How to Buy Tron Coin (TRX) : Best Price Buy Guide using 3 Ways.

This time if you are willing to add Tron Coin (TRX) to an investment portfolio than here in this guide I will tell you how to buy Tron Coin.

It is obvious that Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin are among the top listed currencies but that would require to invest a lot.

Due to increasing day to day regulations, no one can guarantee the future price for any of the large portfolio coins.

How to Buy TRON Coin

Hence the ultimate solution is to look for AltCoin, which can have bright future and low investment initially.

In my list, few of the below are suggested to look for.

All above-listed coins are based on a very strong vision and currently avail to invest for the cheaper price.

I have already shared the guide on Stellar (XLM), which is also one of my best or favorite coin currently avail in cheap price check that right now on Binance.

Hence in this guide, I will talk about Tron Coin (TRX), that how to Buy Tron Coin?

Before learning on, how to buy Tron Coin let we first learn about What is Tron Coin?

What is Tron Coin (TRX) and How Works?

TRON Coin (TRX) was originated in the year 2017  by Justin Sun , when cryptocurrency was in Boom and in ICO only it made around 81$ Million by different investors.

TRON is introduced to replace Entertainment and content sharing platforms into decentralized blockchain technology.

Yes TRON is an idea to replace current social media internet network to blockchain technology.

Because currently big giant companies like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest etc are controlling your creativity on their platform.

You make your own videos or post and share on those media platforms, if you got earning from them then they keep most of the revenue with them.

This third party media platform has sole authority to remove your content anytime without prior notice.

Hence replacement of this platform is TRON blockchain technology, which offers you to share your creativity on TRON network and you will be the owner of your creativity.

To have this creativity, in return you will get Tronix (TRX) coin which is the currency traded on this network.

Hence TRON is to decentralize this internet technology and it may surprise you that Tim Berner Lee the founder of the World Wide Web is the mentor of this project.

This will also surprise you that while the coin was released, its price was 0.002$. which is currently 0.02$ which is 10X times in just 1 year.

The max price, it hit in the year 2017 was 0.25$, hence this is worth looking investment.

This is a brief idea about Tron, to know more about Tron foundation and Tronix Coin check our detail guide.

It will Surprise you that TRON has acquired BitTorrent the P2P file sharing company in the year 2018 and they have announced to launch BitTorrent Live in Q2 of 2019.

This may boom the price of TRON, to learn more check BitTorrent Live Guide.

Now let me tell you how to buy Tron Coin?

How to Buy Tron Coin (TRX)?

While discussing Buying and selling of Tron coin as it is cryptocurrency, so it has all the possible ways as with others.

In summary, if I will list than below are the important ways.

  • Buy TRX using BTC/ETH.
  • Buy TRX using other Cryptocurrency.
  • Buy TRX using Fiat currency.
  • Buy TRX using Bank or Wire transfer.

Yes, TRX is among the top 10 listed currency and that is what the reason it has been listed with multiple cryptos exchanges.

So it depends on which one you want to choose let me list a few of them, so you could compare and chose the best which fit for you.

Buy TRon Coin (TRX) Using BTC/ETH

This is the most basic ways to buy Tron coin using Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Because BTC/ETH are among the most popular cryptocurrencies.

Every single platform allows you to exchange BTC/ETH with other coins. Hence here our idea is to get Ethereum or Bitcoin first.

To buy ETH or BTC the first you have to start is from CoinBase.

CoinBase is one of the most trusted Platforms which allows you to exchange USD/EUR with BTC/ETH or other listed currencies.

First, create an account by clicking Sign up and do all the verifications required to activate an account.

While you will be on their Dashboard then this time is to place a buy order for Ethereum/Bitcoin.

CoinBase Dashboard

Tron is not listed with CoinBase, hence what you have to do is to buy ETH/BTC from here and transfer that to later guide explained crypto exchange on which TRON is listed.

Almost every exchange is traded with BTC and ETH, hence you can buy any of these but what I suggest is go for Ethereum.

Because while transferring coin form CoinBase to any other listed exchange will deduct transaction fees hence ETH has smaller deduction compare to BTC.

So we decide to go for Ethereum (ETH). Let’s place a buy order on CoinBase and to learn more in detail you can get an idea from this Altcoin Buy Guide.

But make sure CoinBase is supported in your country, you can check the supported country in this list.

If listed in your country and supporting local currency or USD then do deposit that fiat currency in CoinBase wallet.

Buy Ethereum in CoinBase

Now Go to Buy and Sell section and exchange EUR or USD with Ethereum.

Once done successfully an equal amount of Ethereum coin will be added to your Ethereum Wallet, that means you have successfully converted fiat currency to Cryptocurrency.

If you do not have access to CoinBase in your country then don’t worry I will tell you another way in later guide.

This time is to buy or Exchange Ethereum with any crypto exchange.

Buy TRON Coin From Crypto Exchange

Now this time is to find out best Exchange on which TRON is listed, so we will transfer Ethereum from CoinBase to that Exchange.

Before choosing the Trading Exchange to make sure below points.

  • You  TRX coin must be listed with that exchange.
  • Transaction fee to trade any coin should be very less.
  • Cryptocurrency such as ETH/BTC, you bought earlier should be listed with that exchange.
  • Make sure that Exchange should have the market to trade with BTC/ETH.
  • Check, if Exchange also supports trading in USD market for TRX additional advantage.

While Checking all above factors, I Come to know below list of the best exchanges.

Binance Exchange

It is among the top popular exchange which is listed with 100+ Cryptocurrencies and TRX coin is one of them.

It has lower transaction fees of 0.1% cheaper than all other exchanges and if you trade with its Binance Coin (BNC) will lower an additional 50% Transaction fees.

Binance Won’t offer you to trade with USD or Directly buy TRX coin with Fiat currency.

Hence the solution is to buy  TRON (TRX) coin in below-listed exchange.

  • Bitcoin Market
  • Ethereum Market
  • Binance Market
  • XRPs Market and a few others.

First and Foremost SignUp Binance Exchange by clicking here so you can get all detail what I am going to explain below.

It will require email id and password only, I hope you are in the dashboard of Binance.

Earlier, we have purchased Ethereum, so we will choose to select the Ethereum Exchange.

Binanace TRX Exchange

So select Ethereum as you exchange, it will display all list of active trading currently going on Exchange.

Now this time is to transfer Ethereum from CoinBase to Binance.

The process of transferring coins from CoinBase to any exchange is already explained in this Coin Transfer guide.

But a few details, I will share as a reference.

  • Find ETH address from Binance by Fund ->Balance->Seach for Ethereum.
  • Click to Deposit and copy the displayed address, it will be an alphanumeric number.
  • Now go to CoinBase and check Ethereum wallet on which your Purchased ETH is stored.
  • Click to send and provide recipient address which you copied from Binance Deposit Address.

After a few periods of time, the same amount of ETH after deduction with transaction fees will be added to the available balance of ETH in Binance.

You can validate that amount on this TRX/ETH Exchange.

Buy Sell TRX on Binance

On the highlighted area your avail ETH will be displayed and the rest process is to place the bid for Buy.

You can enter the total number of ETH which you want to exchange for TRX based on the current price.

In the Price section, you can provide the price for ETH per TRX means how many ETH you want to exchange for single TRX.

Let say you said 0.001 ETH in Price Edit Box and in Amount you entered 100 TRX coin that in total 0.1 ETH will deduct from your account.

If your placed bid meets market price than you made the successful buy for TRX coin. Easy simple and Quick Process.

Is it not easy?

Let me know what you think about this, how to buy Tron coin process using Binance.

Now coming to those who have no access to CoinBase, where they can not exchange Fiat currency with ETH or BTC.

Buy TRON Coin Using USD/EUR

Now Binance offers Buy of Bitcoin or Ethereum using Direct credit or Debit card with Currency USD/EUR.

To get directly by card go to Funds–>Deposit–>Buy using Card or navigate to here.

Buy Crypto on Binanace using Credit Card

You can buy BTC/XRP/ETH/LTC using USD/ETH. But make sure transaction fees will apply.

Now you have Currency to exchange for Tron coin the rest process to exhange will be same as explained above.

Binanace offer the lowest fees in terms of transactions as compare to all other exchanges.

Binance has two accounts to register. one is Basic and Other is Advance that is why to trade with Binance initially won’t require to do KYC.

At level 1 without KYC will allow you to withdraw 2BTC/Day and with KYC which is advance, an account will allow withdrawing 100BTC/Day.

I would recommend going through Coinbase and Binanace for best buy rates of Tron Coin There is another exchange too.

Which will have the same process to buy.

Bittrex Exchange

Bittrex is among the most popular Exchange and older than Binance which has lots of cryptocurrencies listed there.

But to trade with Bittrex, what you need is to have KYC account otherwise you won’t be able to WithDraw amount or trade.

Tron coin is listed with Binance and the process to buy TRON coin using CoinBase and Bittrex is already explained here in this guide.

Bittrex offer to buy Tron Coin on all the four exchange market it has.

  • Bitcoin Market
  • Ethereum Market
  • USD Market
  • USDT Market

Buy TRON from Bittrex

In the above screenshot, you can see Bittrex allow you to trade through any of the above coins.

So you can purchase any cryptocurrency or can directly buy Tron coin through USD.

Yes in Binance first you have to buy BTC/ETH than you would have to exchange that with Tron Coin.

But here directly deposit USD and can place purchase of Tron Coin but make sure with few below conditions.

While checking Support guide on USD deposit for the personal account the minimum deposit criteria are 1000$ via wire transfer.

Now choice will be yours if you want to a minimum deposit of 1000$ which you can also use to trade for other coins as well.

Trading fee with Bittrex is 0.25% which is 25 times more than Binance.

Hence I suggested earlier that Binance is the best choice to buy Tron Coin check here guide on Bittrex vs Binance.

Other Exchange to Buy Tron Coin

Above two are the most famous exchange in terms of security and well known listed coins. But there are few others too which also offer you to trade with Tron Coin.

Few of them are listed below and the process on how to buy Tron coin will be the same everywhere as we discussed above.

Buy TRON on HitBtc Exchange

HitBtc allows you to buy TRON coin using TRX/BTC, TRX/ETH, TRX/EOS, TRX/USDT. It offers to exchange crypto or trade crypto for TRON coin no USD market is avail there.

Trading fee with HitBTC is also 0.1%, but the withdrawal fee will be high as compare to Binance.

There is no direct deposit of USD or EUR allows on HitBtc but they have tied up with Changelly, which do exchange BTC for USD/EUR and transfer to HitBtc wallet.

Using that BTC you can buy TRON Coin.


This is a Chinese based Exchange which supported English and Chinese language. It offers to trade TRON in exchange for Cryptocurrency.

Each trade will cost in between 0.02% -0.20% and it won’t require any KYC unless you trade very high like 100 BTC in a day.

To check out the list of Crypto exchanges which allows trading Tron coin (TRX) on their platform then check this list here on coinmarketcap.

Conclusion on How to Buy TRON Coin?

We have learned about what is TRON Coin and how this is worth buying coin but the decision will be yours.

I have shared you the best way to buy TRON coin through CoinBase and Binance and also shared you the best exchange which offers lower transaction fees.

Well if you are the holder of TRON or any cryptocurrency and looking to get convert back Bitcoin, Ethereum or any to USD or fiat currency than do not miss this exclusive guide.

If you would take advise from above guide than Binance is the best Exchange to get TRON coin for cheaper rates and You can also try price comparison with Changelly.

Hence Signup by clicking here Binance and get your TRON Coin as explained. What do you think about TRON Coin it is really worth to invest?

Let me know your views in the comment box and join us on Facebook for more Crypto updates.

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