
  • Compatibility with non-electronic devices: Non-electronic objects, including pens and eyeglasses, may now be wirelessly charged thanks to the integration of wireless charging technology into furniture pieces like desks and nightstands.

It is now easier and more effective to charge our gadgets because of developments in wireless charging technologies. We may anticipate further developments in wireless charging as technology develops, making it an even more significant aspect of our everyday life.

Wireless Charging Accessories, Environmental Impact, Battery Life, And The Future

The Ultimate List of iPhones With Wireless Charging: Make Your Life Tangle-Free!

Image Source: Apple

Since wireless charging has gained popularity, various accessories are available to help customers make the most of this technology. Concerns have also been raised regarding how wireless charging may affect battery life and the environment. 

Last but not least, thanks to ongoing technological developments and increasing uptake by device makers, wireless charging has a promising future.

Customers can maximize their wireless charging experience thanks to the variety of accessory options. These include charging mats, stands, and even furniture that can be charged wirelessly. Some of the newest technology includes portable wireless chargers, which let users charge their devices while on the road.

Despite being convenient, wireless charging has an impact on the environment. Wireless chargers increase energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions since they require electricity to function. But different wireless chargers have different energy requirements.

Battery Life: There is some concern that wireless charging may have a negative impact on battery life due to the heat created during charging. But as technology advances, this problem is diminishing.

Wireless charging has a bright future, this is mainly due to the advancements in technology and the introduction of this technology in various devices. By this, more devices will have wireless charging options, and the rate of charging rates are expected to be higher.

The two wireless charging options, bi-directional and long-range wireless charging technologies will further increase the convenience and effectiveness of wireless charging which will make this technology better.

In short, wireless charging is a practical technology which going to turn into more practical and effective technology in the future. We can be advantageous by reducing the negative impacts on the environment which is possible with the help of appropriate accessories.

Wrap Up On iPhones With Wireless Charging

Wireless charging has become a standard feature in many modern smartphones, including the iPhone. In short, all the newer models of iPhones are now availed with wireless charging technology.

To charge your iPhone wirelessly you must even have a wireless charging pad which you have to buy externally as only the mobile and the wired charging cable are included in the box.

I hope you found this article on iPhones with wireless charging informative and useful. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to share them with us in the comment box.

FAQ: iPhones With Wireless Charging

While researching this topic on the internet, I found that people still not knowing perfectly about wireless charging on iPhones. So, in order to give you some extra information I have explained a few more questions.

Q1. Will wireless charging become the standard for all devices in the future?

Ans: Yes, there are chances of wireless charging becoming a standard for all devices in the future. The rate may increase in recent times due to more advanced technology and high-end phone demands.

Q2. Can I charge multiple devices on the same wireless charging pad?

Ans: Some charging stations contain numerous coils that enable simultaneous charging of several devices. Other charging pads, on the other hand, only have one coil, which limits the number of devices they can charge at once.

Q3. Can I still use my iPhone while it’s charging wirelessly?

Ans: Yes, you may use your iPhone while it is wirelessly charging. Your smartphone may continue to work normally during wireless charging because it has no impact on its operation.

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