10 Most Common Problems With iPhone 14 And How To Fix Them: Here Is What You Can Do!

Apple has finally introduced the iPhone 14 series recently and it brings a lot of new incredible features. And most of the users are enjoying their new and amazing devices, however, some users are complaining about a few issues. 

Some of these issues definitely require Apple to fix, but you should try to fix the others on your own. In this article, we have compiled a list of the most common problems with iPhone 14 and how you can fix them in the easiest way possible. Also, here we have given a look at the new features of the iPhone 14 series. 

What New Features You Will Get With The iPhone 14 Series

The iPhone 14 series includes four new models- iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, and iPhone 14 Plus. And these four iPhone 14 models, together, have accounted for a huge 77% of the total iPhone sales in the United States in Q4 2022. 

These models have come up with an upgraded design, excellent cameras, improved display technology, and high-quality performance. And the most significant change can be found in the camera system. 

Also, Apple has decided not to include a SIM card slot for all iPhone 14 models sold in the US, which is an interesting thing for users. However, all iPhone 14 series phones run on the latest iOS 16 software and most probably, will receive 5 to 6 years of software updates. 

10 Common Problems With iPhone 14 That Users Are Facing: Things You Need To Know

The iPhone 14 model is Apple’s latest smartphone, but like any other technology, it can also have some occasional problems or bugs. Here we have covered the 10 most common problems with iPhone 14 with the possible solutions that might be available.

1.  iPhone 14 Not Turning On

Some users are facing this issue with their new iPhone 14. When they try to turn on their new device, it is just not turning on. Then, if you press and hold the side button on your iPhone 14, it just would not show the Apple logo and will not boot up.

How You Can Fix It

Here are several solutions that can help you to fix this issue:

  • First, you should check your USB cable and power adapter to ensure that they are not faulty. Though there is very less chance, however sometimes it affects. 
  • Then, you need to make sure your iPhone has enough charge. Because your iPhone might have been turned off due to no charge and it looks like your iPhone has died.
  • Also, you can force restart your iPhone to check if it solves the issue. However, if you have tried all the possible methods and your iPhone 14 is still not turning on, then it might be a hardware issue. So, you should try to get a replacement device from Apple. 

2. Battery Draining Faster Than It Should

Some users are saying that their new iPhone 14 battery is draining faster than it should. It is true that one or more of your apps might drain your battery faster and also the new Always-On Display feature on the iPhone 14 Pro might consume more battery. 

Also, iOS 16 is relatively new software and don’t have proper optimization yet, and it can be a reason as well. 

How You Can Fix It

There is no permanent fix for this issue, however, you can try several things to fix it. 

  • You can try turning off the Always-On Display feature to reduce battery consumption.
  • You should check for updates, and if you don’t have the latest version of iOS yet, then try to install it as soon as possible. 
  • Also, you can check the Battery section of your iPhone settings and find out which app is mainly responsible for the huge battery consumption. And if you don’t need the app, delete it.

3. Camera Shaking On Some Apps 

Some iPhone 14 users have reported the camera shake issue while using the camera in several third-party apps such as Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat. In this issue, the camera starts shaking randomly while taking photos or recording videos on one of these apps. 

Several users also reported physical sounds and serious loud noises from the camera. However, it doesn’t happen on the stock camera app, but it is still a very big problem as many users use Snapchat or TikTok on daily basis. 

And the issue might be with the optical image stabilization feature of the camera, which is actually supposed to minimize shake.

How You Can Fix It

A lot of users are thinking that it could damage their camera permanently, so you must know how to fix it. 

  • Apple has recently released the iOS 16.0.2 update to fix this camera shake issue. If you haven’t already, then you should download and install it on your phone.
  • However, if you still have not received the update, then you can avoid using these third-party apps until you get the update. But, if the issue still occurs even after the update, you can try removing the apps where you are facing this issue, and then reinstall them again.

4. iPhone 14 Freezing During Data Transfer

The first thing that people generally do after getting the new iPhone is to set it up. However, a lot of iPhone 14 Pro users could not move past the initial data transfer page. Some users reported that their iPhone 14 Pro is freezing up or becoming unresponsive during data transfer.

Also, some people have reported that a bug does not allow the phone to move past an iCloud restore or the data transfer option when you are transferring data from another iPhone.

When users try to restore their iPhone 14 from an iCloud backup, it always crashes during the process. It might get stuck on “Estimated Time Remaining” or while displaying any other message.

How You Can Fix It

There seems to be no permanent fix to this issue just yet, however, Apple has acknowledged the issue and they said that they were working on a permanent fix. 

  • Apple says users should force restart their iPhone if it gets stuck or becomes unresponsive during the restore process.
  • And you can also update your iPhone to the latest version.

5. Copy And Paste Issue In iPhone 14 

There is another annoying problem that iPhone 14 users are constantly facing which is the copy-and-paste issue. It is basically more of an iOS 16 issue. Because of that, this problem not only impacts the iPhone 14 but also older iPhones that are running iOS 16. 

Several users have reported that there are way too many pop-up alerts when they are trying to copy and paste content from one app to another on iPhones. 

How You Can Fix It

Apple has already acknowledged this problem and they have released the iOS 16.0.2 update to fix the issue. Also, this issue has been fixed with this update.

6. iMessage And FaceTime Issues

Some users reported that they are not being able to receive iMessages and FaceTime calls after they set up their new iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Pro models. Apple has addressed this serious issue in a support document, where they have mentioned that users might also experience one or more of the following issues.

  • When you send a message to another Apple device, you will see a green message bubble instead of a blue one. 
  • Also, recipients could see your messages coming from the wrong account, such as from your email address even if you had selected your phone number.

How You Can Fix It

Apple has advised users to immediately update to the latest version of iOS to resolve this. However, if you are still facing issues with iMessages and FaceTime, then you can follow the steps described in Apple’s support document. 

7. Randomly Restarting When Connected To A Charger

Several iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users have reported that their devices are randomly restarting when connected to a charger and the cause of this issue is unknown. 

However, this issue has been happening with both MagSafe and Lightning charging and in multiple versions of iOS 16. But, those phones are working normally when they are not connected to a charger.

How You Can Fix It

Till now, there is no official solution for this issue. However, some people have come up with several solutions and they are claiming that these can solve the problem. But, others have tried these methods without any desired result. 

So, the only real solution is that you need to wait until Apple fixes this issue or you can contact Apple to try to get a replacement device. 

8. iPhone Vibrating Randomly For No Reason

Some users are also complaining that their iPhone vibrates randomly for no reason. Sometimes, you might have felt a vibration and then got your iPhone out to check for notifications, however, you could not find any notifications. 

Also, in some cases, you can experience strange vibrations in the camera app, even if you don’t press the capture button.

How You Can Fix It

You can do the following things to fix this issue. 

  • You should update your iPhone to the latest version of iOS available to resolve the problem. 
  • However, if you are still facing this issue after the update, then you can force restart your iPhone.

9. SIM Not Supported Issue

Another issue has been recently found on many iPhone 14 devices, which is the SIM not supported issue. According to several reports, some iPhone 14 owners are getting a message that reads “SIM not supported”, and the device also freezes thereafter.

How You Can Fix It

Apple has already acknowledged this annoying problem and tried to provide users with a solution. 

  • Apple has advised its users to wait for the message to disappear automatically. 
  • However, if that doesn’t work, then you can also visit your local Apple Store or an Apple-certified service center to resolve the problem.
  • Finally, you should install any updates available on your device that can also help you resolve the issue.

10. Slow Camera App Issue

The slow camera app issue is another frustrating problem on the iPhone 14 that is being faced by a lot of iPhone 14 users. This issue generally causes the camera app to be extremely slow, and sometimes it takes even 4-5 seconds to load or launch. And it can be really annoying if you want to take a photo or a video quickly with your iPhone.

How You Can Fix It

So far, there is no official fix for this issue. However, Apple should fix this issue as soon as possible with a software update.

Wrap Up On Common Problems With iPhone 14

The iPhone 14 is definitely a great phone, however, like any other new device, it is also not perfect. That is why users are having some issues already, but Apple is also working really hard to fix these issues and provide valuable feedback to its users. 

If you are also having some issues with your iPhone 14, then you should check our list to see if there is a solution available. We have tried to provide the fixes to almost all issues users are facing. 

We hope that this comprehensive guide has helped you to learn about the common problems with iPhone 14. If you are facing any other problems with your iPhone 14, please let us know in the comments below. 

FAQ: Common Problems With iPhone 14

As a lot of people are facing some common problems with iPhone 14, sometimes they can get really frustrated with these issues. That is why here we have answered some frequently asked questions to clear their doubts.

Q1. Does iPhone 14 Have Heating Issues?

Ans: Several iPhone 14 and 14 Pro owners have reported that even with minimal use, sometimes their devices are overheating or getting warm.

Q2. Should I Buy iPhone 13 Or 14?

Ans: The iPhone 13 is more than enough for many people, as you will get excellent performance, an amazing camera, and also a modern design at a less budget. However, if you have the budget to spend, then you can consider buying the iPhone 14 because of its camera upgrades.

Q3. Why Does My iPhone 14 Get So Hot While Charging?

Ans: If you are using a wireless charger, then those can be very inefficient and can also generate a lot of heat. And if it doesn’t have proper power management, then it could overheat the phone.

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