From Prized Possession To Public Outrage: The Debacle Of Runescape Battle Pass

Runescape has recently introduced a controversial new way to monetize their game, the Hero Pass, alongside their existing subscription fee. However, this addition has sparked a backlash among players.

Specifically, this version of the game, known as Runescape 3, has witnessed a wave of outcry on its official forums and subreddit. Numerous players have expressed dissatisfaction by canceling their accounts and vehemently contacting Jagex, the game developer, to demand permanent deactivation.

The frustration extends further as players express their strong disapproval of the Hero Pass, showcasing their frustration, which has led to review bombing and resorting to name-calling toward Jagex.

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Runescape And Its Relation With Runescape 3

RuneScape, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed and published by Jagex, has significantly evolved since its initial release in 2001, with millions of players worldwide.

It featured a semi-real-time combat system which is an important aspect of the game, allowing players to defeat monsters to obtain dropped items or complete quests.

The Debacle Of Runescape Battle Pass

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As the game continued to evolve, the developers introduced Runescape 3, an enhanced version built upon the foundations of its predecessor.

Runescape 3 had upgraded graphics, refined combat mechanics, and an array of features to offer players a more immersive and exhilarating gaming experience.

With Runescape 3, players were able to transition seamlessly into the next stage of the game’s evolution, indulging in endless possibilities.

Where The Problem Started

The popular online game has recently introduced a fresh and exciting way to monetize called the “Hero Pass.” This addition comes alongside the existing subscription fee, which has stirred up quite a commotion among loyal players.

As soon as the system was introduced, countless players viewed it as a glaring example of pay-to-win microtransactions in a game that was already plagued with them. 

Additionally, the introduction of the Premier Pass with its added XP buffs for the Hero Pass has sparked intense debates among the players.

With players going into Jagex’s official social media accounts and expressing their discontent and demanding appropriate action. 

How The Fans Reacted

Many players have gone as far as canceling their accounts and contacting Jagex, the game’s developer, to request permanent deactivation.

Frustration towards the Hero Pass is evident as players celebrate review bombing and indulge in derogatory language against Jagex.

Many users expressed their disappointment through social platforms. “Goodbye, fellow adventurers!” declared Sfouggarakhs, who is a long-time player, when he canceled his subscriptions to this game – a game they had been dedicated to for over 15 years.

The Debacle Of Runescape Battle Pass

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Similarly, Exileagent, who had been playing Runescape since childhood, voiced his disappointment, admitting that this was the first time they felt this bitter after an update.

Enter the realm of recent Runescape reviews on Steam, where prevailing negativity lingers, with one common target in its crosshairs.

“Why am I being asked to pay for a battle pass in a game that already requires a monthly subscription?” queries Commonclapton.

Echoing this sentiment, Chriwigi points out, “We are already investing in a membership, and now they are relentlessly squeezing us for more.”

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Developer Response And Damage Control

In response to the criticism surrounding the RuneScape 3 Battlepass, the developers have taken action following the backlash to address player concerns and implement necessary changes.

Recognizing the community’s dissatisfaction with the perceived elements of pay-to-win and an unbalanced reward system, the developers have opened communication with the fans and tried to understand the backlash regarding the method and how it can be implemented optimally.

Runescape Battle Pass

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With a dedicated focus on maintaining open lines of communication, the developers have acknowledged the community by actively participating in forums, lively discussions on social media platforms, and even hosting captivating live question-and-answer sessions to promptly address any specific concerns.

The company expressed its commitment to removing the more questionable aspects, focusing on enhancing gameplay for all participants. 


In the wake of the issue, Jagex fixed certain aspects of the “Hero Pass” and removed several parts that were deemed too questionable. In addition to that, they also addressed certain issues in the game.

First off, they have a brand new hotfix that will disable any purchases of hero pass levels and underworld emblems.

A cold fix is set to be released next week, which will remove the buffs associated with hero pass content. With the upcoming cold fix, hero pass XP buffs will no longer be limited to the premier rewards section. Instead, they will be available throughout the game.

Moving forward, the premier pass will exclusively offer amazing cosmetics and consumables for you to enjoy. The daily challenge system will also make a return. Lastly, making all “Hero pass” rewards easier to obtain.

However, Jagex is not dismissing Hero Pass as of yet, as they have long-term plans for this system in Runescape, which they might announce in the future.

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