This Is How To Make Friends List Private On Fb (Facebook): Secure Your Private Details!

Facebook is used by most people nowadays from young to old people. So, an increase in users also results in spammy or unnecessary accounts. This is why it is important to filter out your family and friends and keep them private.

As per the reports of Statista, there are more than 2900 million users of Facebook worldwide. All these accounts may not be necessary for your personal or professional use. So, it becomes necessary to know how to make friends list private on fb.

It is not only important to make private friends lists on Facebook in order to figure out safe and friendly accounts and filters but also for privacy concerns. In the present period, with an increase in technology, there is also an increase in spammers online.

So, in this article, I will guide you through different things related to privacy concerns and explain to you the step-by-step process of how to make private friends list on Facebook for both mobile and desktop.

So, let’s get started.

Things To Be Considered Before Making Friends List Private On Facebook

The whole step-by-step process you will be getting to know in this post but before knowing how to make friends list private on FB.

there are different points that you must keep in your mind so that you do not misguide yourself in this process. The first one is to know the friends that can be made and converted to a smaller audience.

This is because if you add a friend that is not so close to you or may not be interested to be in your private friend list it might cause problems such as unfriending.

After you add a person to the close friend make sure that you are aware that Facebook by default shows all the friends who are connected to you on your account.

In order to change it you can go to the privacy settings and limit who can see your list of friends connected to you.

3-Step Process On How To Make Friends List Private On FB Using Mobile Phone

Among more than 2900 million users of Facebook, 98.5% of these users use a mobile phone to access Facebook and carry on with their work. So, it becomes very to know the process of making a private list of family and friends on Facebook via a mobile phone.

Step 1: Launching The Facebook App Settings

First of all, if you haven’t downloaded the Facebook app then make sure to download it and log in to your account.

After launching then click on the “hamburger icon” on the screen and click on the “Settings icon”, here you will find different options like Preferences, Account, and many more.

Go to the Facebook setting option to make friends list private on fb

Step 2: Privacy Checkup

After you go to your settings page, under the “Account” menu click on the rectangular menu called “Privacy Checkup”. This is the place where you can do all your important privacy and security settings.

Click on the privacy checkup option to make friends list private on fb

Step 3: Settings Related To Who Can See What You Share

In the privacy menu, simply tap on the “Who can see what you share” menu and then tap on the “Continue” option.

Here you will find different options which we will be discussing in detail as you read below. After you do all the settings go forward and save it.

Go to the friends and following option on Facebook and select only me option to make friends list private on fb

3 Simple Steps On How To Make Friends List Private On FB Using Desktop

The desktops such as laptops and PCs are mainly used by creators who use Facebook for enlarging their business by using various different features of Facebook. The process is a bit similar to that of a mobile phone but still, a few more additional things are needed.

Step 1: Open The Facebook SIte > Profile

Firstly go to the Facebook site and log in to your account by entering your Facebook account login details.

Click on the “Profile Icon” picture that is located in the top right corner of the screen. Now, you will be directed to your Facebook profile page.

Step 2: Privacy Settings

In the list of different options click on “Settings & Privacy”. Then click on “Settings” and in the left panel click on the “Privacy” menu, here you will find different Privacy Settings and Tools on your Facebook privacy settings page.

Go to the privacy setting on Facebook to make friends list private on fb

Step 3: Creating A Private Friends List

In the privacy settings place, click on the “Check a few important settings” option under the Privacy shortcuts.

Here click on the “Who Can See What You Share” menu and then tap on “Settings”. Then, set all the options here as per your needs and click on “Next”.

Press the continue button to make friends list private on fb

Try Out Other Facebook Friend List Privacy Settings

When you reach the final step of making your Facebook friends list private on Facebook there you will find different options so understanding them is very important. So below I have you with all the privacy options:-

  • Public: This option means that your Friends list on Facebook will be open to all and all can see your friends list.
  • Friends: By enabling this option, you are only allowing your friends to see your Friends list on Facebook.
  • Friends except: This option is just an addon to the “friends” option, here you can disable some specific friends on Facebook to access your Friends list.
  • Specific Friends: This option is also an addon to the Friends option but here instead of disabling some friends from seeing your Friends list on Facebook you can allow only specific friends.
  • Only me: This option is used when you don’t want anyone else to see your Facebook friends list except yourself.
  • Custom: If you want to allow only specific members to share and to share with your friend list then you can use this setting.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Making A Private List On Facebook

After making a private friends list, it is very important to know the advantages and disadvantages of this list. So, the very first advantage is you get more privacy. Privacy not only means keeping your data secured.

But also means keeping the information that you share end-to-end encrypted. In simpler words, by making a private friends list you are sharing all your personal or confidential data with only those you know.

There is no particular disadvantage to this, but keeping your private list on Facebook limits all your information only to the list and by mistake, if you forget to add someone to the list they may unfriend you.

How You Can Private Your Friend List While Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the best way to enlarge your audience reach and connect to your people. But the friend list can cause a problem while you are live streaming on Facebook. 

As you have different restriction options for your friend list, the same options are also available when you are live on Facebook.

You can do Facebook live for everyone, specific lists, or certain people not only this you can even do Facebook live for yourself only by usage of the “Only Me” option. 

In addition to these options, you can Live only on the pages you manage or the groups where you are a member. You can even access the Friends list choices on the screen where you are live streaming on Facebook. 

You can enable or know more about the above settings while you are settings up the live stream on Facebook. And I hope you must not find any difficulty to choose the best privacy setting for Facebook live.

Unfriend Strangers From Your Facebook Account

As making a private friends list on Facebook is a step forward in increasing your account privacy so you must also consider unfriending strangers or people whom you don’t know from accessing your Facebook profile.

This is because your Facebook profile contains all your personal information of you and a stranger might misuse it.

To unfriend someone’s profile, go to the stranger’s account whom you want to unfriend and click on the “Person icon” at the top of the profile. And simply click Unfriends and confirm your action.

If you are not able to access the profile of whom you want to unfriend, then simply go to your Facebook profile > Friends. In this find or search for the person and click on the “three-dots icon” and tap unfriend.

Other Privacy Options To Try For Your Facebook Profile

Including the above process, there are also different privacy options, you must try for your Facebook profile. So, make sure to try all the options that are given below:-

  • Enabling two-factor authentication.
  • Disable apps to track your Facebook account
  • Hide like and share buttons or stop their counts.
  • Clear your history

Wrap Up On How To Make Friends List Private On FB

This post was very informative relating to privacy on Facebook. All of the above options might result in good privacy for your Facebook account.

But if you consider making your Facebook account private then you can reduce a lot of work of doing different privacy settings on your account.

I hope you found this post very informative and helpful, if you have any doubts relating to how to make your friends list private on FB.

Then consider sending a comment to use by writing your issue in the comment box, and we will try to reply to you back very sooner.

FAQ: How To Make Friends List Private On FB

Facebook privacy and its settings are too vast and while researching this topic and different privacy options for Facebook, I found many questions asked by people online so I have tried to answer a few of those below:-

Q1. Can the person know if I visit their’s profile page?

Ans: No, Facebook doesn’t let the account owner know if you visit the profile page of others unless you do any activity on the page such as following, liking a post, commenting, messaging, or even mentioning the profile of the person around the Facebook.

Q2. Does Facebook notify the owner if someone screenshots their profile friends list?

Ans: Facebook does not notify any profile owner if you screenshot their profile page, story, post, or friends list. So, in order to stop others from knowing your friend list make sure that you change the privacy setting of your friend list.

Q3. Are there different ways to make a friends list on Facebook?

Ans: No, there are no different ways to make private friends list except going to the privacy page and setting it up as shown in this post. So, make sure that you even do not use any third-party apps for this process because they might steal the information.

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