3-Step Process On How To Remove Taboola News From Android Phone: Get Rid Of Disturbing Ads!

Android Phones are generally used by most people for various purposes, including finding out the latest news, playing games, and keeping in touch with family and friends. However, you might not want to see the most recent news stories from Taboola every time you open your Android device.  

According to the report of Taboola, over 15,000 advertisers use Taboola to reach more than 500 million daily active users in a brand-safe environment. And this service is generally used by major news outlets and brands to generate traffic and revenue. 

So, if you want to know how to remove Taboola News from Android phone, fortunately, there is an easy way to get rid of Taboola News on your device. And these simple steps can definitely help you. 

In this article, we have shared a step-by-step process on how to remove Taboola News from Android phone. Also, we have covered how you can disable Taboola on your device and how to remove Taboola ads. 

So, let’s get started.  

What Is Taboola News And How Does It Works

Taboola is actually an excellent content marketing tool that can help you to increase traffic and engagement on your website. 

So, Taboola is generally a content discovery platform, which shows content that you might be interested in. And when you click on that content to view, it receives revenues from the respective companies.

However, Taboola News is a customized and personalized news aggregator that generally allows users to discover and read the most recent online news articles and the latest news stories from around the web. 

Taboola News collects its content from a wide range of sources and presents it in a clean user-friendly interface.

What Is Taboola News to remove taboola news from android phone

You can easily customize your newsfeeds to only see those topics in which you are most interested and love to know. So, the Taboola News app for Android can be a great way to stay updated with the latest news. 

Also, this app provides you with a built-in news reader so that you can read articles offline. And you can also share articles with your friends via social media or email.

Follow These Simple Instructions To Remove Taboola News

You can easily resolve all the problems regarding this app by following the simple instructions below. And after that, your smartphone would be free of any viruses or malicious programs. 

  • First, you need to click on “Apps” in the settings of your device and then select “Manage apps”. Now, you can see Taboola Android in the list of apps.
  • If you want to use other apps such as Facebook News Feed that generally offer a better user experience than Taboola News does, then click on its icon to temporarily disable it or to completely uninstall it from your Android device. However, you can enable the app again if you want some of its features after disabling it. 
  • And you must remove all traces of Taboola News from your Android phone by deleting any associated files. So, you just need to select “Clear Data” from the drop-down menu for Taboola Android. 
  • And if you want to delete the program yet keep using its functionality, then in the Taboola Android folder, just select “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.” After that, you will need to choose whether you want to delete Taboola News after deleting all the cache and data. And if you want to permanently remove it from your Android device, then just click on “Uninstall.”

Step By Step Process To Remove Taboola Ads From Android Phone 

AdLock can permanently disable Taboola ads so that you don’t need to see those annoying ads and all you will see is a clean web page. 

Also, when you have installed AdLock on your device, then you can prevent advertisers or scammers from accessing your data and internet activity. 

And one of the most important features of AdLock for mobile is that it generally works system-wide, which means that all your browsers, apps, games, and messengers can be totally ad-free with just one application. 

This application is an excellent tool for blocking Taboola ads on Android phones. You can also adjust this app in a few simple steps. So, just follow these simple steps if you want to remove Taboola ads automatically from your Android device with the help of AdLock.  

Step 1: First, you need to download and install the AdLock android app and then launch the app. After that, you need to tap the overflow menu on the top right and choose Check updates.

Install the AdLock android app to remove taboola news from android phone

Step 2: Now, click on Update All in a new menu. Then, you should go to the AdLocker tab, enable HTTPS filtering and tap OK in a pop-up window that appears. 

Step 3: In the next step, you would need to set up a graphic key that would allow you to verify your identity in the future. So, you must a key that you can remember when it is needed. However, the HTTPS filter must be enabled for ads to be blocked on those websites that have a secure internet connection. 

Why You Are Seeing Taboola Ads On Your Device 

If you are seeing Taboola advertisements on your device, then your device might have been infected with malware spam notifications or your browser has been redirected by a website that you have already visited. 

Some websites on the internet might display various malicious ads that will redirect you to the Taboola ads to generate revenue for their advertisers.

In that case, you can close the page and use an ad blocker to prevent the display of malicious ads. And you should remember that if you continue to see pop-up advertisements like Taboola on your computer, your device might have been infected with malware. 

Then, you would need to perform a scan for malware and remove it instantly. There are some signs that generally indicate your computer has been infected with a malicious program. 

These indications include the home page of your web browser changing suddenly without your consent.

The links on the website you visit redirecting you to a completely different site than you expected, and pop-ups in the browser recommending fake updates or other software.

Simple Ways To Disable Taboola On Your Android Device If You Don’t Want To Remove

You are definitely not the only one who wants to know how to remove Taboola news from Android phone. Your device is silently set up with this annoying ad network as part of a broader program. 

Taboola pop-ups are a component of a larger program that can be found on your Android phones and computers. And most people just use the quick install option to install these programs. 

These are some simple ways that can help you to stop this annoying thing and improve your browsing experience. Taboola can be easily disabled on your Android device by following these simple instructions.

First, you need to open Settings, then select Privacy & Security, and go to Ads. Now, just look for the entry for “Taboola”. Then, the app will have the option to be enabled or disabled in a pop-up window. 

So, just click the “Taboola” icon and it will bring up a small window where you can disable the application. After that, in the next step, the program’s ad serving can easily be turned off by clicking the “AdBlock” button.

How To Delete Taboola Account If You Have Any

As Taboola is a content discovery and native advertising platform, publishers use it to monetize their traffic and advertisers use it to reach their target audiences. 

And its native advertising platform generally helps brands reach their target audiences through personalized recommendations.

However, there can be different reasons why someone might want to delete their Taboola account, such as they no longer want to use this platform, or they might have found a better alternative. And it is a relatively simple process to delete a Taboola account.

First, you need to go to the Taboola website and then log in to your account. After that, just click on the Settings tab at the top. 

Now, you should click on the Account tab, then tap on the Delete account tab and finally confirm that you want to delete your account by clicking on the delete button.

Follow This Process To Remove Taboola From Other Devices

You might also want to remove the Taboola feed or Taboola ads from other devices. Here is how to do it: 

1. Block Taboola Feed From A Samsung Phone

Taboola is a pre-installed application on your Samsung phone and a lot of people are unaware of this. So, if you want to remove the Taboola feed from your Samsung Android phone, then you have to uninstall that in your system.

To do this, first, you need to go into the system settings and click on the manage application option. After that, just search for the Taboola application in the list of apps, click on it and then select the uninstall option to uninstall this application from your phone. 

However, if you have allowed the notification from your web browser, then you will see all the Taboola ads on the pop-up notifications. 

And to remove those ads, you need to swipe left and then select the block ads option. After you block the ads, you will stop receiving notifications from the web browser.

2. Remove Taboola Ads On Windows

The AdLock for Windows is as effective as AdLock for Android. It not only blocks annoying ads, but it also protects your privacy and saves you time and energy. You just need to download AdLock for Windows and install it on your PC.

Remove Taboola Ads On Windows to remove taboola news from android phone

Then, it would start to block Taboola ads on Windows. Also, you might need to make a few adjustments according to your needs. 

For example, you can exclude a web source from the exception list if you do not want to hide advertisements from that website. 

Is Taboola Safe For Your Device

Taboola is a part of an advertising platform that generally allows website publishers to earn money through advertising. That is why website owners use this to monetize their sites. 

However, some malicious software or programs redirect viewers to these Taboola ads without the publisher’s consent to generate revenue. 

Also, you are presented with the Taboola site through websites that redirect you to it or through adware that opens the page automatically without your knowledge. 

Taboola generally displays advertisements for surveys, unwanted chrome extensions, adult websites, online games, fake software updates, and unwanted malicious programs when it redirects a browser to an advertisement.

However, not every link that is generated by Taboola is safe, because these links can be harmful to your system or the information stored in your system. So, you can use any reliable ad blocker to remove these ads from your browsers. 

Wrap Up On How To Remove Taboola News From Android Phone

Taboola News is a Taboola product that generally provides relevant content from premium publishers. And there is no universal answer to this question of how to remove Taboola News from Android phone.

Because the best and most effective way to remove Taboola News from an Android device may vary depending on the specific model of the device and the version of Android OS that is installed. 

We hope that our article has answered all your queries about how to remove Taboola News from Android phone. If these instructions have helped you to resolve your issue, please let us know in the comments below.  

FAQ: How To Remove Taboola News From Android Phone

As a lot of people actually don’t know how to remove Taboola news from Android phone, they have many different questions on this topic. So, here we have picked some of them and answered them briefly.

Q1. How Do I Block Taboola In Firefox?

Ans: On Firefox, you just need to click on the AdBlock Plus icon and then choose Filter Preferences from the menu. After that, you should uncheck “Allow non-intrusive advertising” to block Taboola ads.

Q2. Is Taboola An Adware?

Ans: They usually track your Internet browsing activity, cause unwanted browser redirects, and also generate intrusive online advertisements. That is why applications that generate Taboola ads are generally classified as potentially unwanted programs and adware.

Q3. Why Are You Getting Weird Notifications From Chrome?

Ans: If you are getting some weird notifications from chrome, then you might have allowed the notifications from any malicious websites. And you can block this in the settings of your Chrome browser.

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