Should I Buy A MacBook Pro Or A Windows Laptop: How Do you Choose?

Laptops are used by everyone nowadays let they be a student, gamers, or professional workers. Windows and Mac are the two main competitors of laptops which always creates confusion for the people who are buying them.

As per the reports of theverge.com, traffic to laptop pages is growing year to year by 100 to 130 percent. The reason increase in traffic to the product page of laptops is people are having difficulty deciding to choose whether windows or mac.

Apple’s mac and Microsoft’s windows are the top operating systems in the world. Both provide their users with a unique interface with outstanding features but it becomes quite difficult to choose any one from both.

So, in this article, I will be sharing with you the complete guide to choosing the best from Macbook Pro vs Window laptop. Also, we have given you an idea of must-have features and the usefulness of laptops for every person.

So, let’s get started.

Must-Have Features In Every Laptop

There are certain features and functionality that every laptop must have with which you may be unknown. These features are also a kind of buying guide that you must follow before buying a laptop.

  • Size and Weight: There is a certain criterion for the size and weight of a laptop so that it can be easily carried and placed somewhere. 
  • Storage Type: There are different types of storage and the storage capacity of a laptop also depends on the type of storage you are using.
  • Connecting Ports: Every laptop has different ports and all those ports have their unique characteristic. So, understanding the ports and their usage becomes necessary before buying a laptop.
  • Hardware Components: In this post, we are going to clear the operating system doubt by the means of Macbook Pro vs Windows Laptop. But the hardware components such as CPU, processor, etc… are very important in the functioning of a laptop.

8 Most Important Parameters To Be Kept In Mind Before Buying A Laptop

As shared before we are going to discuss this whole guide or post with a few important parameters that will make the choice of an operating system very easy and you will buy the laptop which will be helpful for you.

1. Operating System

Best Operating System Macbook Pro vs Window Laptop

Mac and windows have their own different operating systems. Mac has an operating system which is termed MacOS whereas Windows operating system is termed WindowsOS.

If you are unknown, google has also its own books which are known as Chromebook and they run on ChromeOS. 

But ChromeOS is just for browsing and everyone except students cannot use it so we will just focus on windows and mac operating systems. MacOS gives a very clean and simple look to its users.

Mac is especially preferred for content creators and professionals due to its OS and Apple company.

Windows is the most widely used operating system and it is used also used by different professionals such as Engineers, coders, tech-based workers, etc…

2. Necessary Apps

Necessary Apps Macbook Pro vs Window Laptop

Every device whether it is a laptop or a mobile is always in need of apps. The laptop has some basic apps that a user is always in need of and sometimes you may not be knowing about this.

There are different apps that are necessary for a phone such as a browser, office suite, media player, screenshot, anti-virus, and many more. 

Necessary apps not only mean different built-in apps that each operating system provides but also the compatibility of downloading third-party apps. 

Compared to macOS windows allows its users to freely download third-party software with basic but powerful security options. 

Even mac allows its users to download external apps and software but there are many security interrupts that make this process a bit difficult.

3. User Interface

Best User Interface Macbook Pro vs Window Laptop

MacBook and Microsoft Windows both have their own user interface based on the operating system. One side Macbook’s interface has not changed for years and the other side of windows has windows 11 on board which looks a bit similar to macOS.

Windows has a top-corner “X” which closes a particular window whereas in Mac this “X” option just minimizes the windows and if you want to completely close the window in mac then you have to press “Command+Q” or “right-click on the window icon”.

Mac is regarded as no.1 in providing their uses data privacy and security. Mac has its own unique but quite good user experience and Mac has a feature to control all the Apple devices from Mac itself by connecting to them.

4. Battery Life

Let it be a professional worker or a gamer every person needs a laptop for a longer time to finish their work in this case a good battery life is required. Macs are regarded to have a long battery life than windows.

Windows also has a good battery life but it fails when compared to the mac. The possible reason for this may be Mac does not have many processes running in the background or on the screen due to their simplified user interface and experience.

The battery life of each device depends on the usage and how you do it. This is because if you just use your laptop to web browse your laptop may run for a longer time than if you are using your laptop for gaming or watching a high-quality video.

5. Processors

Best Processors Macbook Pro vs Window Laptop

Processors are the heart and the main guiding component of a laptop. The speed and response of your laptop depend clearly on the processor and the CPU. If you have an updated version of the processor then your laptop can think and work faster.

In windows, there are a large variety of processors and this comes with the company of your laptop. Windows has a large variety of processors that lets users do any kind of task on the laptop.

Apple itself manufactures the processors for their Mac. These processors are regarded as chips and they are of four types M1, M1 Pro, M1 Max, and M1 Ultra. Some versions of mac also use processors manufactured by Intel.

6. Storage And Options

More Storage And Options Macbook Pro vs Window Laptop

For every tasking on a laptop, storage is a must. This is because storage is used to store different apps and Software in it and the type of storage in a laptop is also a factor in your laptop’s speed and security.

A large variety of Macs have SSD storage on them unless you are choosing an older version Macbook. SSD is said to read and write data more than 10 times faster than HDD. To know your processor of Mac just click on the Apple logo > About this mac > Storage.

The storage type of windows depends on the company you are taking from. Windows offer both HDD and SSD storage type. If you are taking an HDD window, go for an in-built hard disk of a minimum of 1TB.

7. Build Quality

Build quality is also an important factor in the functioning of a laptop. The material is fall protection, dust-proof, waterproof, and many more depending on the build quality itself. If you want your laptop to be more durable then you must be aware of the build quality.

There can be no comparison made between the build quality of ac and windows. This is because both provide long-lasting experiences for their users. But still, you have to check for all the build quality terms in the info on your laptop

After a few tests and user experiences, MacBooks are said to have a slightly better and smooth build quality with good fall protection.

8. Budget

Different laptops have different prices and it becomes important to factorize a budget for yourself and buy a laptop. Professionals who work and earn can easily afford a Mac as they are totally in need of it.

But for newbies and mid or low-ranged budget windows are recommended. Because windows are manufactured by different companies and they have company advertisements on them which make windows quite affordable than Mac. 

Whereas, mac manufactures all the parts by itself and does not go for any brand advertisements on their laptop which makes it cost a bit higher.

What You Will Going To Do On Your Laptop?

Selecting a good laptop for yourself depends also on what you will be going to do with your laptop. If you are a content creator you will be always in need of professional and a laptop that can handle video editing then you must go for a Mac.

In case you are a software developer who needs different software on the laptop to carry on their work then you must go for Windows. This is because there are different software which can be easily downloaded and run on windows.

Wrap-Up On Macbook Pro vs Window Laptop

This post was quite informative. Sometimes windows fail to provide good performance when considered to Mac.

The only reason for this is Mac laptops are only manufactured by Apple whereas Windows laptops are manufactured by different companies over the world.

I hope you found this post quite helpful and informative and if you face or find any issues or doubts regarding Macbook Pro vs Window Laptop then kindly do not forget to leave a comment in the comment box below we will try to answer your back shortly.

FAQ: Macbook Pro vs Window Laptop

While researching this topic on the internet to give you the best possible guide in choosing a laptop, I found many questions which were not yet answered. So, I have answered below a few of them:-

Q1. Which laptop Windows or Mac have a good number of ports?

Ans: Windows provides a large number of ports which makes it easier for people to connect to any device. But Mac has very less ports and you may need to buy an external port that can be used by connecting to Mac.

Q2. Does it become difficult to switch from Windows to Mac?

Ans: Transferring data from windows to Mac is not a difficult task but you might find it a bit difficult in using the Mac because windows features are quite different than that of Mac.

Q3. Is there a need of downloading an anti-virus for a new laptop?

Ans: Normally there is no need of downloading external anti-virus for your laptop because windows and mac both provide great malware security and fulfill the need for anti-virus for laptops.

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