Pocket WiFi Best Buy Guide: How it Works, Is it Worth to Invest?

If you are a traveler or interested in getting Internet access to every corner of the world than Pocket Wifi is an answer for all your internet connection problems.

This world is no more without technology and every single thing is dependent on technology and in the era of technology the Internet is the prime need for everyone.

The Internet can be gain through different ways and Pocket Wifi is the best way out of them but why?

Let say you went to London for travel tour and suddenly you found that your internet package will cost you a lot and you are there with your family.

Now in the result, you would need multiple Internet packages to enjoy your family trip for keep sharing or posting your pics which is quite expensive.

What is pocket wifi

Hence the solution is Pocket Wifi which is easy to access from every corner of the world and small in size to fit anywhere in your pocket.

The best advantage is easy to shareable among 5-15 people same as Wifi at home.

Is it not a smart solution?

Hence in this guide, I will explain each aspect about Pocket Wifi, What is Pocket Wifi?  How does Pocket wifi work? Why we should use Pocket Wifi?

What is Pocket Wifi?

Pocket wifi is a small device which is easy to fit in the palm and provide internet facility to usual devices such as the smartphone, tablet, and PC like systems.

It is easy to carry and simple to configure and provide you the facility to connect 5-15 devices at a time.

It is a complete portable internet wifi package for the complete family or group or individual if you are planning to travel outside your country.

In simple, it is a small device which works as a hotspot to provide internet and the best part it is not much big as your home Wifi router.

Easy to fit in anywhere of your pocket and will always on to provide internet connectivity at any corner of the world.

That is why it is the best solution for all time internet, if you are a traveler, you won’t need to care about local country internet connectivity.

Your mobile and its connectivity will always be On, irrespective of country or regional location.

This is called Pocket Wifi, let’s discuss why we need Pocket Wifi?

Why We Need Pocket Wifi?

It is obvious that you might think that you can achieve internet connectivity using public wifi or internet recharge to existing SIM, then why you need pocket wifi?

Let me explain why?

Let say you are from the USA and planning to visit London that means you are in the roaming country which cost you a lot to recharge internet connection.

The service provider SIM signal will not be strong enough to get you live all the moment while you are somewhere underground or in a remote area of another country.

If you are going there as a full family than this might consume more data and everyone dependency will be on your mobile only because you are sharing them a hotspot.

Alternatively, you can connect to any public Wifi but this might be a case of the security and privacy issues.

Portable Wifi

So the solution for all the above problems is with pocket wifi. Pocket wifi will work as a common device to connect everyone at a time.

You will get more data as compared to mobile roaming data which will reduce your overall recharge cost.

Pocket Wifi signal will be very strong as compared to mobile signal hence in case you lost your mobile signal you can connect mobile through pocket wifi and communicate on internet call.

Using Pocket wifi you can not limit your network to any country, region or continent. You can get access to every corner of the world without additional charges.

Surprised? Do not worry I will explain later how?

How Does Pocket Wifi Works?

Pocket Wifi is none other than a smart device which offers you the internet connectivity same as your home based wifi router.

Your Home-based Wifi router will be bigger in size and ideally, it is a connected to the broadband network and not made to carry outside.

The problem for that is solved by Pocket wifi which is nowhere connected to any broadband network and not bigger in size.

Pocket Wifi is like power bank which you can charge through your regular supply and it has a micro SD slot to insert SIM card.

Yes, Pocket Wifi is work on a SIM card network same as a mobile network. You can insert any SIM card which compatible with the device.

Using 3G or 4G wifi network SIM card, it will work as a single node which will generate wifi signal in the range of 30-50 feet and will allow connecting 5-10 Devices based on device capacity.

Pocket Wifi Device

In general, it works as a single node to generate wifi signals and fully secured by a specific credentialS, hence all authorized user will be connected through that.

So no public device can connect to the device unless it has specified credentials.

Most of the companies outside offering a SIM card with Pocket Wifi Device which they call Virtual SIM.

With the virtual SIM card, they offer additional internet data package which is cheaper in cost and having long time validity and bundle to use in a different country with no restrictions.

Here Pocket Wifi device company has tied up with multiple country internet service providers.

So while you start your device in that country will automatically connect to local  ISP to which that pocket wifi company has contracted.

Hence you won’t need to worry about purchasing a new SIM in that country and use the internet, the device will do this automatically for you.

What you need is to purchase an internet pack available by that pocket wifi device company.

The best part is pocket wifi available in both prepaid and postpaid connections, you can choose any of your choices.

But the best part is with Prepaid connections where you can choose data package based on need and postpaid will generate bill at the end of the month.

If you really want to save your hard cash pocket money on this expensive internet data packages than you should use pocket wifi to save pocket money.

As I said few of the Pocket wifi has SIM card slot to enter. You can make a purchase of device separately and SIM card separately.

If you are a traveler who usually visits the cross country or any outer places. Then go and get buy one device only.

It won’t act as a wifi router only but few pocket wifi such as GlocalMe G3 which has around 500+ customer positive review also works as a power bank.

Hence, if you are a journalist or a writer, if you are a student or practitioner in every case we need internet up and running.

If you have a small office and team of 5-10 people you can get advantages of the wifi router and planning to have a party or outing get connected to the internet no matter where you are.

In general, if you need the internet for a cheaper rate and best connectivity at any corner than the smart solution is Pocket Wifi.

Selection of Best Pocket Wifi?

If you already make a plan to buy pocket wifi than let me help you how and from where you can get the best pocket wifi.

It is obvious that most of the companies outside selling pocket wifi but the best choice is limited with only a few and I am going to list the best of my experiences.

You can place buy order based on your choice. But I will figure out important factors to look for before placing any order.

Power Storage Capacity

Why we are planning to switch for Wireless pocket Wifi because in need to have internet availability.

That means your device must be On and active for a long time and if needed should provide you facility as a power bank.

To offer all this what you need is more power storage capacity, ideally, it should have at least 5000+ mah battery capacity which can at least long last for next 9-12 hour.

Additional SIM card Slot

Pocket Wifi can offer you internet service through prepaid and postpaid service. Where they can charge you bill based on a monthly basis or you can choose a data pack.

But in both cases, you are limited to their data pack service only hence check if they have additional SIM slot to enter SIM card.

This will give you additional freedom to buy SIM card based on your choice and you can use that device as a Wifi node by entering a personal SIM.

Hence now you will pay for data use by SIM card only based on the best price you have chosen.

Multiple SIM card sort will give you the flexibility to insert multiple SIM and get advantages of the internet package offer in that local country if you do not want to use device inbuild SIM.

Internet Data Package Offer

This is well suits if you are a traveler if planning to go for a trip to Europe or Asia in that case if a company offers a bundle of cheap data package as the initial cost will save money.

It would also good if they can offer you pay as you go and daily certain data limit, which will make easier you for your data consumption plan.

Look for company Virtual SIM data pack bundle offer, which can give you a special package for your usual visit countries.

Should work on the 4G LTE network

Yes, make sure your device should support 4G LTE because this is what mandatory to have a strong network for all the connected devices.

This time 4G is mostly available every corner of the world which can offer you good internet speed.

Number of Device connectivity

If you want to use this device for a family pack or group trip plan than the point to consider is availability to connect with the number of devices.

Yes, make sure to choose a device which has at least facility to connect with 5 devices at a time.

Pros and Cons

Every electronic device has pros and cons which I am going to list for pocket wifi.


  • Smaller in size easy to portable.
  • Avail internet connectivity around the globe.
  • No more broadband network requires internet access.
  • Complete internet package for a traveler or family or group trip
  • Available to purchase or on rent with SIM or without SIM.


  • The device runs on the Virtual SIM card which connects to the local country network, so internet connectivity totally depends on the cellular network.
  • The device runs on battery storage so make sure to charge the device first else you will lose the internet.
  • Make sure to switch off the device while not in use else auto-consumption of data.

Hence now I may consider that you are well aware of what is pocket wifi, how does it work and what you should care while making a purchase order.

This time is to introduce the best device on my experience, which you may like the most and can place the purchase order.

Best Pocket Wifi to Buy

While I was checking on the internet and through different sources for best pocket Wifi based on customer reviews and services it offering.

GlocalMe G3 4G LTE Pocket Wifi is one of the popular choices for most of the pocket wifi users.

GlocalME G3 Pocket Wifi

This is generation 3 of GlocalME which provide internet service in 100+ worldwide country using inbuild Virtual SIM, No need to buy additional SIM and easy to connect.

  • It offers an inbuilt virtual SIM card, which allows you to access any local network automatically while you are in their listed 100+ countries.
  • The Best part is offering 1GB free global data for first time purchases.
  • It offers 4G LTE high-speed internet connectivity.
  • In build battery capacity of 5350mAh which is long-lasting for at least 12 hours and can charge your cellphone three times as a power bank, Amazing.
  • It has a Dual SIM card slot to enter two nano sim cards which offers options to go for any other local Internet Service provider in case of need.
  • It offers a USB port to charge the device and one more USB port for work as Power Bank.
  • To monitor your data usage and battery storage you would have App call GlocalMe.

GlocalMe Device

If you want can check on Amazon for the latest price and other alternative options.


This product is listed in Amazon’s best choice, so you could make the decision your own. While checking the data plan it offering with a virtual SIM card is plenty good.

It has coverage of more than 100+ countries. Hence you could check their packages and global region access to their internet network.

Package for Country

Just to let you know that this is not mandatory to buy this device you can also rent for day or week based on prices.

If willing to rent pocket wifi in Europe, USA, ASIA, etc then you can check MyWebSpot.

But if you are a frequent traveler then you should purchase one as suggested above.

I would consider myself, as I deliver almost all the required information related to pocket Wifi.

My View on Pocket Wifi

This time every smart device is getting smaller in size and if you talk about the internet than other than cellphone and pocket wifi nothing is smaller.

If you are keen of internet access everywhere than without single though you should purchase Pocket Wifi.

While comparing Pros and Cons, we came to know as an electronic device it has a common drawback of battery usage, etc but having ultimate benefits.

It is obvious that you can have internet connectivity with your local SIM card but they won’t have any contract with another country local service provider to which you are traveling.

Hence the best solution is to have a Virtual SIM card provided by a pocket wifi device company and do recharge as you want to get unlimited access everywhere.

To learn more about tech tips and best suggestions on devices join us on MrVyas Idea and let me know what do you think about Pocket Wifi, is it really useful?


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